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Pamy trying to cheer me up
Not the band. Yesterday was made up of a bunch of positives and even more negatives.

Thanks to my very early schedule, I am able to accomplish a ton of work or non-work during the day. Yesterday though was something else. I swear I had gone through so many hurdles, by the time I got home by 4pm, I had never felt so exhausted.

I haven't brought my camera to school because I only have one class (Spanish) and thesis and internship are still in the works right now. Thesis -- supposed to be by us; and Internship -- still pending. So really, my life should be busy, but I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Not good.

Anyway, they say that you can't have it all and yesterday, I sort of did -- in a non-good way. For every 'good' thing that happened to me, it came coupled with a 'bad' thing. Almost like buy one take one. Except I didn't want the take one part. Not one bit.

(+) I'm actually getting a hang of waking up extremely early (5:45 am) for class at 7am. Spanish 10 is actually a pretty good review of my 14-year Spanish class from Poveda. No, I still can't speak Spanish, but I sure can conjugate. My favorites: "/h/ does not exist in Spanish" and Profesor: Estas casada? Me: No, estoy soltera.

(-) Traffic was so terrible on the way for an interview I set up in Makati for our thesis. I left UP at 8:15 am and got to Makati at 10am! I swear I was about to cry from the traffic. I always seem to be in the slowest lane. All the freaking time.

I was too afraid to sit
(+) The ad person I interviewed though was very nice even if I was A) LATE and B) totally messing up the interview. The Leo-Burnett offices are super duper nice though -- makes me want to work there -- or not. I'm not exactly ad agency material. But the place was inspiring. All the Christmas decor was up and the lights were so pretty. The walls were all frosted glass and had quotes written all over them.

(-) The interview wasn't my shining moment. I know what I wanted to from her, but I couldn't articulate it. I was so frazzled by the fact that I was late. I swear I could hear her thoughts wondering if I really was a college senior. Never again. Thank goodness for nice people. I feel like i had to apologize for wasting her time. It was that bad.

This si the life
(+) I swung by Niko's unit and made a phone call for my TV internship. I watched him play Mirror's edge. I want to work from my house when I grow up. Then again, I won't have the motivation to start working -- considering how lazy I am. Niko scanned my dilapitated driver's license for fun. How ominous that was.

(-) Makati police flagged me down for the 'traffic violation' that my UP Centennial Commemorative License Plate was covering the real license plate in the front of the car. Really?! The ticket costs 2500. What bugs me is I've been driving with that for almost a year and NO COP has ever stopped me. Then again, it was lunch time and I guess some people were hungry. What pisses me off the most is how they were pretending not to want the pay-off -- telling me that if I wanted to give them money, they would accept it, BUT they weren't asking for it. I'm sure. Believe me, this is the filtered out, non-dramatic version of the story. Let's just say I had water works and a really high pitched voice during the ordeal.

Best lunch ever
(+) Thanks to the license plate incident, I ended up having lunch with Pamy -- I got flagged down smack outside her building. Green Tomato is the best. That Mediterranean pasta, the bread and the pizza was enough to make me forget the stupidity that happened just a few moments before. I'm so thankful she treated me, because after that ticket, I don't think I had any money left.

(-) Not getting oriented for internship because I wasn't told and my medical certificate being rejected because of the paper it was written on. Really? Who knew so many silly things had to be done before actually getting to do the actual internship. I so miss my radio internship -- wherein we showed up at the station and they took us in, no questions asked. I hate bureaucracy.

I've got tickets baby!
(+) Buying the Twilight tickets. Seriously. I've never bought tickets in advanced, but I couldn't help it. All this excitement building up and if I go there on the day itself and find out the damn thing was sold out. I would be beyond repair. No worries now, I got my hands on those tickets, baby! I have never felt so safe (that i have tickets and won't be missing out on first showing).

(-) Just one day left for the US folks, and 5 excruciatingly long more days for me to wait. It's not like I haven't succumbed to reading all the spoilers I can find on it. I swear I'm terrible at this. I should really just unplug the internet and stay away, but I can't. And so now I'm really excited and frustrated that it doesn't show here tomorrow.
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