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Phascination Phase

Photo courtesy of Empire
You know things are bad, when yesterday you didn't even have a single Twilight related photo in your hard drive and the next day, your desktop has been invaded, you've got folders and sub folders for icons, pictures, photo shoots, wallpapers, candids and anything else you can think of.

These kids are everywhere and it's been great seeing them flit around from press conference to promotional tour all week long. They may not have spent a fortune on the film, but the money going into marketing this film is nuts. I've never seen so many cast appearances/magazine write ups prior to a movie's screening. And really, I'm not complaining.

What I'm afraid of though, is what happens when the movie actually finally shows; when the press stops and all the rabid fans who can't have enough, have nothing else to look forward to. I suggest, SMeyer start cracking on that Midnight Sun, because that will surely keep the fans hanging on.

  • The Twilight Album [EW] What I hate about this shoot is I can't find them in hi-resolution anywhere!!! I swear, EW should be fan friendly the way People is (they have pretty hi-res scans of the actual pages!!!) Alas, I'm stuck with not so great sizes. Still, begars can't be choosers. Rob and Kristen look better in this second photo shoot, compared to their first cover though.

  • Edward Cullen's Guide to Vampire Dating [TWoP] Giving all vampires out there the lowdown on what to do when dating a human, TWoP goes all out with all their tips on how to be smooth with the human ladies without wanting to drink their blood all the time.

  • Empire's Guide to Twilight [Empire] They have a pretty comprehensive guide of the characters from the Cullens to Bella and even to the villains. Sure, they didn't make the cover, but the photos inside are pretty hot. Especially the behind the scenes video. Why can't R-Pattz and K-Stew just get together in real life?!

  • More Twilight [Hollywood Backlot] LA Times gives pretty medium/hi-res photos mostly of Edward and Bella up the tree. No, they were not K-I-S-S-I-N-G. But hey, we can dream right? This newspaper has given the movie a lot of press, complete with a countdown to the film.

  • The Twilight Zone [VMan] Who knew a men's magazine would take such interest in this movie. What I love about this is they focused on the men of Twilight for once! Those Cullens, that werewolf and James deserve as much love as the women get. And though no one's taken the theme of vampires so literally, the boys pull off the fake teeth and blood any day.

  • Twilight Pictures [Rotten Tomatoes] I felt like I saw the entire movie already after going through all 93 stills in their gallery. Except of course no one was talking and there's no dialogue and all I could hear was my hyperventilating.

  • Twilight Fashion Shoot Extras [InStyle] Not as fabulous as the Vanity Fair one and that's because the cast wasn't complete, but it was pretty good. I was seriously missing Alice and Jasper though. I know I'm hating on Victoria, but WHY on earth is she there?!?

  • 17 Questions with Rob Pattinson [Seventeen] I know this was posted a gazillion years ago, but it's still interesting to read his answers to the standard 17 questions. Fun fact I learned: He's got a dog named PATTY! Okay, so I have the same name as his dog, that's still a connection, right?

  • Vampire Games [Vanity Fair] And of course, my personal favorite, the Vanity Fair outtakes. Because really, this has been the best photo shoot ever. They all look gorgeous and non-vampire looking and just look like they're all having fun.

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