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My Grandma Is a Fangirl too!!!

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“I just came home from Sarah Geronimo's concert at the Araneta Coliseum thanks to my apparently fangirl of a grandma, Mamita, who just came home from the States.

I didn't really plan on going, but since Mamita needed a companion and hey I'm free. And free tickets are fine by me, so I decided to come along.

We all know that I watched Sarah with John Lloyd (Cruz) in 'A Very Special Love' so it was such a surprise that John Lloyd actually came during the concert.

Not only did he accompany her while she sang 'A Very Special Love,' he actually sang, 'Kailan' with her. He wasn't good at all, but he was cute. And he sang 'Ngiti' alone. The crowd was just wild. And I was going wild.

Their chemistry is just fabulous. I guess he can't sing really well but I was getting super duper kilig and I was just shrieking shrieking shrieking.

And now I'm still not over it, that I'm actually watching 'A Very Special Love' again! I actually bought it on original DVD. Yes John Lloyd, you made my buy an original DVD. Kudos to you!

The only downside of the concert? They kept on focusing on KC (Concepcion). And I was like, what the ef! It's not her concert! It's Sarah's concert. Focus back on Sarah.

But other than John Lloyd, I really enjoyed the concert. Sarah was a really fab singer and I didn't know she could dance!!!

If Mamita is home for her next concert, I'm so there. But oh John Lloyd said there's talk that there's another movie with them as a love team. So I can't wait for that one!”

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