Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

10 Down, 90 To Go

view from my corner
On Marian Rivera Watch, Day 1 (aka my TV internship), I actually spent 10 long hours answering phone calls. I never thought sitting down would be so exhausting.

Right now, my eyes are literally falling, but I thought I'd document my 10-12 day TV internship, as I really plan on not making it last long. I want to finish before my Christmas break, and because of the holidays and the restricted hours, I will have to find a way around it.

I printed a lot of scripts, walk back and forth to the news room a gazillion times, learn how to search through video archives, learn that some women never learn, and count the cracks on the ceiling of the office.

90 Hours left to spot Marian Rivera (because I promised my yaya a picture or autograph). Today though, I did see Kuya Germs and Wendell Ramos Antonio Aquitania.

Soy cansado, pero hay una examen on español mañana. Necesito estudiar, pero quiero dormir. Soy estudiante terible! Lo siento, hablo español, pero muy poquito.
Tags: college senior
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