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And what I had feared has happened. Like any normal fandom, I think I can handle myself getting into it, but I can't. It's official. Twilight has sort of turned me into a vampire albeit the uncouth kind. Not a Cullen. Cause I keep thirsting for more Twilight related anything and the thirst cannot be quenched.

Thankfully though, because I came into this fandom late, I have archinves upon archives of material to look over. But I can only watch MTV's footage so many times. Lucky for me, there seems to be so much buzz about this movie -- and the apparent green-lighting of the sequel New Moon, I know my rationality and objectivity will fly out the window. (as if I was ever rational)

So I have to wait TWO more days before I get to finally see Twilight. I still loathe local cinemas for pushing it back, considering it really was supposed to show on the 21st here, I instead saturate myself with as much as I can on the Internet. If you're a diehard Twilighter, you've probably seen all of this more than twice, but somehow, I'm really enjoying watching them no matter how often I've seen it.

Twilight Unscripted [Moviefone] I love this one because it's just R-Pattz, K-Stew and SMeyer asking each other questions. And because Rob is the absurd interview/interviewee, it makes for entertaining stuff. And though I'm not Stephenie Meyer's biggest fan, she did spawn this entire series, so it's nice to hear her insights some of the time. Though I wish Kristen and Rob sat next to each other instead of having her wedged in between them.

Behind-the-Scenes at our Twilight Photo Shoot, Extended and Uncut [Vanity Fair] They weren't kidding when they said it was uncut. Over one hours worth of footage on that beautiful ranch in California. Watch Rob and Kristen be pretty and make googly eyes at each other. Plus, you get to see just how cute the entire cast is off-camera (technically, they're never off camera, but you get the point).

MTV Spoilers: Twilight Edition (9 Parts) [MTV] I'm so happy I was able to view this on the actual website, and it didn't reject me for not living in the US. The highlight for me was seeing how sweet Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) and Ashley Greene (Alice) were. It's like they're actually together (or so I dreamed up). But really, you can't fake that. I know that Rob and Kristen aren't ever going to get together, so I'm instead hoping for a Jackson/Ashley pairing instead.

Robert Pattinson Talks Movie Premieres, Girls & Driving in L.A.! [The Ellen DeGeneres Show] I love this one just because I love Ellen and you get to see Rob's parents and his sisters dancing. Ellen really has a way of making anything more fun and the 'Bite Me' boxers were apparently a surprise to Rob cause that got him laughing a lot. Plus there's another video backstage asking him about his dog, PATTY. I just had to put that in.

Rob and Kristen on the Today Show [MSNBC] Rob was asked if he had/still has a crush on kristen and she was right beside him! I love how KStew totally rolls her eyes and brushes it off. But Rob was surprisingly really cheery and happy and always looking at KStew when she talked. I know it's just the fangirl/shipper in me, but my heart really fluttered for them a second there. And I love how they were talking to each other when they were on their way out, not knowing they were still on air. KStew even asks Rob if he has his gloves! And I love how Rob totally sang/hummed a bit right before they stood up.

MySpaceTV Videos: Artist on Artist: Robert Pattinson & Hayley Williams by Artist on Artist [MySpace] I'm not a big fan of Paramore, but I checked out the interview nevertheless and it was really nice to hear Rob talk about wanting to pursue music without cashing in on his success right now. It felt more comfortable than the usual interview, I guess cause they're both 'artists' or whatever. It was just a lot of joking around and yet some other stuff about him came out. I noticed that they were in a really red room and Hayley's hair blended right in. Rob, the perennial jokester, even teased Hayley about her pronunciation of the word 'here'. It's got really good resolution too.

An Interview with "Twilight" Star Robert Pattinson [CW Philly] What I love about this video is that the interviewer Miranda Villei seemed like an actual fan. She even blogged about the experience saying she didn't know what to do with herself and I liked that she didn't come off as some jaded journalist that was only doing her job. If Rob charms you, don't be ashamed. I know fangirls have gotten a lot of flack for being overly eager around Rob or Kristen -- to a point of freaking them out, but I think that not all fangirls are like that anyway and I believe that Miranda is secretly or not so secretly crushes on Rob and still was able to get a great interview.

Twilight Interview with Rob Pattinson (5 Parts) [EW] Rob actually gives a sober/coherent interview which is rare. Thus the reason why I cherish this one. And it doesn't hurt that it took 5 parts either. Watch one a day to count down to the actual premiere. Plus EW is always reliable for interviews. They somehow draw stuff out of him that he usually isn't serious enough to actually answer.

Rough Cut with Rob Pattinson (3 Parts) [MTV] I have this feeling that MTV interviewed the entire cast for a really really long interview then they just keep cutting it up to make sure the fans keep coming back for more. And likea sucker, I did. Rob talks about wanting to be called Mr. President, bringing a girl with him to a desserted island (I'm hoping it's Kristen) and the fact that he hasn't kissed anyone in ages! Hello Mr. Tease. I swear I know this guy is not half serious when he gives interviews, but I'm sure a gazillion girls would love to help him change that status. Also, I want to be Larry Carroll.

Rob and Rachelle Play a Game [YouTube] Compared to all the straight interviews, this one was fun because all they did was answer questions about fellow castmates, like who's iPod they'd raid, who doesn't change his clothes, who's afraid of screaming fans and who treats people with a round of drinks at the bar. I'm not even a big fan of Victoria, but she was really likeable here. Though I'd have preferred it if Rob and Kristen did the game together, but hey a fangirl won't complain.

Twilight's Robert Pattinson Speaks [Empire Online] Wow, fifteen minutes of just Rob talking and him actually answering intelligently is a refreshing thing to watch. Sure, I miss the absurd, quirky non-answers, but the shaky camera, hotel room video actually makes me want to sit up and listen to what he has to say rather than ogle at his hotness. Oh and I love how he swigs from his bottle of coke every now and then.

Rober Pattinson Interview [Dose.CA] A really good quality video. It was suprisingly really clear. And I love how the interviewer calls Edward Cullen a psycho stalker and Rob totally agrees with her. It's nice to see another point of view. This was a really sober/insightful interview too. I wonder why there were goblets behind Rob though. Damn the fingers through the hair though. Her questions were pretty good too. Not the usual questions -- well at least not all of them.

Rob and Kristen Interview with Tribute [Tribute.CA] Usually, actors are really excited about giving interviews, but I guess because of the excessive amount of press these two stars have experienced, you can see/feel the weariness during interviews. And yet, despite their disinterest in fame (or so I deduce from the interviews I've watched), they give a pretty insightful interview despite the repetetive questions. It was an interesting watch in the sense that they're giving honest answers and not worrying that the producers will get mad that they give offhand comments. Pretty interesting.

Twilight Live at Much Music (5 Parts) [Youtube] Wondering just how fanatical fans can get? The Canadian Twilighters represent and it's seen in this show. They blocked the entire road (not just the sidewalk -- TRL style) and it was raining. Rob and Kristen looked genuinely terrified and awed by how many fans there were there. The lucky fans got passes and all that jazz. And though I'm not much of a Victoria fan or the actress that plays her, Rob seemed to pass all questions to her if he didn't feel like answering first. Funny.

4 Minute Sizzle Reel from TWILIGHT [Collider] This site DOES NOT hold back. They have a 4 minute sizzle reel, a 2 part B-Roll video and a Behind the scenes at Comic-con one. Everyone keeps saying that Comic-Con was the defining moment that the fans were really crazy and the vidoe shows that. Seriously. I don't know what to do with myself when in this site. If only I didn't have Spanish/Thesis/Internship to worry about, I would take a bath in Twilight. No, I haven't completely lost my mind yet. Otherwise, I would be making lists on how I love the fandom so much.
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