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Pushing Daisies 02x06: Oh Oh Oh... It's Magic!

Brotherly LovePhoto courtesy of Pushing Daisies TV
Because I'm so sucked into Twilight right now, I wasn't really able to concentrate on all of my shows this week, but the moment I saw the opening of Pushing Daisies (knowing it still hasn't been picked up for an entire season), I was hooked. We have yet another colorful situation -- this time involving magic!!!

I loved how they were able to solve the case with minimal raising of the dead. And I really thought they worked the theme of father-son/mother-daughter relationships into the story without making it sound cheesy/annoying. Pushing daisies just keeps getting better, which is why I still don't understand why people aren't watching this!! Dammit. More of my thoughts after the cut.

  • Maurice and Ralston as little devils during Halloween was too cute. They're not magicians, Ned! They're illusionists! They're also magically deliciously little devils. I love how Olive and Chuck are so excited over the brothers (complete with loud applauding!), while Ned is so uncomfortable and Emerson is just plain disbelieving -- and can do tricks too!!!

  • Wow Chuck is out in the public and she looks fabulous! And so does Olive. I love how Ned is so traumatized by the magic show. But he looks so handsome and suave in that suit. I could barely bring myself to watch the magician swallow the rat. Just gross.

  • The transitions are fabulous. The velvet curtains are amazing. Chuck doing many voices to hear her mom/Aunt Lily's voice was so funny. The many disguised voices were ridiculous but amazing.

  • To stop Emerson from heckling, they make him the assistant on stage. That's brilliant. Cementia!!! The great Hermann's show was just so purple and complicated! Mr. Hermann is crazy. Olive: You turned your assistant into a bunny? Mr. Hermann: My assistants has always been a bunny -- winner!

  • Dwight Dixon is friends with Chuck and Ned's dads?! They all have pocket watches! And they all have alliterated names. Vivian is just the cutest -- too bad she doesn't know about Lily. I wonder when they'll reveal it that Lily did take Vivian's fiancee. Looks like Vivian wants to talk to Dwight Dixon in private after all.

  • Brilliant! the fact that they're investigating animals makes sure they can't use Ned's magic touch to investigate. Ned and Olive's scene in the alley after teh Great Hermann died was just so sweet. I love how Ned was able to get Olive away.

  • Yay! Ned's going to kick someone's ass!!!! Ned's going to avenge Maurice and Ralston's pseudo dad's wave. Ned's questioning Hermann's human assistant is so hot. Obvioulsy it's not his human assistant -- or so I think. Ned: Which means you're the killer, killah! Killer!!! He's so handsome!

  • Every time the words father-son was mentioned, Ned would take a lozenge. Seeing him so uncomfortable makes me feel so bad for him. I want Ned to be happy!

  • Vivian's on a date! With a man?! As opposed to a woman perhaps? But wait, I just have to say that Vivian's arms and clavicles are so beautiful. I can put a coin in that!!! And she's out with a jailbird -- who wants to get the pocket watch from Chuck! Noooooo!!!

  • I love how Ned uses the exact same words The Great Hermann used to tell the boys about why The Great Hermann disappeared. Poor boys though. Their dad disappeared at a magic show!!! That's brutal! The twins are just adorable. The way Ned and the twins interact is really heartfelt. He's a great big half brother.

  • I love Maurice and Ralston totally run after the killer without fear. Meanwhile Ned stays behind, being not foolish. Olive: Would any of you have a gun? Okay I'm going with Emerson Olive pulling out the nail from the nose and then stuffing it back in was gross but funny.

  • Magnets in the shoes to open the trap door! That's amazing! I'm glad he's giving the magic book to the twins! That's really sweet. You know who isn't sweet? The Geek!!! Don't kill Olive!!!

  • Amazing how the Geek conceals the The Great Hermann's death complete with a ramp underneath the stage and how the cement block smoothly falls into the hole under the stage. Sight gag!!! SO amazing.

  • Ned catching Olive like that and the Twins helping pull the lever so that the Geek would die. The Twins are so nice to Alexandria too. Twins: We'll give you a photocopy. I really love the twins!!!

  • Ned is the sweetest person ever. Role playing with Lily so that Chuck can hear it is just really sweet. Olive: Help me, help you, carry the weight. Lily: Charlotte, there's something you should know. I'm your mother. Holding Ned's hand through the glass was making me weep!!!

  • hearing all about how Chuck was born just makes me want to cry! I swear I was tearing up. Ned is love!!! Why the hell are they not picking up this show yet?!? It's making me cry!!!

  • Dwight Dixon is digging up Chuck!!!! And the coffin is empty! Oh noes!

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