Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Girl Crush: Sasha Obama

There's just something about this little girl that I love so much. Ever since I first saw her, I knew I would end up liking her. Maybe it's because she's the second kid (so am I) or the fact that she's so young and she gets to move into the White House. But really, everytime I see her come out on TV, I can't help but squeee. I don't usually like little girls, in fact I'm totally annoyed by them. But this one, I love. She's so adorable.

And so I wait patiently for more of this little one. You can tell she's a bit naughty and a lot nice. And I can't wait to see what dog they're finally going to get. The press are going to have a field day when they finally move into the White House. I wonder how large her bedroom will be.

She knows when to behave
If I got this much attention when I was a child, I would go nuts. Throw tantrums, just go crazy. But this one's pretty well behaved. I read that their parents really try to ground them and keep them sane, so I guess that's why she can be quiet if she has to be. Then again, if Obama were my papa, I'd straighten up too! He's the Commander in Chief!

She loves her daddy
I love Obama. And obviously this little one does too. When I saw this shot of them in bumper cars, I just found it so precious. She's not afraid to get dirty and have fun. I was going through a ton of pictures and she has a lot of them that she's carried by her dad and she's giving him kisses and I just find it really sweet. I hope she doesn't get all rebellious when she grows up.

She's a fangirl in training
Meeting the Boss (Bruce Springsteen) must have been pretty huge for her. I love how she stayed as calm. That's right girl, let the celebs come to you. And at this point, since she's a first daughter and all, she can meet any celeb she wants! I wonder who her idols are? Miley? The Jonas Brothers? Because this little lady can meet ANYONE she wants right now. Milk it, girl!!!

She likes to have fun
I love how she doesn't seem like a ditz. She's six and she could be totally annoying already, but no, she's just a normal kid who's enjoying this crazy ride she's on. At one of the campaign stops, she had her face painted and I love how she didn't choose a butterfly or something girly. She gets her whole face painted to look like a panda? Now that's awesome!

She's such a sweetheart
She knows how to work it. I love this shot from a Democratic convention as she blows a kiss, presumably to her father. She's just totally unaware and in her own little world. I saw a video of her refusing to kiss her dad, but when her older sister Malia did so, she also made sure she gave her dad a peck -- so like me. I love this little girl and can't wait to see how she grows up in the White House.
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