Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Edward Got My Tongue

Bite Me Naaaaa!!!!Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes
Just got home from the "advanced" screening of Twilight at Rockwell with my Twi-mate, Nikki and I have no words. I'm too over the moon to process everything. Tomorrow, when I finish watching it again, I shall come up with a more coherent entry. My brain is mush right now. I cannot think. I can barely type. I refuse to go to class tomorrow, but I have to. Dammit.

I read all the reviews I could. I watched all the spoilers possible and yet nothing prepared me for those extremely quick 120 minutes. I'm rambling again. And I'm not making any sense. I swear I'll be more sober tomorrow, or less sober, for that matter. But I cross my heart, I'll have my blow-by-blow fangirl analysis/squeeing tomorrow. I can't believe I've finally seen it. *faints*
Tags: kristen stewart, movies, robert pattinson, twilight
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