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Panagpuan and a near death experience

Panagpuan was surprisingly fun. For the first time in four years of this annual tradition, I have to say that I actually got to make friends. The family we went to lived in a far flung baranggay in Taguig and they looked like they were a pretty happy bunch.

That was nice to know as I didn't think that I could handle people who pitied themselves. The Arnesto Family, however, was such an optimistic bunch. They were really open and welcoming and they weren't rude at all. Ate Amy/Belinda sews clothes for a living and she's such a sweet person. They've got seven kids too! I thought we were plenty.

The funniest part was I fell into the field, down a small ravine in a pedicab with good sport, Kim. I'm so sorry Kimi!!! I just wasn't used to driving a pedicab with the brake down the middle. It was a bit odd to have it there and obviously I lost control of the bike and bam! We're there in a field of who knows what plant! It's a good thing Bimbim, one Ate Amy's kids, was able to jump out off the pedicab before we fell. His scrawny body wouldn't have been able to take the fall.

Still, we were able to drag the entire thing out of the field. It was so heavy though. I didn't think I could walk afterwards. In fact, we had to walk back a few meters because my legs were too weak. I didn't think they could carry me anymore. We got back to the house though in one piece.

Over-all, I have to say I enjoyed it. The worst is yet to come. We have to make a paper and a bunch of other things. I don't know why the school can't just leave it at mere interaction. We can continually visit them and have fun with them. Why do we have to always have to some sort of graded output? It takes the fun out of it. It just sucks the sincerity out of the action. Instead of wanting to come back just to talk and get to know each other, we come back with a heavy heart because we're looking for something. We want to know how we can do something for them, when I think the best thing they need is just a friend.

Oh well, so much for having a better outlook on things. Call me a pessimist, but after yesterday, the only reason we'll be longing to go back to Taguig is because we need it as a requirement to graduate.
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