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My Chagrin for Twilight is Infinitesimal

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I told myself I'd finish reading the Twilight Series by the 21st 26th of November. And well, I did. In fact, it took me three days to finish the three books. So I didn't get out of bed and my parents were worried I was under some sort of spell. And maybe, they were right.

From Friday till Sunday, I did nothing but curl up with Edward. Reading Twilight, I was trying to keep objective. Trying to keep my open/detached mind. But then I got my hands on New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and I was lost.

I knew this would happen. The reason I didn't want to get into the books to begin with was because I knew I'd be hooked. And well now, addiction is an understatement. I know myself too well and this was bound to happen.

Sure, the series has its share of imperfections. No doubt it isn't exactly the greatest piece of literature (though I'm sure others beg to disagree), but what I loved about it was how it made me feel. Call me romantically deprived, but it served its purpose. It's a love story and boy was I feeling the love.

I never was a fan of vampire stories, or of werewolves, but I guess this series took it beyond the usual vampire/werewolves/shapeshifter mythology and just made it about normal teen love and the boy just happens to be a vampire.

The books made me want to move to Forks and be best friends with Alice. It made me want to be liked by Rosalie. I wanted to be protected by Emmett. Take care of Jasper. Be adopted by Carlisle and Esme. And of course, be loved by Edward.

Though I'm solidly on Team Edward, I do understand the draw that Jacob Black has. In fact, I really like the entire Quilette tribe. They made for a nice whole story. More on that later. Still, I'm a loyal Cullen girl. <-- If I read this a few months ago, I wouldn't believe I would say this.

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New Moon
It took me a while to get the ball rolling on this one. I was on such a high from Twilight, that it took me a while to actually get into New Moon, knowing the fact that Edward and the Cullens would be gone from a majority of the book. I was a little disheartened by this fact, because I love the Cullens.

I really enjoyed Bella's party or what was actually written on it, because I really love how Edward's family wants to lavish her with gifts but Bella doesn't want to. Edward's struggle to protect her (albeit by leaving) really broke my heart. Because for me, there are a hundred other ways to solve this.

Of course for the sake of conflict, it was great. I was miffed that Bella kept hanging out with Jacob, but then I sort of grew fond of him and realized that he really was a wonderful friend to Bella and though she used him, it wasn't like he wasn't made aware of this. So they both knew what they were getting into.

Bella's depression felt so real to me. Not that I could relate, but I sympathized with her. I love how she'd purposefully get into 'dangerous' situations just to hear his voice. The thrill of motorcycle riding and cliff-jumping weren't exactly great choices for clumsy Bella, but anything to hear Edward's voice.

Charlie's love for Bella and the way he protected her also struck a cord with me. Obviously this guy doesn't talk much, so he didn't really know how to convey what he was feeling to Bella. I was pained when Charlie was in pain cause of Bella's pain. It was so poignant and sweet.

Jacob turning into a werewolf was a nice 'twist' though I was aware of it. It raised the stakes for everyone, considering the treaty between the Cullens and the Quilettes. I get how Bella can love Jacob, but not be in love with him. Proximity and familiarity breed attraction, and though she wasn't really in love with him, she got too attached to him -- which I totally understand.

I appreciated the parallelism of Romeo and Juliet (Edward and Bella) to Juliet's Paris (Jacob). It was nice to see how Bella was actually considering forcing herself to fall for Jacob, out of desperation and hopelessness that Edward wasn't coming back. I felt bad for Jacob, but was holding out for the fact that she just has to end up with Edward. It's law.

The introduction of the Volturri spelled more troubles for Bella, but I was glad because it meant the return of the Cullens! And what a perfect visitor than Alice! I swear I love Alice more than anything else, and I feel like she's just so pure and full of goodness. Stephenie Meyer may have a thing for cars, but she also has a thing for travel and this time we head to Italy.

These vampires made me scared. I was actually pretty freaked out by Marcus, Caius and Aro. Those vampires scare the shit out of me. And Jane!!! I swear I wanted to snap Jane's head off. The way Edward jumped in front of Bella to 'protect' her from whatever Jane was going to give her was so very chivalrous and so him.

Lastly, I'm glad they finally voted to turn Bella into a vampire. it would 'solve' a lot of their issues and just make life happier for everyone (except maybe Charlie and Renee). obviously, there had to be some conflict with Edward not wanting to 'rob her of her mortality/morality' and Rosalie's disapproval, but all in all it was pretty good.

In hindsight, I actually enjoyed reading New Moon considering I was dreading reading the rest of the series. It laid the foundations for just how devoted Jacob Black is to Bella and another side of Bella -- one without Edward -- and boy it was a sad/suicidal part. Doesn't say much about her, but at least she tried to move on -- albeit failing miserably.

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Getting into the third book so quickly, I was on a roll. I knew I wanted to get to Breaking Dawn already, but at the same time, I was comforted by the fact that the Cullens would be back for the entire book, albeit having some lady troubles with the fact that Bella was torn (a little) between Jacob and Edward. Not in the sense that she wanted to go marry Jacob, but that she didn't want to choose between loving Edward and being friends with Jacob, which I agree with to some extent.

I love the dynamic between Edward and Charlie though when Bella and Edward get back together. Naturally, Charlie wouldn't exactly open the welcome wagon for his future-son-in-law (though he isn't aware of it yet) and favors Jacob (who is obviously also 'dangerous' in the sense that he's a werewolf).

Anytime Jacob and Edward have a showdown, I was thoroughly entertained, just because Edward can read Jacob's mind and is two steps ahead. Obviously, Edward's got his insecurities with his relationship with Bella considering he left her for a while. I wish he'd just tell Bella straight up though. These two need to be MORE honest because a lot of their 'problems' would be solved if they just talked it out.

The entire imprinting thing was sort of funny, because I already knew what was going to happen in Breaking Dawn, but it made me feel for Leah Clearwater, despite how minor of a character she is. I mean, to have your love taken away from you just because it wasn't fated. Damn fate. I kept hoping Jacob would imprint on Leah, but then it's a little too late. I also wish they'd had shown more of Jacob's siblings. They mentioned them but not really.

It was nice to see a little bit more of the Cullens. I felt like they were given more 'page time' though I still feel like I know Esme the least. Alice is still fabulous on her own, and we get to see more of Jasper now. I wish they'd elaborate on the love between Alice/Jasper and Rosalie/Emmett. I read it, but I can't feel it just yet. Then again, it has to do with point of view. Bella wouldn't really get to be privy in their sweet moments.

Thus the reason I believe Stephenie Meyer should write all four books in Edward's point of view, just because he's privy to EVERYTHING. But more on that next time.

I wish there was more to Edward and Bella's visit to Renee too. It was nice to see her mom for a change and see Edward interact with her. Still, because it's in Jacksonville, obviously that would mean a lot of sun and sparkles for Edward, thus the non-contact.

The kids filling out forms for college was a nice touch too. I like how Dartmouth is actually a possibility for Bella, thanks to the Cullens wealth. Who knows, maybe they'll bump into Nate if he decides to not go to Yale like the rest of Gossip Girl. But back to the real deal.

Then of course, there's the physical aspect of the Edward/Bella relationship. Obviously, the horny little teenager that is Bella just wants to get it on -- and I can't blame her. The book keeps saying Edward's built like a god and looks like an angel. How could she NOT want to hit that? But of course, more conflict/morality for everyone because Edward believes in marriage first and oh yeah, he can kill her!

But this doesn't stop Bella from trying of course. Although I don't know how that works exactly with vampires. It's always fun to read Bella try and fail to get into Edward's pants. Lord knows I do not blame Bella at all. That's everyone's agenda with him anyway.

Of course, the Edward/Bella/Jacob triangle can't be resolved until someone makes up her mind or they all just compromise in a non menage-a-trois way, but in a we can all be friends way. Kissing Jacob doesn't help Bella's case, but it's her life. She can sample as many boys as she chooses to. The alliance between the werewolves and vampires is very Carlisle though. Of course Mr. Peacekeeper would make sure everyone's happy.

Though I feel bad for Jacob, I'm glad the wedding invites were sent out already. Wedding means honeymoon and well, we all know we've been waiting for that. So all in all, Eclipse was great too, but it did get long at times. I theorize that maybe just maybe the stories of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn could be condensed into one book with more action and less drag, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy them both.

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Breaking Dawn
When I was reading Harry Potter and everyone around him kept dying and things were just getting sadder and sadder. I kept asking myself, when will things be happier for Harry?! Why can't he just be flitting along happy and loved with all of his friends and family alive!!!

Well, Breaking Dawn was my answer. Despite all the 'conflict' (with the Volturri and everyone wanting to kill Renesmee), I didn't really feel like there was a problem to contend with. And I wasn't really going to complain. Sure, we got a lot of brooding from Bella, not wanting her baby (whom she didn't want before she got pregnant) to be killed naturally, but really all in all, everyone got everything they wanted and no one lost anything.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Of course, plot wise, compared to the first three, the stakes weren't as high. People knew this was the last book. You can't kill the leads. Thus, I adjusted my mindset to one wherein I was just going to enjoy the last 481 pages I would have with my loved characters.

This meant I enjoyed the book cause i wasn't really expecting anything anymore. You want a wedding? You got it! You want a honeymoon that just never ends? It's there too! In fact, a ton of the book is spent with Edward and Bella getting it on, though not that graphically.

Let's just say I really really loved reading about the happiness that was Edward/Bella pre/post wedding. It felt like one HUGE music video montage of happiness and love that they both deserved. Of course there was the Bella turning into a vampire bit and I wanted to scream FINALLY!!!

When I first browsed the book, I was like, why the hell is an entire section devoted to Jacob and not Edward? Then I realized that Edward was sort of on a one track mind during Bella's pregnancy so it would be a pretty depressing view. Jacob brought a nice freshness to it that I didn't expect. I actually enjoyed his part. And I really laughed at how long the chapter titles were when it was Jacob's POV. So very him.

And of course we have to dwell on Renesmee and the world wide hunt to save this precious kid. Name wise, I'm not going to complain much, just because it's very Filipino to combine parents names to for the offspring. I have a friend named Noliza (Nol + Elizabeth). I really liked the Nessie nickname though. I found it more endearing.

Disturbing at first, was the fact that Jacob imprinted on Nessie. I guess he needed to get something good out of this too, thus getting his first love's child instead. How convenient that she's aging at the speed of light and he can remain a kid for as long as she's there.

I felt bad when Alice left without warning, but obviously, this was all premeditated and she must have seen/or not seen something to actually act that way. Then the Volturi show up and Bella proves she's got special powers too. Yay for everyone! Everyone gets what they want. Only the baddies die and all is well in the vampire world.

Though it was a 'good' closure, I wish there was more. And yes, I've read Midnight Sun -- I'll talk about that next time. This was long as it is. But I guess there isn't any more conflict to resolve (like there wasn't any in Breaking Dawn)

AND SO FINALLY, all in all, I really did not regret reading the book and getting into the fandom. A lot of my friends warned me not to get into it but like the fangirl that i am, I just can't help it. Addiction is part of me and this was a pretty good fandom to get into. But hey, that's just me.

Suffice to say, I'm disappointed they moved the movie to the 26th, but I'm glad I get to see it despite it being 5 days late. One week to go for US fans and well, 12 days left for me!!!

Fun Fact: I noticed that SMeyer loves the words CHAGRIN and INFINITESIMAL. The word INFINITESIMAL came out in all books, with THREE appearances in Eclipse

On the other hand, the word CHAGRIN appeared in all books too. FOUR times in Twilght, TWO times in New Moon, another FOUR times in Eclipse and FIVE freaking times in Breaking Dawn.
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