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90210 01x10: Games People Play

2 Half Brothers make a wholePhoto courtesy of 90210 Media
In fairness, this episode didn't seem to drag on at all. In fact, the 41 minutes running time flew by so fast. I guess that's because we not only get scheming Naomi, we get cutesy Navid/Adrianna, newly arrived Kelly, supposed sleazebag Ryan, undercover Kim and feuding Annie/Naomi. And on top of all of that, we get a prodigal son and Tabitha singing.

All in all, I actually enjoyed this episode, though I wasn't expecting it. Here are more of my thoughts on the episode. Oh and Emmet Cullen George aka Kellan Lutz totally made me want to see Twilight even more!!! Dammit, why do all things return to Smeyer's books??!!

  • So was it just me or did Naomi walking through the halls totally feel like it was a scene out of Gossip Girl? Apparently Emmet Cullen George text blasted the entire school about Teacher Ryan/Kim. Oh wow. Take that GG, we've got our own gossip site in the West.

  • Kelly is back!!!! I'm so happy!!!! But wait, Ryan just got over her. Oh noes! This isn't good. And Navid. Hide that camera. I wish Ryan would have just told Kelly the truth. It would have been easier. I feel terrible for Ryan.

  • Naomi asking Annie to talk about the kiss then making her go on this guilt trip after is very Naomi. But I wish Annie would have just told her, but I guess Naomi is the theater actress between the two. Hannah Montana on acid made me laugh. I actually liked that dress. Naomi looks really good with straight hair. And yay! we get to meet Jason -- the elusive ex-boyfriend.

  • Navid and Adrianna are too cute for words. They should do something together, like 'boyfriend-girlfriend stuff' But Navid's a workaholic. Will this push Adrianna back into drugs? I sure hope not. I like her clean.

  • When Ethan talked to Naomi at the lockers, I really saw the resemblance between her and her mom Tracy. Seriously. I love evil Naomi!!! She's just so scheming!!! Drama is back!!!

  • Oooh the sort of ex and the current. Kim and Kelly showdown! Kelly are you jealous? In fairness, Kim really looked like a kid there. I wish Kelly and Ryan would make up, but then it's cool I guess that we get to see Kim with Ryan.

  • THAT is Jason??! I thought he was a dorky teddybear?! I guess a really ripped teddybear. Tabitha was so funny fantasizing over him. In fairness he does look like he's from Kansas. He wants to meet Lauren Conrad!!! Love it!!!! Naomi paid for the shipping labels!!! In fairness, Naomi is really sneaky. I'm loving it. Annie should just roll over and give up!

  • So Navid's house is HUGE and he has a baby sister and a dad that kisses both cheeks. I love the whole family. I see that Navid is embarrassed by this, but I love how Adrianna's just super into it. That's a huge family! And that's a huge dinner!!! Wow that's an opulent house. Navid SINGS!?!?! Too cute. And he's so sweet. Who knew I'd like this couple?

  • Ryan and Kim!!!! Ryan has a dog. And he wears sweats outside class! I love it. You're not a sleazeball Ryan! I know the truth. And who knew Silver had bad grammar?! I really hope the druggies get the boot so Kim and Ryan can be together.

  • Oh noes. Dinner together and Ethan is so far from Annie. Wow so he's smart, handsome and athletic, wow Naomi is in full gear on this one. Ethan and Annie excusing themselves from the table was pretty obvious, but hey, they both have points. Tell Naomi. Tell Jason. This will all end. But then that would be boring.

  • Well hello beefcake. Stealing a kiss from Annie in the bathroom? I guess that's not going to fly with Ethan. UCLA? Are they planting the seeds for season 2? They did get picked up after all. But at least Annie told him she's totally over him and that she's misled him. They seem like they're real good friends.

  • Navid's a virgin. Awww... That's why he's been so 'physically distant' from Adrianna. But looks like bitch doesn't care. Of course she doesn't, he paid for your rehab. I'm mean. But really, cuteness overload when they're together.

  • So just tell everyone, Ethan!!! Tell Naomi. Tell Jason. Announce it in the caf for goodness sakes! Say it over the PA System. Wow Ethan. So mature to not listen to Annie. This feels like Dan/Serena all over again. They're not listening to each other.

  • Wow those police cars came out of nowhere. Looks like the drug plot is going to end soon! Does this mean Ryan can come back and Kim can finally get together for real?

  • OMG. Annie at 16 in NEON PINK LIGHTS!!! Seriously!?! Tabitha is fabulous. Singing my song!!! Hit Me With Your Best Shot Tabitha style is hilarious!!! So everyone has to do karaoke!!! How Kansas in LA! Love it.

  • That's a huge box! I wonder what's inside (it's the pentapus!!!) Throwback to episode 1 much? Ethan is too cute, I'd forgive him for anything, even being a jerk/jackass. Her wish is so cheesy, but very 16 year old, so realistic, I guess? They're so adorable together though. Naomi catches them again kissing and she shows Jason and then lies about it. Wow. Below the belt, sweetheart.

  • RYAN AND KELLY in one room!!!! There's just something about Teacher Ryan that makes me want him more. Don't leave!!! Don't go to LAX!!! Don't skip episodes, Ryan!!! Kelly's back! You guys make a cute triangle with Kim.

  • And wow Naomi and Jason?! This is crazy. So it's just revenge for making out with Ethan at school? Well, I guess we're all even then. The deranged look on Naomi's face was priceless.

  • When the Saints Go Marching In by Silver and Dixon?! So very them. Dixon is just such a saint.

  • Annie: The rules are different here. Jason: It doesn't mean that you have to be. In fairness, that's true. Jason's a nice piece of conscience for Annie.

  • Backstabbing duplicitous bitch! Wow, that's like an SAT word! The duplicitous part. See, Naomi is misplacing her anger on Annie. Oh no. Cat fight!

  • Sean! Son of Harry Wilson and Tracy Clark?! Would someone actually introduce themselves that way? And he's in uniform?! So he's part of the army/navy? I thought he was a troublemaker. I guess not. Well that's a nice birthday surprise. Blow your candles, Annie. Make this wish count.
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