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Gossip Girl 02x11: The Magnificent Archibalds

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So that was another 'jam-packed' episode. Not necessarily in the drama department, but in the non-plot plots. I swear I was having a hard time keeping track of what was happening cause there was so much going on. In fact, I think every character went a little further in their own little arcs, but really the story as a whole felt so stagnant.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it, despite the hurried, almost frenetic story telling and well, I guess as a way of keeping myself sane, it was nice to see how such a normal holiday could turn so abnormal just cause it was the kids on the UES doing it.

I'm doing the recap by family this week just because it was a very family-based episode. I'll do it alphabetically cause I'm anal like that, and I guess it just so happens I enjoyed them least to most alphabetically too. Okay, I'm confusing myself.

The Magnificent Archibalds
You'd think an episode named after them would help them plot wise and well, it doesn't. Nate and Dan's ex-bromance didn't end nicely. I guess you can't be friends with an ex after a break up. I swear Dan is such a sissy ex-boyfriend. Come on, man. Nate's making the effort. Be cordial.

Whoopee the Captain (my captain -- Pamy's not mine), is back and he's supposedly trying to do them good. Nate gets all emo/defensive /brooding and gets angry at the Captain for living the life in the Dominican Republic, while pretty boy and mommy 'slum' it out in various friends places without a heater!!! Gasp! Poor little rich boy.

And was it just me, or is Anne Archibald pregnant?! Not the character, but the actress playing her. I swear her dresses were all loose and she kept holding bags, fruit bowls and whatnot to her stomach. Suspicious, I am.
But what's this!? The FBI are onto the Captain and apparently he wants to kidnap his wife and kid to extort money out of the in-laws. Only Howie can go this low. I swear, you know how there are those 'rumors' or facts that some old dude is going to die on this show? Can't it just be The Captain?! He's going to jail after all. Might as well kill him inside the cell.

Of course because Vanessa can't get over pretty boy, she enlists Chuck's help to convince Nate to do the 'right' thing. Which is? Turning his dad in? Oh boy. I love how all it takes is a little pep talk from V to get Nate all moralistic again. This episode is soooo very 7th Heaven. I love it.

And there goes the guilt trip on the Captain (my captain). I love how they put a scruff on the Captain (my captain) as proof of his hiatus? Did he not bring a razor with him on his little sojourn down south? I guess not. Or maybe it was part of his assimilation process.
And of course, like 7th Heaven, things work out like a charm and the Archibalds (at least 2/3 of them) get all their belongings back -- not sure how. And we see a not so poignant moment between Anne and Howard. It's the last time you guys'll be on screen, so cherish it. Or so I hope.

Vanessa and Nate reunite at the steps of his house with Chuck leering in the side. Pamy and I were so distracted by Chuck the ENTIRE time. I wasn't even paying attention to what the hell Nate and Vanessa were saying because Chuck's sneering in the back was waaay too entertaining.

But wait, V's a bitch. She totally breaks federal laws and opens mail that isn't hers. And what does she find? A love note from Nate telling Jenny he liked her so much, but doesn't know what to do. Well that sounds very him. But did she bother to check the date on the thing?

The Hobo Humphreys
Jenny is really stupid. Does she not understand what emancipation means? Isn't that already a sign that you're not ready to be emancipated from your parents. Oh little girl, grow up first. Rufus loves you.

I love how Rufus hasn't called the police despite his daughter being missing for roughly a week. And I love how calm Dan is in spite of the situation. I swear I think he's enjoying her absence, cause then he's the favored child -- by default as he's the only child.

But wait Rufus, don't worry, your child is hanging with Eric, therefore he must be at Lily's! Champion! We get to see some R/L interaction and I love them. Even over the phone, the tension is palpable. But hey Lily, watch out, you're still married to the Bass.
Isn't Lily such a saint? Volunteering to help solve the Rufus/Jenny rift that's erupted. I love how they have to talk under the Brooklyn bridge. So cinematic. And wow, does Rufus not own anything that isn't plaid? I know it's in, but honey, lay off the plaid for a bit.

Something tells me Lily talking to Jenny as the cool adult is about to change -- especially if she becomes Jenny's stepmom, which isn't a far of idea anymore. I love how the emancipation papers were just out there in her bag. Lily's a snoop and you know it. With Serena as a daughter of course you'd have to be. But really, Jenny should just go home.

And we see some Blair/Eleanor/Dorota intervention. Didn't Eleanor fire Jenny? And now she's wrapping her in her pashmina? And wow, who knew Blair was so compassionate? I guess you can't always like what you have. Blair wants Rufus (not in That way) and Jenny wants Eleanor (in an absentee parent way). You can't have it all.
The humphrey's reunite in a big hug and Jenny looks so much better without her make up even if I'm still not liking the hair. Rufus is such a sweetheart. He'll fall for anything Jenny says really.

But look who's arrived at the Humphrey loft once again. Lily Van Der Woodsen and Eric! Thank goodness Allison isn't around because I don't want blood on my turkey. I don't know why Lily keeps showing up there. You're married woman! Oh wait, now I know. She so wants Rufus. Still.

The Suspicious Van Der Woodsens and the Scheming Bass's
So Bart has a file on everyone and Chuck knows it and now Jenny knows it. I love how Chuck was so willing to help Eric uncover whatever it was he wanted to dig up -- Chuck knows the code to the safe. Of course he does. What do you think he does with all his spare time when he's not scheming? Breaking the code of course.

In fairness to Bart Bass, he's got great taste. Leather envelopes? Only the best for the Bass. I love the color of the safe too. Cobalt blue. How fierce! Oh and of course Chuck would have someone else shave his facial hair. There's always some servant ready to do something for Chuck.
Lily trying to be a mom isn't working and Bart knows it. Grounded just doesn't roll of her tongue. Still, it's good to know that she's trying. Props for the effort, Lily. But keep trying.

So Lily is being a mom now by 'protecting' her kids from her now husband. How righteous of Lily thought to stalk out on Bart on Thanksgiving just because she found the files. Wasn't it just a few episodes ago that she totally forgave him for the files thanks to a big diamond necklace? Oh bart, you should've brought out the big jewels this time.

And so Lily's been Ostroff-ized at one point in her life. So? We all knew she was crazy. And now because Bart's on a war path, he's getting all the dirty details on why she was there to begin with. I give him credit for not knowing though. At least he kept some things private. Not for long though.
So Serena is lying to Aaron and Aaron is gullible enough to believe that she doesn't drink. Yeah right. A fish doesn't breathe underwater either. Duh Aaron. I can't take his sweater either. And I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he's so into her, he posts pictures of her everywhere. Stalker much?

Serena does a pretty good, 'dan isn't over me' excuse though to Aaron. She's such a good liar, even I believed Dan isn't over her. Oh wait, he isn't over her. and She was merely stating the truth. OH Serena, you know YOU'RE not over Mr. Humphrey either. Five bucks says the season will end with the two of them wrapped in each others arms again.

But of course, like all good things, this too must end nicely and Aaron says he's committed only to her and wants to get to know her, without opening the damn envelope. I would have opened it. Lord knows Bart Bass knows more about Serena than Serena knows about Serena.
But what took the cake for me this episode is the Dan Vs. Aaron showdown or non showdown. These two are such peace loving artistes, they didn't even bother to raise arms for their lady love. I wish they weren't so non-violent. I want a little drama with my stuffing!

The supermarket had so much fight potential. Imagine all the things they could throw at each other. And at the apartment! IMagine how Lily would react when she sees her art works splattered in blood! And Serena's bedroom has a king sized bed! The possibilities are endless. Just one punch, is all I ask.

The Wonderful Waldorfs and the Soon to be Rose's
Serena should listen to Blair. Can't she see how nice of a friend Blair is trying to be by trying to save Serena from eventual heartbreak. I don't know how long Aaron's contract is, but something tells me he's just a guest start. That means eventual break up.

Serena doesn't share and Blair should learn how to. What is this, Sesame street? I love how we're trying to inflict some good natured goodie two shoes-ness on the unsuspecting market. Everyone tuned in to see a turkey fight, instead we get good old moral stuffing. Love it.

And what is this? Cyrus Rose stuffing his face with Blair's pie (baked by Dorota of course). I like Mr. Hall Cyrus. Eleanor deserves a man, no matter how he looks. Besides, I want another wedding. I don't think she'll look as fab as Lily did on her wedding day, but it's a start.
Dorota and Blair are my new favorite ship and these girl do girlfriends better than Serena and Blair do it. I can't wait till Blair and Dorota go camwhoring around New York to Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" because really that's needed to cement this bonafide relationship.

I love Dorota's red cape as they stalk Manhattan. And of course he ringtone is Britney's "I'm a Slave 4U" Only cool girls love Britney. I really think Dorota deserves more love from this show as she's the only one who really cares about Blair anyway.
Blair's dad is there!!! And Eleanor really does love Blair (in her own way). I don't see how an engagement is going to fit into the already populated storyline, but hey, more craziness in store. And was it just me or did anyone else wish Chuck would storm through the Waldorf living room and ravish Blair on the spot?! This episode sorely lacked and Blair/Chuck interaction!!!

The Couple that was, still is (despite denial) and will eventually be
There sure was a lot of Rufus Lily interaction this episode. And though most of it was over the phone and on the most non-romantic topics, at least they were there. I guess they're already setting things up for eventual togethernes in the future perhaps? I don't want to jinx anything, but let's just say my fingers are crossed for this one.

That way, all the kids can emancipate themselves and Lily/Rufus can run off to a deserted island and enjoy themselves minus the kids forever. But wait, no GG for two weeks/! What?!! Or actually, thank god for this. I have to start internship and I chose Tuesdays so at least that's one show down to worry about.

How'd you guys find this episode? Did it even feel like Thanksgiving? I know Gossip Girl gave her what to be thankful of in the end, but somehow I felt like it was such a mash up of too many storylines. Oh well.
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