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Chuck 02x07: Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

Cover your eyes Sarah!Photo courtesy of Don't Freak Out
I swear I love this show more and more each week and this week was no exception! Thanks to Jill's 'knowledge' of the baddies, they enlist her help to solve this week's mission. What no one knows is she's got her own agenda.

Jordana Brewster is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. I know I sound like I'm totally crushing on her, but it's true. Still, despite Jill being a 'perfect' fit for Chuck, I'm Team Sarah all the way. Though I may squee that Chuck's got a new lady love, we all know the Weiner girl's the only one for him.

  • Wow Chuck is doing actual spy work, complete with running around and disengaging locks and all that. But wait! It's a date with Jill. Wow, who knew he was this smooth around the ladies? The blanket, the Buy more rooftop, the canopy of stars? And a kiss right away? Wow. Chuck has come a long way.

  • So much for privacy, there's a surveillance camera on the rooftop that Casey is watching. Sarah saying that Chuck's entitled to a 'real girlfriend' makes my heart break. Come on Sarah, admit you want him. So now they have to break into the FBI? Wow, the missions are getting crazier.

  • Sarah: It's a friend thing. I just want to make sure you're okay. Ouch. These conversations these two have make me tear up inside. Guys, you belong together. Sure, Jill's a nice girl for now, but that's all she is. For now.

  • Oh noes, Emmett is noticing all the "offsite installments" Chuck is getting. Is he close to finding out what's really happening? Or will the CIA have to hire Emmett too a la Harry Tang?

  • Morgan is a pirate!!! Of course he is! Now that's something I want to get a copy off. Emmett offering Chuck and Morgan weed on their break is hilarious. Emmett: The loading bay is like a Five for Fighting concert I don't even know what that means, but he's hilarious.

  • Awww, Jill is jealous of Sarah. And Chuck says that technically, objectively he'd be attracted to Sarah. Well, I guess technically, objectively he is correct. Except you used to like her!!!

  • Sarah in fishnet stockings, boots and short red dress. Smack with fire engine red lipstick and of course, the 'windblown' effect. Yes Chuck, Jill has NOTHING to be jealous off. CASEY as the bellboy!!!! That's just priceless. I wonder if Mr. Carmichael would give him a tip. And well, Sarah does look like an escort. Good job, girl.

  • It's so Mission Impossible!!! Crawling through the ventilation, while Jill hears the entire conversation, thinking that Sarah and Chuck are getting it on is just hilarious. Of course Chuck would accidentally call her and of course she'd think they were sleeping together. Isn't she a rocket scientist?

  • Buy Morea! It's a country! Emmett and Morgan are bonding!!! Emmett: What is Chuck on? Uppers? Glue? A baby momma? Help me, help Chuck!

  • Their Mission Impossible homage was pretty cool too. Only Chuck would fall out of a ventilation
    duct on his back. So smooth my favorite sleuth.

  • A box puzzle?! And a flash with no apple pie. This is new. I feel like it's so Da Vinci Code, complete with flashes of the Last Supper. Venetian Puzzle Box -- that's his specialty. Chuck trying to get into the duct with Casey's help though, only Chuck could screw that up.

  • OF COURSE THEY HAD TO GET NAKED IN THE SHOWER TOGETHER. Jill is so going to walk in on this one. Wow, he finally realizes he's with Sarah in the shower! Wow CHuck has a really good body and all he can say is Jill I could be dying of POWDERED FRUIT PUNCH!!! Who knew it was a common spy problem?. Only in Chuck...

  • Lester and Jeff refusing to rat on Chuck is really cute though. Who knew these two were so loyal? Emmett is pure evil!!! I love how he uses blackmail to get them on his side. Of course Jeff breaks. And Morgan's beard holds so many secrets! Yes they do! And he's got 23 years of best friendship! That's loyalty -- or not. Morgan totally crumbled! Noooooo!!!

  • Roman Guy has puzzles! And the fruit punch is apparently a clue! Wow, she just said a lot of words that I didn't understand. There's a formula to fruit punch? who knew?! Oh yes, Jill the rocket scientist or biochemist or whatever she does. The team standing around the table felt very CSI. Finally! It's Rooting Raspberry Flavored Hi-C! (I miss Hi-C!)

  • Casey breaking into a High C NOTE!!!! HE'S A CHOIRBOY!!!! Casey: What? I wasn't hatched! That needs a flashback stat! Seriously. I want Casey in a choirboy costume right now.

  • La Traviatta!!! I'm remembering Twilight again! I love how the Opera box they walk into just so happens to be the exact place where the lock might be. Only on television baby! And yet another box of clues! When will this end? It's not a clue, it's a BOMB!!!! Watch the Fat Lady flee the room!

  • Jill versus Sarah. Sarah: What if you're wrong? Jill: That doesn't happen. OOOOOOH. Bitchslap! I swear these girls have to get it on Nicole Richie style. And Sarah ain't leaving the room either. That's not protecting him. That's true love!!! And wow, a kiss! Jill, be considerate of Sarah. She loves Chuck too!!!

  • Wow, Chuck and Jill are moving forward! That much forward!!! I love Chuck speaks in Nerd Code to get away from Casey's prying eye. Let's see him break that! and Chuck, listen to Morgan! He helped you get over Jill!!! I miss your bromance!

  • Jill or the list?! How is he going to get out of this one? No one wants to help Chuck? So Chuck takes it into his own hands and commits treason! But Sarah can't shoot him! She won't shoot him!!! All FOR JILL?!?! Seriously!?!?!

  • How smart of Chuck to make a pirated copy of the flash disk! The opera looks beautiful though. That's an amazing shot there. Jill crying looks really convincingly sad. I feel for her but not enough to break up Sarah and Chuck. That wink though? Did the guy not see Chuck wink at Casey? OH well. Watching Chuck comfort Jill breaks my heart. I can only imagine what it does to Sarah.

  • I'm cheap and unethical too just like Morgan!!! Morgan's office is the best! I love how Morgan got the video on Emmett. Now that's the ultimate blackmail! Only Morgan will ever be that loyal to Chuck. Viva Buy Morea!

  • Sarah: You wanna pay me back? Don't hurt him again. It's my job to protect him... from anything That's a threat bitch.

  • Hello Chuck and Jill getting it on! And yes, Jill's got her own moves alright. Chuck is one lucky man!!! OF COURSE SHE'S FULCRUM!!!!! Jill is the bad guy?!?! Well, bad girls were always know how to be naughty and it looks like she's taken Chuck hostage. Wow that was fast! Dont' fall for this Chuck! She's the bad guy!!!!!!!!!
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