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Chuck 02x06: Chuck Versus the Ex

That's Not Sarah!!!Photo courtesy of Don't Freak Out
I don't know how I forgot there was Chuck this week. Oh wait, I do remember. I've been so engrossed in other fangirling activities (*cough*Twilight*cough*) that I totally forgot that Chuck was back this week. Luckily, x_honeybee reminded me and I'm back on track.

And really, I miss Chuck. After a week or two without it, I need more. And it didn't disappoint. We get a blast from the past courtesy of Jill. Some Chuck/Sarah jealousy going on. Captain Awesome being awesome. And of course, a lot of kissing (and it's not who you're thinking either).

  • I love flashacks in Chuck. Seeing a younger Chuck as a NON-Nerd Herder in the Buy MOre outfit is just precious. Using the pingpong balls to get Jill's attention is cute. I'm not a Jordana Brewster fan, but this time around, I actually really like her. The Jill '03 Mix on his iPhone!!! Perfect!

  • It's Buster Bluth Emmett!! Wow I miss him so. So he can do the Heimlich on Big Mike. I wish Mike would have choked. Or not.

  • WOW. Jill is so hot now!!! And she's at a BioScience conference. I love how he's still not over her and how he calls her cold hearted and then pretends not to know her. He's so awkward. I love it. 5 years, 4 months ish!!! Oh Chuckles. And she's a doctor now! Damn that Ph, D. Oh no, Chuck. Don't lie to her!!!!

  • Jill's boss is Roman from Gossip Girl!!!! Fandoms collide once again. I love it. And she invited Chuck for coffee. THat must count for something.

  • Chuck: She took away my confidence. My Mojo. By the way she slept with Bryce Larkin. Casey: Who hasn't? Seriously. Casey is for the win!!! This man is made of too much awesomeness it's not possible.

  • Morgan: Please, we lost Big Mike to donuts years ago. Only Morgan can pull this off.

  • OMG! It's Awesome!!! He's going to teach CPR!!! I love how they're getting people to cross over. Awesome at the Buy More with a plastic dummy. And wow. Chuck looks fab in that suit. Ellie as the protective sister is just such a sweetheart. I can so relate. I will snap the neck of any of my brother's ex-bitches.

  • Yes, Casey was right. Those are tax dollars at work. Wow, that's a nice car. Sticky clutch Instead they walk. Casey as the maitre' d. But wait, I LOVE CASEY'S WIG!!! He looks ridiculousSlapping his face was just cute. And everyone loving Chuck is just crazy!!!! EVERYONE in that damn room is CIA. That's so cute.

  • I love how Chuck still wants her to believe him that he didn't steal those tests. In fairness, Sarah looked hella jealous. Calling Sarah a robot! Oh wow. This is painful. No!!! Don't fight babies!

  • At least Jill is a good kid. Nice to know that Chuck has good taste. All that biochem talk made me fuzzy too. Lester and Jeff arriving in time to mess up the entire cover! He got a BA in BS!!! I feel terrible. Jeff and Lester must die now.

  • Captain Awesome: Come on, guys, what's wrong with you? Jeff: I drink too much Lester: My parents have impossible standards These kids just make up for all the crap they do by being insanely funny.

  • I should really let my brothers watch this. See! Ellie is always right. See brothers, I'm always right. Okay, back to the commentary.

  • Morgan: Are you ready? Lester:I was born ready Jeff: I was born premature. Of course you were, Jeff. Chuck has rabies?! That's the best the Nerd Herders could come up with? I love how they totally abandon Morgan. Then he gets caught by Awesome trying to steal the CPR test, but is caught panty-handed. Yes! Points for honesty! Go Morgan.

  • Casey and Sarah betting on whether Jill would let Chuck in. And seeing that it's obviously hurting Sarah is just too much sadness. I feel for her. But I want some Chuck love too. What he said outside her door was so typically him and so typically sweet.

  • Well, Chuck got his mojo back, but not the bug in the phone. No lies, no deception. Oh noes. Ouchies. Telling Sarah that she kissed him, that's just pure ouchies.

  • Roman is going to get killed by the assassin!!! What will Blair's father do without her Roman?! Roman is on top of the truck!

  • OH SHIT!!! Chuck talking into the bug is so typically him, but that brings us two steps backward again!!! His excuses about the party line were just fabulous though.

  • I love how Casey can't even look at Jill. And the Windex on the table, is just so Casey. So Chuck can put his foot down gingerly. But wait! Now Sarah is giving the presentation!!! How can you make a choice!?!

  • I love how everyone wants to sit beside Chuck for the CPR test. Obviously they're all going to cheat off him. And they're not very subtle about it either. Love it. Lester wearing a hat and shades is too much.

  • Ava Anderson from Australia! Will she use her real accent? She did!!! That's so cute of Yvonne!!! And she goes to the loo. I can't get over her accent!

  • John Casey's picture in Chuck's iPhone is just mad crazy. The snarl on his face was just fab. OMG, he told Jill that he's with the CIA. And he brought the police and FBI with him. And tells them that they used to date. Only Chuck will do this. And he's willing to go in without a hazmat suit!!! Wow, he really wants to impress this woman. And then the needle!!! He's afraid of needles. THen again, that's one big-ass needle.

  • Casey looks terrible. But Chuck looks worse getting 60 cc off his blood. And saliva is the only way to transfer the antidote!!! OMGZ!!! Kissing Casey is just priceless. Casey wants to die with dignity!!! Poor Casey.

  • MAJOR MAJOR OUCHIES!!!! Sarah watching Jill and Chuck kiss is just waaay to much. So now they're using Jill as bait. Boo. This is terrible.

  • So smooth! Practice for mouth-to-mouth?! Nice one, Bartowski. Dude, why is Sarah killing herself by listening to this?!?! I don't know who to choose and what to do anymore. This feels like Lou 2.0 but not really. cause I know that she's only a guest star so this won't last long.
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