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This Ain't Young Love

Photo courtesy of ABC News
A new study says that 52% of men prefer to marry brunettes cause they're 'dependable and sensible.'

Which technically makes me the marrying kind thanks to sporting a dark mane. But so does practically EVERYONE in Asia.

I don't think that was the case though in this Pakistani wedding. Yes, the bride was a brunette, but she was also 4-years old.

The police were able to break up the arranged marriage between the toddler bride and her 7-year old supposed husband to be.

Sure, Islamic law allows girls to marry after they hit puberty, but dude, I doubt your 4-year old kid even knows what menstruation is. I know every culture has their quirks, but I just find this disturbing (not that men prefer brunettes) how the kids were forced to marry. Let them be kids first!

And I thought my great aunt was crazy to get married at 16!!! I guess this supposed marriage blows all those young Hollywood marriages out of the water. Still, I can't help but feel bad for the kids.

The Marrying Kind [Jezebel]
Pakistani Police Break up Children's Marriage [ABC News]
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