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265 Things About Twilight

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And I finally get around to posting this. After seeing Twilight FOUR times and counting, I guess I was able to digest the film more than I had expected. But because I was so anal about forgetting the little details, I actually took NOTES in the dark cinema!!!

Talk about crazy. What's crazier is when I got home and started reading my notes, I couldn't decipher my handwriting. It took forever to actually read what the hell I had thought. So if you're really really bored, read my thoughts (in chronological order -- though they didn't necessarily come to me in this order) on the movie behind the cut and I promise it's not just, OMG. RPattz is so hot although there is a bit of that.

In a nutshell, I thought the film was a fabulous adaptation -- able to condense the entire story without a second of the 2 hour film being dragging. Rob and Kristen were amazing in their parts and the rest of the cast was just as fantastic. Yes, it had it's downsides (some stunt work and a few cheesy lines), but really the entirety makes up for the 'flaws' it has. Can you really blame me? I just love it.
    Welcome To Forks
  1. Cutting to the chase. Who says you need to wait till Breaking Dawn to watch the Cullens hunt? Edward opening the movie chasing that deer (albeit vaguely) is good enough for me.
  2. How does Phil look exactly? It's hard to tell with that long shot, considering the movie is in love with close-ups. I wanna see who Renee would 'replace' Charlie with
  3. Full Moon by the Black Ghosts -- I couldn't guess where exactly the song would be used, but it works!
  4. Charlie and Bella's awkwardness in the car is just priceless. Totally sets their relationship for the entire movie. And right up front, I'm saying that I love Charlie -- from the books and movie.
  5. Bella sure doesn't have a lot of things. Charlie manages to carry a her bags as she walks out of the car with her cactus. I wonder how long that thing will last in Forks.
  6. Charlie: "You like purple?" Ever practical, Charlie lets the sales lady pick out his daughter's bed sheets. If he only knew his daughter would be romping in it with a vampire, I doubt they'd be so nice.
  7. Where is the rocking chair that Edward will sit in? Oh Charlie! That just means they'll have to hang out on the bed. Well, I'm not complaining.

    The Black Boys
  8. Billy Black + Charlie Swan = Bromance! You can see the love coming out of their eyes. Billy says he's down with the kids, I'm sure he's down with Charlie too.
  9. Jacob and Bella used to make mudpies! I want a flashback of that.
  10. In general, Jacob is just precious. I'm no Tay-Cob fan, but damn that boy's hair registers well on video. It's terribly unphotogenic, but here, I feel like I want to stroke it.
  11. Bella: "Oh my god, it's perfect" Referring to her not-so-brand-new Chevy truck. For a moment there, I saw Kristen and not Bella! Love it.
  12. Very Welcoming
  13. Was that Tyler Crowley dissing Bella's car in the parking lot? Better not steal a kiss from her cheek later. Oh whoops, too late.
  14. Justin Chon is not how I imagined Eric Yorkie to be. But dude, I'm not complaining. "Shoulder to cry on?" Baby, you're fast!
  15. Bella wears jogging pants to gym. That sliver of skin though is what's sexy.
  16. The moment Mike Newton turned to face the camera, I was sold. His eyes are so blue!
  17. Jessica Stanley is always lurking and she's so good at it. Her lurking face is precious. Laughing along with Mike at Bella's 'joke' was even more hilarious.
  18. Kristen said it was her idea to wear a green bowling shirt (it was originally supposed to be red) and I'm loving her style. My Twi-mate, Nikki was totally digging Bella's wardrobe.

    The A V-List
  19. The Cullen Family entrance at the cafeteria was priceless! I swear I was shriekeing.
  20. Jessica: "They're like together-together." Oh honey, I would be together-together with them too if I lived in that house.
  21. Why is Emmett carrying a bag of eggs? He looks so cute (despite his huge presence)
  22. I'm not Nikki Reed's biggest fan, but she's grown on me as Rosalie. Woman's got a body too.
  23. Alice being twirled by Jasper surprisingly worked for me. I want to be you, Alice!
  24. Jasper = constipated = win! Jackson Rathbone can own me any time.
  25. DAMN THOSE CLOSE UPS. I swear when blue sweater clad Edward walked through those damn doors, I actually forgot to freaking breathe.
  26. Edward smirking at Jessica's: "No one here is good enough" comment was so right on. I wanted to rip that smirk of his face and go to bed with it.
  27. And Philippines REPREZENT! Our flag is sooooooo up front and center in that cafeteria. And it's not portrait style either, it's landscape baby!

    Why wasn't my Lab Partner this hot?
  28. Mr. Molina of Biology! He's from Next Stop Wonderland! I was trying to figure out where I had seen him before and after going through his filmography (MI:III, Alias, and a bunch of other shows), I realize OMG! Next Stop Wonderland! Now Pamy has a reason to watch Twilight.
  29. That electric fan sending Bella's scent across the room should win an assist, because Edward's face (revoled/in love with her scent) was just THE moment. I was floored.
  30. Bella smelling her hair in reaction to Edward's covering his nose was just so real though. I can feel you honey. You smell so fab.
  31. Why does Edward keep staring? Wasn't he supposed to look away? I guess they're trying to establish the you're so bad for me, but I want you so much thing.
  32. Mrs. Cope! You are fighting a lost cause! Edward is a force to be reckoned with. Don't get your panties in a bunch.
  33. Edward: "I'll just have to endure." And enjoy every second of it. You don't know it yet, Edward but you're gonna love her.
  34. Why does Bella only eat veggies?
  35. The diner was a nice tool to introduce a bunch of plots. I guess if Bella cooks at home, we wouldn't see a bunch of things happen.
  36. Is Bella vegetarian? She had a garden burger in this one.
  37. The ketchup bottle has nothing inside! Bella keeps shaking it mindlessly from the backshot and nothing's coming out. Props people!
  38. When I see Renee all I can see is that bitch Nina from 24 Season 1. Still, she sort of convinced me she isn't Mrs. Bauer's killer and instead is Bella's hippy dippy loving mom.
  39. Bella's room has really nice lighting. Did the sales lady pick that out too?
  40. Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation wasn't really a favorite of mine on the soundtrack, but then they used it with a close up of Edward's smoldering glare and now I'm freaking hooked. Damn you Alexandra Pastavas! you know my buttons!!!
  41. Bella waiting to confront Edward in the parking but Edward's a no show. Don't feel bad honey, he's suffering too.
  42. Emmett in that truck is like a kid in a candy store. Seriously. This guy is so big but so adorable! Pimp that truck!

    Hello, Nomads
  43. Again, the movie keeps things concise -- and introduces people properly. SMeyer would have waited till the last chapter (after realizing her story was going nowhere) to introduce the baddies. But here we see a construction worker/guard of sorts getting mauled by the Nomads. Brilliant.
  44. There's this shot of rain at night in front of the Swan Residence that Nikki and I cannot figure out how it fits. After four views, I've deduced that maybe it was an establishing shot of how it's ALWAYS raining in Forks? I don't know.
  45. Ouch! Bella falling on her ass was all in one shot. That must have hurt. Or wait, she's wearing butt padding. I wouldn't want to fall either without that. Her fall looked so natural though.
  46. Charlie gets Bella new tires instead of attaching snow chains. Still sweet. Gotta love Charlie.
  47. Bella: "Ice doesn't help the uncoordinated." I'd hate to have to find out how uncoordinated I am with ice. I don't blame you sweetie.
  48. Mike: "What's up Arizona? You liking the rain?" Only Mike Newton can pull of that line and make me laugh at him, waving his hat over her.
  49. First Line!!!
  50. HELLO EDWARD. I swear his first lines are HELLO and I'm already all hot and bothered. If only I could shriek really loudly, I would have.
  51. Edward: "I'm sorry, but I don't think I introduced myself. My name is Edward Cullen. You're Bella, right?" HALLO MR. FINE!!!! The Edward has finally arrived.
  52. That grey shirt looks so worn and yet it fits him just right. I bet that would rip off easily.
  53. The anaphase/prophase do you mind exchange was just too much for me to handle. Their first conversation and I can feel the tension/electricity,
  54. Bella is a flirt and she doesn't know it. Work it woman! You've got this guy hooked.
  55. Edward: "So you don't like cold and wet things..." Flashforward to Edward, cold and wet in the rain! Oh honey, she likes some things cold and wet and so do I.
  56. Edward: "Like I said." Then insert his killer smile. I swear I don't know what stopped me from standing up in the theater and yelling, "DAMMIT EDWARD BITE ME!!!"
  57. Edward: "Wanna check it?" Bella: "I believe you." Foreshadowing for the future perhaps?
  58. Edward asking Bella about Phil and Renee in the hallway seemed awkawrd to me. I guess the segue that they were already making conversation wasn't clear on me.
  59. Word for the day: fluorescence. Edward, I don't care what color your eyes are. I just want to stare at them.

    Oh, so Edward can stop vans?
  60. Tremble for my Beloved by Collective Soul isn't a favorite, but it fit pretty well with the out of control van scene. Props to the music people for that!

  61. Bella almost being crushed by Tyler's car CAN NEVER GET OLD. I swear I've watched the trailer and every behind the scenes/making feature and I still gasped when he Edward slow-mo but in essence, really quickly lifted her off the ground and pushed that car away.
  62. Oh and Edward's Volvo's plate number is 57F 6D3
  63. Why is everyone only on one side of the car? There's another opening y'all and it's much bigger. Just saying
  64. Charlie walking through those hospital doors was a sight to behold. Don't mess with the Chief's daughter bitches!
  65. Tyler's mom (or so I assume) looked so lost in that hospital. It's like she didn't even care that Tyler was bleeding from the head.

    McDreamy Who? There's a New Hot Cool Doc in Town
  66. Carlisle! HOLY COW. This man registers SO WELL ON CAMERA. I couldn't contain myself. Nikki and I let out an audible gasp. Damn so fine. Oh and cure me! cure me!
  67. Carlisle asks Bella to stare at his finger as he flashes a light to her eyes. I would not be staring at that finger. I would be staring at his face!!! So hot.
  68. Charlie closing the curtain on Tyler's apologies drew a laugh from all FOUR cinemas I watched in. Don't mess with the chief!

    Sort of Outing the Family
  69. Rosalie, Carlisle and Edward talking in the hospital was so very Cullen. Only Rosalie voices her opinions and I'm sort of glad there's a dissenting voice.
  70. Edward: "Was I supposed to let her die there?" I'm sure Rosalie would have wanted that.
  71. When Edward tries convincing Bella that she was just seeing things, I swear all I was thinking was James Dean! The hair! The jacket collar! The worn shirt! The voice!
  72. Bella: "I wasn't going to tell anyone." Ayi. She so wants to be into you, Edward. Give the girl a chance.
  73. Bella blinks really really fast. Or was she already fluttering her eyelashes at Edward? I would be.
  74. Edward: "No one will believe you." regarding her fantastic story of him lifting the truck of her. Honey, I still can't believe your perfection exists either, but you do.
  75. Edward watching Bella as she slept and Bella thinking she was seeing things! Was it just me or did the room get really hot? It didn't feel so cold in Forks that time.

    Forks is a normal high school, their field trips suck too!
  76. The field trip was a great addition! Lots of plots weaved in into one 'fun-filled' field trip
  77. Mike: "Look at you, huh! You're alive!" Complete with jazz hands. Too bad Bella was staring over your shoulder to Edward, Alice and Jasper looking oh so coordinated.
  78. That pea coat on Edward is so hot. Custom made for him -- thanks to budget constraints. But I saw one in Zara Kids for Php 3680 or something like that. Why am I not rich?
  79. Bella: "Prom? Dancing? Not such a good idea." I swear this girl's voice is love. I love the tone of her voice
  80. Bella: "You don't even say hi to me." Aww you know she wants you. Edward: "Hi." And I'm dead.
  81. Tyler wanting to drink the compost tea for the plants. Yes, tis is why Bella almost got run over by his van.
  82. Edward: "It's called an adrenaline rush. Google it." Patty: "It's called stalking. Google that."
  83. Jessica getting all giddy that Mike asked her to the prom was so cute. I actually really felt good for her.
  84. Bella: "Zero weirdness." I have to use this one day.
  85. Eric: "Bella, it's a worm!" Only Eric can pull this one off.
  86. Edward: "We souldn't be friends." OUCHIES. But you know he can't stay away. I felt her pain when Bella tells Edward that he should have just let the van crush her to save him regret. Drama much!
  87. Alice: "Will you be riding with us?" Edward: "No our bus is full." Really, E? Who's your partner? Such a martyr sometimes.
  88. Why is Bella drinking from the tap when there are boxes upon boxes of bottled water?
  89. Eric: "La Push baby!" Thank god Eric said this, because only he can.
  90. It's the Twilight book cover! I never get sick of seeing that!!! Edward's hands + Apple = TEMPTATION!!! Yes I am tempted! Forgive me Adam and Eve.
  91. Is Bella really vegetarian? She's got a salad again! Does this woman not eat meat?!
  92. Bella: "Your mood swings are giving me whip lashes." Patty: "Your hotness is giving me laryngitis."
  93. Bella inviting Edward to La Push. Work it girl! You are a fierce independent woman.
  94. Edward puts his hand on the salad bar and it's very close to the camera -- making it look larger than life. The fine hairs on his arm and his hand were enough to make me squeal!

    The Coldest Beach I've Ever Seen
  95. Jacob's in La Push! They're on his rez(ervation) after all. I swear this child is growing on me!!!
  96. Sam: "Hell yeah" to the Cullens being freaks felt so unnatural. Chillax Sam.
  97. There is an abundance of "Twizzlers" in this film! Are they a sponsor?!
  98. So Bella only invited Edward to be polite? I doubt those dirty thoughts in your head about Edward are polite, sweetie.
  99. The flashback to the 'old school' vampires was hilarious! Was Rosalie wearing a bowler hat? Carlisle, Emmett and Edward looked so retro!
  100. So that's how you say Quileut. I was so confused while reading.
  101. Waylon died! Buttcrack Santa gets played with then slaughtered by the Nomads!
  102. I love how Victoria takes his "Kiss me, I'm Irish" shirt while James gets the jacket.
  103. What's up with Laurent's weird accent? I can't tell what that is. I know you're a nomad, but pick one!
  104. Bella owns a Macbook! Not a crummy computer!
  105. Is Google a sponsor too? She googles things a lot and Edward mentioned it too.
  106. The promotion in this movie is crazy! Little Brown books (the publisher of the series) is right above the bookstore that Bella's going to in Port Angeles. And Borders.Com is there too! Fabulous marketing strategy.

    When the Cullens are away, Jessica's boobs come out and play
  107. All it took was the sun to bring out Jessica's boobies. And wow they come out full force.
  108. I love how Bella doesn't even need to ask and Jessica already answers her question.
  109. Again, more evidence that Bella is a vegetarian. She's got celery sticks next to her and she's nibbling an apple.
  110. Wow, Angela is extremely thin. Now that editorial on eating disorders makes sense.
  111. I Caught Myself by Paramore plays at the dress shop in Port Angeles. I thought it was an overkill to have two Paramore songs, but then I realized Rob has two songs and i'm not complaining.
  112. Damn Jessica's boobs are really everywhere.
  113. Every time I see the owner of the bookstore in Port Angeles, I swear he looks suspicious. But it's just me.

    I've Got a Dark Alley...
  114. Is there NO other exit from that bookstore? Was the alley the only way out?
  115. Bella: "Don't touch me!" Yes, Bella. They'll really listen.
  116. Edward's volvo is one speed devil! Edward: "Get in the car!" Yes Edward, any time. I don't need an invitation.
  117. Edward: "Distract me!" Bella: "Put on your seatbelt!" I swear Edward's voice got really really HIGH when he laughed at her for telling him to put on his seatbelt. Your voice can crack with me anytime.
  118. The Volvo spinning was way too cool. Stunt man!!!
  119. Angela and Jessica's reaction to Edward is priceless and predictable. No human girl could resist that! After all, Edward is 'thoughtful.' What an homage to fangirls everywhere.

    Someone Pass the Ravioli
  120. Never Think by Rob Pattinson plays at La Bella Italia and I am dying in my seat. I swear it takes a lot of concentration to let me get back into the scene because I am just overwhelmed by his voice. It really fits.
  121. What's up with the waitress's boufant? I thought she was supposed to be hot.
  122. I'm suddenly craving mushroom ravioli.
  123. Edward: "Don't leave." I swear Bella is so damn lucky to have him beg her to stay. He'd be begging me to leave.
  124. Edward is on a special diet and he can read minds. Jump on the wagon, Bella. We already knew that. "Sex. Money. Cat." Always draws laughs from the crowd.
  125. Wow, everyone knows the square root of Pi. I feel stupid.
  126. Edward on addiction: "I don't have the strength to stay away from you." Bella: "Then don't."
  127. Edward on stalking: "I feel very protective of you." In fairness, I wish someone would feel this strongly about me, preferrably RPattz.
  128. Bella and Edward's fingers touching in the car was waaay too quick. I wish it would have lingered.
  129. Edward reading Carlisle's mind while at the police station was cool. Everyone knew what was going on and I have a feeling Bella was figuring things out for herself too.
  130. Charlie giving Bella pepperspray is really sweet. I love their relationship. It feels so real.
  131. The Apotampkin site is pretty cool. How nifty, all the vampire info you need in one site!
  132. DRACULA STYLE EDWARD FOR THE WIN!!! When I saw the film reel and Bella in black with red lips and Edward with his emo hair and bloodied mouth, I knew the movie had totally reached a new high point.

    We all know his skin is ice cold...
  133. That scene in the forest? Nikki hates it. I can't seem to get sick of it. Sure, she does the entire rundown of, "your skin is cold as ice..." bit, but I'm glad they didn't focus on her lips when she said, "vampire"
  134. He's been 17 Forever! Cue Metro Station song that wasn't on the soundtrack. It would have been funny if that suddenly played.
  135. Edward is one hot predator and he didn't even need a six pack to lure me in.
  136. And Lucas Film! Congratulations on the diamond-esque sparkles! Would glitters have worked?
  137. Edward running through the forest was the best sort of wirework for me. The climibing trees, jumping and others didn't feel 'as real.' But that's relatively speaking of course.
  138. Of course Bella trips on some root. That's her being in character. Love it.
  139. Edward: "You're my personal brand of heroin." Patty: "You're my personal brand of sexy!"
  140. I love how aggressive Bella is being, climbing up the tree, really sticking herself to Edward.
  141. Edward pinning Bella to the rock though. That is pure love. So she's only afraid of losing you, Edward. That's the cue to kiss her. Alas, no kiss.
  142. Edward: "You don't know how long I've waited for you." We know! 100 years ish? Right?!!
  143. His had on her heart had me all swoony.
    Bella: "Stupid lamb." Edward: "Sick, masochistic lion." They pulled this one off pretty good.
  144. The meadow! I wish Edward had laid her down instead of laying next to each other. But this is a PG movie, so I didn't expect a lot.
  145. Edward looks so awkward laying down. But his eyes and the way he stares at Bella had me melting.
  146. Bella's boobs look bigger when she's laying down.
  147. Lisa Frank sparkles! Edward looks like one of those stickers that sparkle! Nikki pointed out that there's a matching sound effect to the sparkling too!
  148. Oh and Bella wears Vans sneakers -- thought I'd sneak that in.

    So we're all sure we're in love with Edward
  149. Sure, Bella's sure of three things. And so is Celeni.
  150. I'm sure of one thing: Edward Cullen is made of win! Leaning on his Volvo outside of her house I don't know how she fell out of her window!!! If I woke up to that every morning, well, let's just say we wouldn't get out of the house.
  151. Monte Carlo is the name of their prom? So very high school!!! Of course a bunch of high school kids would aim high for their theme. Looks like the other kids weren't as interested though.
  152. I'm sure the production design team have something fab cooked up.
  153. Spotlight (Twilight Remix) by Mute Math -- Nikki called this one and it happened!
  154. Angela: "Oh my god." Says it all. OMG indeed.

  155. Edward IN HIS Ray Ban Wayfarers with that jacket and his smile and his arm around Bella!!! TOO MUCH TO HANDLE!!! I don't know how I survived that scene, but I miraculously did. Too freaking awesome. I was bobbing my head to Spotlight the entire time. I wish it could have been a longer walk.
  156. Bella: "They're all staring!" Edward: "Not him. And he just looked now." Only Edward can put me at ease.
  157. The Cullen kids in the red convertible giving Edward the evil eye is priceless. Rosalie is fierce! But why is Alice shotgun?! Shouldn't Emmett be near his beloved?

    Nature Lovers
  158. It didn't feel natural for them to start hiking out of nowhere, but I forgive them because a) they show Edward in the rain. b) Edward is soaking wet. c) Edward is wet in the rain. All is alright in the world.

  159. The sepia flashbacks were hilarious for a number of reasons: Edward being transformed looked like he was in extreme pain. Meanwhile Esme being transformed looked like she was going to orgasm. Oh the difference.
  160. Edward: "When I see blood, we go on some sort of frenzy!" Patty: "When I see Edward, I can't stop the frenzy!"
  161. Meet The Parents?
  162. Edward looked so high and pumped and hyper in a good way when he jumped onto the back of Bella's truck! It was like he went jogging or got his endorphines working. I have never see him so happy!!! If that's how happy he is when he invites her to his house, I wonder how happy he'll be in "Breaking Dawn." (if you know what i mean)
  163. I wanna get invited to the Cullen residence too!!! Where's my e-vite!!!
  164. There are many reasons why I want an Edward. One of which is he can fix dents in cars for free.
  165. Isn't Billy Black supposed to be invalid or something? Was he totally driving that car?!?! Explain this to me please!

  166. The Cullen family cooking Italian for Bella because her name is Bella was just too adorable!!! ♫ La Traviatta playing in the background cements the Italian-ess of it all. Of course they'd be watching an instructional. Where's Mario Batali?!
  167. Even Carlisle is excited they get to use the kitchen! In fairness, the excitement is so contagious, even I was excited. I wanna sample their cooking!
  168. Rosalie: "Here comes the human!" According to Nikki, people are on a mad dash for the shoes she's wearing. There's also a mad dash for Robert Pattinson.
  169. Edward: "Ignore Rosalie, I do." Edward's such a diva! I love it!
  170. Bella: "Ending badly? You mean I'll be the meal." So it was funny, but not that funny. I guess Carlisle and Esme were just so happy that Edward finally found someone.
  171. Jasper and Alice's arrival via tree branch is so them. I love how Alice immediately runs to hug Bella and then tells her she smells good.
  172. Jasper, constipated as always doesn't look too pleased.
  173. I love how Edward is so embarrassed by his family! How human!
  174. The graduation caps on the frame is something I want on my wall. Now that's art. I refuse to matriculate that much though.

    Where's the Bed?!
  175. THE BEDROOM! I'm so excited for the bed to arrive for "Breaking Dawn" but for now, the couch will do. I love how Edward looked shy to invite her into his room. AS IF ANYTHING WOULD HAPPEN!!!
  176. Was it just me or did I see a Backstreet Boys CD in his shelf! I swear I did.
  177. Claire De Lune by Debussy (De-Boo-Si) I used to think it was De-Byu-Si, but Edward must be right!
  178. Attempting to dance is really sweet. I wish Edward would dance with me instead!
  179. Spidermonkey is not my favorite word and I don't think I'll ever get used to it, but because Rob said it, I forgive the line.
  180. Bella and Edward sitting on a tree, minus the K-I-S-S-I-N-G. WHY!?!? This movie lacks physical romance. But I'll forgive because we have New Moon right? Chant with me... NEW MOON! NEW MOON! NEW MOON!
  181. Her legs wrapped around his hips as he climbed that tree. How jealous am I? Very.
  182. Edward/Robert playing ♫ Bella's Lullaby is perfection! Those hands flitting through the ivory keys makes me want to force my sister to learn the song!

  183. Mike being totally upfront about not liking Edward with Bella was pretty cool. Go stand up for yourself Mike, but not too much, okay?
  184. Mike: "He looks at you like you're something to eat." In more ways than one, my friend.
  185. SMeyer's cameo is not a cameo! All that was lacking was a lit up marquee with her name on it and an arrow pointing at her. There, I've said it.
  186. Why is Bella not eating steak? Did she not make him steak and potatoes in the book? Here she is ordering a salad again.
  187. Bella called Mike a 'buddy!' Kristen calls Rob buddy too!!!
  188. Renee: "Are you being safe?" She's never safe, honey. She's living on the edge.

    Raise your hand if you're jealous?!
  190. THE BED SCENE was just made of all sorts of awesome!
  191. Bella in her panties instead of pajamas = best decision ever.
  192. Edward: "Hold still. I want to try something." So do we, Rob! So do we.
  193. It took Edward 25 seconds to finally kiss her. And the kiss took 20 seconds only! WHY!?!
  194. Edward pushing her down to the bed = best moment ever!
  195. Edward, pulling her shirt up feels like an unscripted moment! Ayi! I wish more would have happened, but then again it is the first book and let's save all of this for "Breaking Dawn." I swear, things better heat up.
  196. Post-kiss, things were pretty great too. I love how Edward just stayed there talking to her.
  197. Plus when Bella sleeps on his chest, I die again. Someone resurrect me!

    Don't Mess with the Chief's Daughter
  198. Bella: "I have a date with Edward Cullen." WHEN will I ever get to say these SEVEN words and actually mean them! Edward!!! Come on!!!
  199. Charlie cocking his rifles when Bella says Edward wants to introduce himself is the best moment ever. The cinema errupts into loud laughs with that. I just love him.
  200. Edward: "Chief Swan, I would like to formally introduce myself. I'm Edward Cullen." Honey, the entire town knows who you are but thanks for the effort. It's so old-school.
  201. Edward putting the baseball cap on Bella's head and fixing her hair by tucking it behind her ears is love.

    The American Past Time
  202. Super Massive Blackhole by Muse + Cullen Baseball = PERFECTION I don't know how I stayed restrained in my seat, but I felt like jumping up for the ball with Emmett and Edward.
  203. Emmett warming up is super fun to watch.
  204. Esme: "I know you cheat." The loving gaze of a mom whose children don't play fair.
  205. Esme: "Edward's very fast." Not with women, Mama Cullen. He's slower than the freaking tortoise in that fable when it comes to the girl.
  206. I love how Emmett's whipped by Rosalie. We all know who wears the pants in that relationship.
  207. Edward and Emmett jumping for that ball had the worst special effects of the entire movie, but when they landed into an almost bromance hug, I fell in love all over again.
  208. Jasper is "The Batman" Just because the things he does with that bat, makes me oh so very jealous of Alice.
  209. I'm so sad that I didn't see Edward bat and in the 'ready' position. Rob kept talking about how he had to perfect that position and I never get to see it.
  210. Why did the nomads have to come so soon? I never thought I'd say I want more baseball.
  211. Edward: "Put your hair down and stay behind me." Yes sir! I love it when you get bossy.
  212. Jasper: "Oh I think we can handle that." Referring to Victoria's supposed wicked curve ball. But really Jasper, it's you I can't handle!
  213. Laurent's accent is still very confusing.

  214. Victoria Vs. Rosalie in the crouch position, snarling at each other was a fun cut-away shot. They'd have a different position everytime the camera went back to them.

    Runaway -- Minus the making love through the night part
  215. Edward panicking is something I never thought I'd see. The usually calm and smooth guy is now fumbling with the seatbelt. Only for Bella.
  216. I'm glad Bella fought to keep Charlie safe. She loves her daddy and doesn't want to hurt him.
  217. Bella and Edward's fight at her doorstep was the best acting I had ever seen. Kristen Stewart is good at trying to be a bad actress.
  218. Charlie looked so broken though trying to make her stay. It was like Renee all over again.

  219. Edward hiding by her door when she stalked up to her room was almost unnoticeable, but on the 3rd time I watched it, I swear I saw someone hiding and it was Edward indeed.
  220. Edward packing her bags for her is just plain sweet. If only the situation weren't so depressing, I would have enjoyed the sight more. Like perhaps packing for Isle Esme? I wouldn't mind.
  221. Emmett with his sidewards cap makes him look like a little boy except his size reminds me that he's a man after all.

  222. Laurent's accent still bugs me and I still cannot figure out what he really is. I know you're a nomad, but honey choose one accent and stick to it!
  223. Bella and Edward look like such a real couple huddling together by the door when they see Laurent. If they were only smiling, it would have been a nice shot.
  224. The garage! Wow. I was expecting more cars, but with their budget, I'm glad they got sponsors.
  225. Carlisle pulling that bundle of cash from a cabinet in the garage made me laugh. Where else do they keep money in this house?!
  226. Rosalie refusing to help Bella was so true to character. I'm so happy she gave in though after being told by Carlisle that Bella was family. I wanna be family too!
  227. Edward: "You are my life now." Scary how I didn't cringe with that line. I guess I was so invested in Edward/Bella to even care.
  228. Edward getting left behind as the two cars speed off with him in the middle is one of my favorite scenes just because he looked so desperate and sad there. I can't wait to see him in New Moon in Italy!

    Where are your tutus?
  229. Alice and Jasper holding hands in the car was such a squee moment! These Cullen kids are so underused, but when they're on screen, FIREWORKS!

  230. Alice seeing James change course while drawing the ballet studio. Well those talents come in handy after all. I'm screwed though. I can't see the future and I can't draw. A vampire will surely hunt me down.
  231. Edward telling Bella that he'd take her somewhere just the two of them made me think: Isle Esme! I wish!!!
  232. Edward: "I will do anything to make you safe again." Me, Edward! What about me!

  233. Bella getting duped by the looped tapes of her mom was so funny! There was a lag between her mom shouting Bella! Bella! and her actually responding.
  234. When Bella gets thrown by James on the floor and she hits her head, I swear I feel my head hurting too.
  235. The upside of vampire fights? No blood!

  236. The downside of vampire fights? The collateral human damage. Edward keeps saying though that if he sleeps with Bella he could crush her. And that's sex! James was trying to kill her and he didn't crush her.
  237. I yelled when Bella gets the glass off her leg just because there's so much blood flying around.
  238. I feel bad for Kristen though. She has to keep squirming on the ground for god knows how long after James bites her. That is one long writhing session. I wonder how many calories she lost.
  239. Better late than never! The Cullens finally arrive to help the obviously distracted Edward finish James off.
  240. Carlisle calling Edward 'son' just made my day. I want him to be my daddy too!
  241. Alice getting tempted by Bella's blood immediately calls Carlisle for help. That's pre-frenzy folks!
  242. Edward: "I'm going to make it go away." It's like he was convincing himself more than he was Bella.
  243. Edward sucking out the venom from Bella's system was a super funny Rob moment. Edward looked possessed -- so did Bella.
  244. Let Me Sign by Rob Pattinson playing in the background as a montage of winter/snow scenes/Bella scenes play before Edward just got me all choked up. I swear I do not know why I was tearing up. The montage was beautiful.

    Her Heart's Still Beating
  245. Edward pretending to be asleep for Renee was hilarious! I wouldn't mind cozying up to that at night -- even if he's just pretending.
  246. The desperation in Bella's voice as Edward tells her to go to Jacksonville was just excruciatingly painful. I felt her pain!!!
  247. Edward kissing her forehead in the hospital was just precious. They're so in love, I'm in love with them!
  248. Charlie and Edward sitting across each other before prom is such a human thing to do. I'm sure Edward was enjoying reading Charlie's mind.

  249. Edward looks immaculately handsome in his suit! Which I think is an Armani A Gucci (thanks searchtheskies (I believe you!) -- and the most expensive costume on set.
  250. Wanna have a flash forward to proms all over the world for a bit? Take a look at Bella now and remember that she first wore leggings and Jack Purcell sneakers underneath her dress. Throw in the cast for authenticity!
  251. When Jacob appeared out of nowhere, I actually gasped really loud and go, "Yessss..." only to find out I'm the only one reacting. Embarrassing. Jacob cleans up pretty damn well.
  252. Bella and Jacob have a really comfortable friendship that you don't see with Edward. Sure, she's in love with Edward, but with Jacob, she seems really at ease and I understand the reason why there's a Team Jacob to begin with.
  253. Edward stepping in between Bella and Jacob is such a foreshadowing for New Moon. I am so excited for THIS love triangle. Bring it on!
  254. Go all the way by Perry Farrell for the prom was a really good dance song. I want to be an extra in that scene!
  255. Edward doesn't even look at the camera when his picture is taken -- he's gazing at Bella of course. And I swoon.
  256. Edward at the prom is like a new vampire on a feeding frenzy. This guy is so happy for his girl that she gets to go through her little rite of passage when all she really wants is to be a vampire already.
  257. Jessica's boob deserve a casting credit on their own. They get more exposure than the Cullens!

    Can I Turn Back Time and Take Edward to my Prom?
  258. Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine suddenly made me want to bawl! Kristen Stewart was right! I couldn't stand it! I was just feeling so overwhelmed! I suddenly forgave the awkward exit of the other prom people!
  259. When Edward lifted Bella onto his feet, I felt so happy for them! I wanna waltz too!!!
  260. The looks Bella and Edward were giving each other while dancing just killed me! It was so intense, I swear I thought they were going to spontaneously combust!
  261. But really, the kisses in this scene! They kill me!!!
  262. Edward kissing her neck instead of biting her was a good compromise in my opinion. I'm sure Bella begs to differ.
  263. When he pushes her toward himself and slowly tries to kiss her -- you can really see the pain in his eyes and I just want to yell at him! Kiss Me Instead! It won't be so hard!!!
  264. Their reflection in the water is FTW! The lights of the gazebo plus them dancing was just a really beautiful shot. I want that as my wallpaper stat.

  265. Victoria at the window crying while looking at them was really touching. I'm not even into Victoria and I felt for her. Revenge time baby!
  266. The segue from Iron & Wine to Radiohead's song for the credits was terrible! Sound engineer! You are at fault
  267. The credits make up for the segue though because I thought it was pretty damn good! I didn't want to leave the theater anymore!!!
  268. Obviously I enjoyed it. I wouldn't be able to make 260++ points on it if I didn't, right? Or maybe I just thought waaaay to much about the movie.
  269. Understatement of the Year: I'm so excited for New Moon
Tags: kristen stewart, movies, robert pattinson, twilight
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