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Lo Siento, Yo No Hablo Espaol

RPattz es muy guapo is the extent of my Spanish
I was supposed to make my blow-by-blow account of 'Twilight' today. Lord knows I should be able to do that considering I watched Twilight THREE times today and once yesterday (that brings it to a subtotal of FOUR times -- sub because I still plan on watching it this weekend -- rivaling HSM 3's four views at the cinemas). But alas, school work gets in the way. And though I am a fangirl 24/7, I'm still a college student who has work to accomplish.

For Spanish 10, my professor assigned us homework (pick 10 photos -- may be unrelated -- and place speech bubbles using all the Spanish that we learned so far). And though I've been 'studying' Spanish for 14 years, mi Espanol es muy terible!

So to make things more fun, I decided to incorporate the current obsession, "Twilight" and introduce my professor to the lovely world of vampires, werewolves and Bella Swan -- all in 10 pictures -- with the most grammatically unsound phrases in the present tense.

Muchas gracias to PB and Pamy who corrected my work. If you think you know Spanish, don't read this, as it is painfully wrong on so many levels.

Here I try to show Bella being introduced to Billy and Jacob Black using the SER and ESTAR verbs.

The Cullen kids at lunch time discussing Edward's fascination with newbie Bella

After Edward rescues Bella from the car thing, he discusses thing with Rosalie and Carlisle

Bella and Edward 'order' dinner at La Bella Italia in Port Angeles

Edward warns Bella that he is a bad vampire and should stay away from him

Edward and Bella arrive at school together amidst stares from the people in the parking lot

Edward tries to get Bella to dance as Bella tries to convince him that she really can't (dance)

Laurent and Victoria discuss their thoughts on baseball with the Cullens

Edward picks Bella up for the prom while having to contend with Charlie's interrogation

Bella and Edward dance at the prom and cheesiness ensues

If you actually understood anything, congratulations to me. I'm not that terrible at Spanish after all. And pat yourself on the back. You really deserve it for sitting through this entire 'comic' of sorts -- 'Twilight' style of course. Who said fangirling was useless?
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