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Chuck 02x08: Chuck Versus the Gravtiron

Just kill the bitch!Photo courtesy of Chuck TV
And now we pause for a moment to interrupt Twilight Day, for this week's episode of Chuck. Recap: Jill's a baddie and she's got our Chuck! This is the I-told-you-so moment for Sarah, as she was obviously never a fan of the couple, added to the fact that she's jealous. Last week's episode just takes the cake for the best episode ever (sort of), so I wonder how this week will do.

  • Chuck and Jill flashback is made of win! It's so The OC where Marissa and Ryan kiss in the ferris wheel! He bribed a carney!!! To be romantic!!! He's such a sweetheart. I swear this guy is just waaaay too adorable. Marissa-Ryan flashback!!!

  • Hello torture!!! I swear! This is the moment he's supposed to be having with Sarah! Not Jill. Seriously, who knew Mr. Bartowski was so smooth anyway? That is definitely NOT the torture they're all thinking. I love how Chuck looks so shocked to see the 14 messages though. And Uncle Tobias!!! A flash! Golly jeepers! Parched from last night? What happened! That's a flashback I wanna see.

  • Casey and Sarah in cabana outfits!!! The orange really suits them. Sand Storm! OMG! Jill's a spy! And Sarah's sorry for him. Really now? I love how cavalier they're being now. Before, they wouldn't get him out of the car. Now they're using him as bait!

  • Ellie being nervous about the Awesomes coming! I love how she's scared of something! She's usually so chill and in charge of things, but around the parents of her finace, of course she'd be a wreck! I feel bad for the turkey though! What a waste!!!

  • Ahem. IMagine that Sarah is Jill? Sarah, you ha! Concentrate and look into Sarah's eyes? I sense someone missing Chuck. BUT WAIT. She stops! Was that because she knew Casey was coming?! Or just because she wanted to tease Chuck. Don't be that way.

  • Chuck on dates with Jill is fab cause he looks so good and is always really sure of himself -- well pre-knowing she was Fulcrum. Carnival again!!! I love Josh Schwartz. And she bribed the Carney for him! Why do I feel like she actually really likes him? Or not. Hello gun to his stomach. But wait, she's turning against the baddies for Chuckles. True love perhaps or guilt?! And Jill in the room of mirrors is brilliant. What a visual feast!

  • Sarah questioning Jill with Chuck present was so bad ass. Sarah is such a fierce bitch. I love it! But wait, Jill is actually returning to the fold. But can't those agents lie for those things?

  • Chuck going into Jill's questioning room is precious. He's really not an agent -- his feelings get in the way and it's so loveable. His questions for Jill are really sweet though. I love how he had to check with the machine every time she'd answer just to be sure. It's sad that he has to verify!

  • But she didn't love Bryce. This is killing me. I'm so torn. Chuck was Jill's first love? Either she's a really good liar or she's actually in love. OH NOES. Bitch lied to get herself out!!! DAMMIT! I'm such a sucker!!!

  • Evil Fulcrum dude is using Chuck's compassion against him. I love how Chuck actually really wants to save Casey and Sarah. That's just how pure he is. And really, I love how they always end up messing up the Buy More. Until the end, Chuck still asks sarah not to hurt Jill. That's gotta sting.

  • Thank god Chuck learned his lesson. Detaining her in that car because she was about to kill Sarah. That's true love folks. So smart of him. So strong. And of course, it doesn't hur that Sarah heard all of that.

  • Sarah: What makes you special, is that you're not like every other spy. Chuck: I'm glad I have you. I swear, these people just kill me.

  • The Awesomes can't make it!? Not awesome. I wanted to meet them. I guess I'll have to wait for next week then.

    I'll come up with a more exhaustive entry later. Gotta head to Trinoma for Twilight
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