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90210 01x11: That Which We Destroy

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What happens when Sean the first son comes back into the Wilson's life? Things go nuts. Dixon gets jealous. Annie becomes a meanie. And Naomi tries to fit into a new crowd. I'm loving the how 90210 is just getting better and better.

What I'm not loving is the fact that the next episode comes out January!?! Are you serious CW?! What am I supposed to do over the Christmas break without this?! But for now, let's move on to last episode for this year. Boo.

  • Josh Henderson! Who knew he'd be such a cutie?! Too much information in one night for the stepbrother! OMG. Harry just got a big one dumped on him. Well, Harry, he is handsome just like you. Tabitha is checking out her grandson! Awww. Dixon doesn't have a Wilson nose!

  • Dude, the accent is so thick it's crazy! I'm so distracted by the accent!!! Still, the pretty face makes up for it. Men in uniform really sure do look fabulous. OMG. Tracy really looks him! Wow. She's so fabulous. Is she high though? In fairness, he does look like a Harry/Tracy offspring.

  • Tabitha feels old! Tabitha: Dixon, if I want to be 54? How old should I say I was if your father has a 25 year old son that he conceived when he was 18 Dixon: Eleven Tabitha: Maybe he could tell people he was only 20? That could help me Only Tabitha could pull that line off!

  • Girlfriend and boyfriend are too adorable with each other. Annie and Ethan obviously are new to this. Gotta love the honeymoon period. But Ozzy and Naomi are so hot, I can't take it!!! Don't brush him away, Naomi!!!!

  • Wait, Adrianna is now hanging out with Dixon, Silver? Oh wait, yeah she's with Navid now. I love how she looks so much more wholesome now. Oh wait, not. She wants to see some debriefing too. I don't. I want to keep Silver and Dixon wholesome and happy forever!!!

  • Naomi: Annie's a whore! Well that sums it up for the counseling session with Kelly. I can see that she's coming from somewhere. Are you speaking from personal experience Kelly? Missing Brenda already?! I guess Dylan wasn't worth the trouble. Her metaphor for friendship and plants made me laugh, but it did makes sense.

  • Wow, the cafeteria has really fast internet connection! And wow Annie is so mean. Did she actually say that about Naomi's Ugg boots?! I know she ruined your birthday Annie, but you're totally turning Ethan off. Oh wow! It's the girl from One Tree Hill! The clean teen!!!

  • OMG. The mean girls are initiating Naomi into their little clique?! Who knew Naomi would be the newbie. Well, new characters to deal with! Lovely!!! Show Annie you're made of better stuff.

  • Isn't Harry the principal? I know Ryan's on 'leave' but is there NO ONE else to coach the lacrosse team?! Beverly Hills High must be on a shoestring budget now.

  • Was that a blatant T Moblie Sidekick promotional plug?! And not just once! Twice!!!! Ozzie's family owns Desiderata?! Who knew he was so connected?! Who knew she was soooo connected? Yay for Penelope though! Show those girls who's boss Naomi!!!

  • Ethan looks great in that wifebeater. Naomi: Enjoy my sloppy seconds! That's right Ethan, bring Annie back to planet earth, because she's been floating around for waaaay too long.

  • Brenda and Kelly!!! They're back!!! My heart breaks for these girls! They should be friends! Don't fight girls. Leave the bickering to the young ones!

  • Debbie cut her hair? I didn't notice. Tabitha is totally livening up this episode. I love how she uses 'quotation marks.' Jean Luc and the Chihuahua Only Tabitha can have stories like that can only come from Tabitha. Who knew Debbie and Tabitha could bond! It's kinda sweet. Love the metaphorical story telling though. That's really sweet of her. just please don't tell me they're all eating at Desiderata too.

  • Ozzy is the sweetest. Even after what Naomi did, he totally gets her the tables at Desiderata. Or not. I love this power struggle going on between them. Ozzy knows his game. Don't play the playa Naomi! Now you owe him. I love it!!! This couple I'm really excited to see!!!

  • New temptation for Dixon?! Oooh, she's pretty, but don't do this! Dixon's not your brother girl! Step away from the boy with the girlfriend!!! Is he actually flirting with this girl?! What would Silver say?! Don't do this Dixon.

  • Tracy's hair during dinner is soooo Naomi! I love how she's so non-motherly, but so very friend-like. Watsu sounds really fun though. Water Shiatsu sounds amazing though. I'd choose that over the lacrosse game.

  • Did Annie just take off her shirt on broadcast? I'm shocked! Then again, this is supposed to be a teen show. But somehow, because of this show's super wholesome feel, I actually was taken aback by the bra exposure. But don't worry, Annie realizes she's being a meanie and just totally regrets all the Naomi bashing. How self aware. Go Annie. Let me like you.

  • I'm curious to see who's this mascot is! My bets are on Ozzy. or Maybe it's Navid in costume!!! Don't do this to Dixon before the game, Harry. You are going to lose this one if you screw with your son.

  • Brenda and Kelly together at lunch. Just like old times. Everytime I see Kelly now, I see Carlisle next to her. Oh fandoms colliding! Anyway back to 90210, Brenda's 'breaking up' with Kelly! This is so old school drama and I'm loving it. I can't believe they're breaking up though. I really liked them together. Oh wow. Brenda actually walked away. Nooooo!!!

  • The hotdog smells disgusting?! Is Adrianna pregnant?!! But wasn't Navid a virgin? Or has Adrianna taken that away and replaced it with his baby in her stomach instead?!

  • Naomi and Ozzy kissing at the game. Well that's hot. OMG. She just kissed Annie!!! That's too cute! Who knew we'd get girl on girl action so quick into the series!!! Bra's showing. Girls kissing girls! Racy stuff!!! Wow, we're feeling the effects of the new zip.

  • Dixon's being a bad boy on the field!!! This was the rebellion I was talking about, Harry. Sean giving Dixon a pep talk isn't exactly going to help things. Wrong move. Harry: Dixon, you're out! IN more ways than one. There's a new son in town. Oh drama. Father son bonding ensues. Harry, how could you NOT see this coming?! *Patty dozes off* Seriously. I didn't know what the hell happened between Dad and Dixon.

  • Did they win?! Oh wow, Dixon gets some love from the ladies and Silver didn't see it!!! Or she did. Oh noes. Do I sense some girl problems in their future? Not if Dixon stays the good boy that he is. And Annie is Walter the Wildcat! I love her effervescent spirit! She's so Kansas and I love it. btw honey, Brangelina have 6 kids. Everyone knows that. I could almost hear Demi Lovato sinigng "This is Me" in the background.

  • Friendship of the beautiful. Wow. New posse in town. Annie better watch her back. It looks like she'll be the first target.

  • Aww, Sean is such a nice guy. And so he fits right in to Dixon's nice universe!!!

  • OMG. Brenda's in the hospital! And Kelly's her visitor. That's really sweet. The BFFs are back. I really hope things work out for them. Or not. Brenda slept with Ryan! Well well well, who else did Ryan sleep with? Looks like Mr. Nice Guys been around the block. And in Beverly Hills, those blocks are pretty huge!

  • Deathcab! I love that song. "I will follow you into the dark" is one of the best songs ever. OMG!!! SEAN IS EVIL!!!! WHY?!?!?!?! Please don't do this!!! OMG. Now I'm thinking, is he really a soldier? Is hev even really Harry's son?!? Is he casing the house?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And it'll be months till the next 90210, so I guess I'll have to wait a long time to find out.
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