Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

I'm a Girl, Right?

My Blog is a Boy?Photo courtesy of Gender Analyzer
So there's this website that claims to be able to tell the gender of your blog. All you have to do is enter a blog's address and it'll spew out whether you're a boy or a girl. So I'm not sure how they do this, but it's worth a try.

And well, I'm a boy. This surprises me as I fangirl and squee a lot. Does this not equate to girliness? Am I really still masculine in the style of my writing? Maybe I should change my background to pink and butterflies. Or I should state, Hi, I'm Patty and I'm a girl.

Then again, it does say that I'm 51% neutral -- not that I really understand what that actually means. Give it a try and tell me if it got your blog's 'gender' correct. I don't want to be the only boy blog written by a girl.

Determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman [Gender Analyzer]
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