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Gossip Girl 02x10: Bonfire of the Vanity

So much of nothingPhoto courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of coloured_skies
Was it just me or did too many things happen in this episode that I was barely to focus on one story before realizing I was already in the next? Don't get me wrong, I was happy to see another GG episode, but for some reason, I felt like this one was missing something (Nate shirtless perhaps?)

I'm glad that that wasn't Blair's party just yet. Because compared to last year's Seventeen Candles, this one was pretty tame considering the Queen B's coming of age.

I just realized that I missed Blair's posse, surprisingly. Hazel and Penelope, Kati/Iz (still can't remember) and Nelly Yuki! So Blair's turning 18. Though not for a week. And since next week's episode is their Thanksgiving episode, I don't think they'll be showing Blair's actual birthday. Damn. Because by the sound of this one, I don't think it's going to be as wild as last years.

Oh and Serena was brought to the Cloisters by Aaron!!! Points for you! Backstory: Pamy and I were in New York in 2005 and we kept on planning on going to the Cloisters but never got around to it because it was too far. Damn you Serena for being able to go.

Ok Georgina 2.0 is really getting on my nerves. The business manager sort of looks like the Night Fox from Ocean's 12 (who I found out is married to Monica Belluci in real life -- not the business manager. The nIght fox). Why is Georgina 2.0 even still here? I know that Jenny has to go through the entire 'rise-and-fall' each season, but I want this fall to happen quick.

Since when did Blair want to be Grace Kelly?! What happened to Audrey. But I guess with Cyrus Rose looking like this, she'd wish she was anyone else. In my head, when I was reading the book, Cyrus Rose did NOT look like that. But hey, I guess a surprise is a surprise. Plus, his wife Alice must have been very hot, because he couldn't have spawned Aaron (the only reason I'm not surprised by the fathering of Aaron, is cause I read the books).

I feel terrible for Chuck. He's trying so hard. Hockey tickets for father-son bonding and Bart totally blows him off. I can't blame either of them. It wasn't like they were ever close. But Chuckles deserves some points for actually trying Bart! Don't bite his head off.

And Dan, don't sell yourself to the devil, also known as an expose on Bart Bass for New York Mag. I wonder what the folks over at Daily Intel think about this. I haven't read their recaps in a bit, but I'm sure they'll be glad they were finally used. Their devotion to Gossip Girl is crazy. But really Dan, don't. (on a side note, I watched John Tucker Must Die and wow he had long wavy hair, very soap star)

Ok Aaron, so you're well connected. But also a little creepy. He really must have something with installations because he was able to somehow install a camera that would project Serena's mug in the middle of Times Square. I felt like this scene didn't have enough chemistry. I wasn't all giddy at all. Or maybe it was because I was huffing and puffing while watching, but really, not a spark.

Listen to Blair, S! You're his muse today, and abused tomorrow. But really, I can't believe their blowing through this story line really quickly. I wonder how many episodes Aaron Rose is signed on for. I wish they would write a better plot for him and S. I had so much hope for this couple. And props to Blair for trying to be the good daughter. I doubt this will last though.

Bart, way to let Chuck down. Asking Dan to hockey in front of him. That's way harsh. We all know where Chuck inherited the coldness. Bart knows how to be a (b)asshole. And Dan, I like you, but right now I wish you'd just DIAF!!! Seriously! you already got your Dartmouth Yale recommendation letter from Noah, don't tell me you want fame too? Oh yeah, you do.

Is Cyndi Lauper promoting a new album? Because she's getting a lot of press in this episode. Along with the Vitamin water that was in the bar where Jenny and Agnes met. But really, I didn't know Eleanor and Blair are fans. And wasn't I just hating Eleanor last week? Why is suddenly NEVER at the atelier this week?

This is the season of taking photos. In fairness, at first I was thinking OH NOES, SEX TAPE AGAIN, S!!! Don't do this! But I guess that will come further along in the season. Aaron looks cute while taking photos and Serena is a 'pretty-good' model. She wasn't as pa-cute as I thought she'd be.

But wait! Look, you're not alone! Aaron has a harem of ladies waiting to be installed into his calendar girl project perhaps? I'm sorry Serena. You may be Miss November, but Miss December is waiting in the wings. Better get out of this pervs place stat!

I love how the 'source' of information for Dan is this big white guy in the middle of nowhere. So what if Bart burned a few buildings?! And people died. It's okay! Don't forget, Serena killed someone -- or not. I'm sure Bart has a perfectly great excuse for this.

Listen to Rufus, Dan! Don't hog the spotlight by bringing the Bass's down. You know you'll get in trouble for this. I feel so terrible for Rufus. Not only is Jenny a bitch, Dan's an ass and there's no Lily!!! I swear he should have just eloped with her and left those damn kids alone.

Dorota is really FTW! Telling Eleanor that she's glowing. I doubt she went and got Mystic tan for that one. And I love the consistency of the breakfast at the Waldorfs. That yogurt was what Eleanor was forcing on Blair in Bad News Blair when she just came home from Paris. Oh those were the days.

I couldn't understand whether Blair was falling for Aaron's sappy love story or whether she just needed ammunition for eventual annihilation later on. I found Cyrus very McCain. Maybe it's just the age. I don't know. But the entire Vietnam War story just had me thinking 'mavericks' all the way.

So yes, Blair did use the 'he-cheated-on-his-wife' card with her mom. Well, I guess she's just being protective. I wonder though, if Cyrus looked more Gregory Peck, would she have done this? Still, I'm not compelled to feel anything. I need more drama everyone!

Jenny, we all know Agnes is psycho. She's Georgina 2.0 for a reason. First off, it's Jenny's stupidity backfiring. Why use Agnes's phone in the first place! If you were able to leave her messages, wouldn't that mean you have a phone? That way, business manager wouldn't be calling Agnes's phone!

And haller Jenny. Instead of telling her to stop. Grab the damn clothes and run girl! She only poured gas on the top layer, put out the fire and make a run for it! Don't just stand there screaming, it won't help! And apparently, Nate isn't here to stop, drop and roll over your dresses. Think woman!

Ouchies. Eleanor's got game, but I feel bad for Cyrus. It was just so abrupt the way she did it. And since we're in the party, I can't believe this is the sad excuse of an 18th birthday for Queen b!!! What the -- ! Wasn't Chuck invited at all? And why wasn't Lily there?!

But really, winning moment is Dorota fangirling over Cyndi Lauper. I have to admit, the cameo was a little weird (even more than Lisa Loeb), but I guess the folks over at the CW have close ties to her record label, thus the appearance. Too weird. But Blair did look amazing in her white overly ruffly top. I loved it.

Dan. WATCH YOUR BACK. Sleep with one eye open, because the Bass's are onto you. I swear, I smelled trouble all over this. I'm so happy Chuckles was able to show his dad that he cared somehow, despite it being a really weird venue for it.

Sending the story on Chuckles isn't going to help your case though. Thanks for the sweet afterthought, but you're still plotting on bringing down their family so no points for you Humphrey. What happened to our moral compass? Is this the character arc you're really taking?! I want action for you, but not this way.

And how hot is Chuck's mother?!? We finally see her! That still shot of her is pretty damn hot. I'm so happy Bart and Chuck get to bond though, even for just a bit. I cannot imagine them at a hockey game though, but hey that's better than nothing.

Jenny, it's that time of the season. The time when your rise from the ashes is doused by a bucket of water. Seriously. I can't believe you asked Rufus to sign the papers and was a bitch about it. He's your dad!!! You're 15! you're going to regret this. I can feel it. Just pity your dad.

and EMANCIPATION? Really?! Can't you just wait till Rufus takes you back? Apparently, Dan's already convinced him. You don't have a job, a house, anything! Do you really think you can afford to be emancipated right now?! You're not Mariah Carey. Go back home J!!!

Poor Blair. I was thinking Cyrus would tell Blair he was engaged to Eleanor, but I guess moving in with them is just as bad. In fairness to Blair, while Serena is still in her nightie, Blair's already fully dressed, and impeccably at that. I love the skirt and belt combo. Still, I thought Eleanor cared more about her image than that. He must be pretty damn loaded.

Aaron and Serena are a perfect fit in the sense that they're the ficklest people on earth. I guess the reason why Serena can't stand him is because he's her, and she can't see it just yet. First it's off, but then how can something be off it wasn't really on before?

But wait, good morning UES-iders and they're 'back together' again! And take note it's November and Serena doesn't bother to change out of her nightie and just puts on a coat to have fun and frolic in Central Park. I swear this girl deserves what craziness comes her way, because she's crazy too.

Over-all, a jampacked episode of mostly nothing really for me. It felt like a filler in the sense that it was needed to bring all the characters along their respective arcs, but nothing crazy to keep me really hooked. Then again, I'll watch it again and maybe if I'm concentrating more, I'll find the gems that I usually do. What happens at Thanksgiving next week? I'm not sure but what I'm sure of is that Nate should be back. The episode isn't named after him for nothing, right?
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