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I'm not exactly a Twitter veteran, but I'm no noob either. I have to admit microblogging can get a little addicting! Updating your every mood (read: boredom) seems stupid, but it gets fun too!

Plus think of all the stalking opportunities. Imgaine, you know when your crush has woken up, eaten breakfast, etc. That is, if your crush is an avid updater. If not, then suck it up.

And I'm not the only one into it. Britney, Michael Bay, Obama and Michael Phelps seem to be doing it too.

Yes, it can get tedious, especially if you're already handling so many different web accounts, but trust me, it gets pretty addicting! It just draws you in.

Especially when you're putting off a paper and instead of writing it, you're twittering about how you're supposed to be writing that paper! Procrastination love! It doesn't hurt that it's got a ton of 'tools' that make the Twitter experience more well-rounded.

Do you Twitter? Or am I alone in this microblogging addiction?

If you've been using Twitter, you'll know that the system is down a bit of the time. How are you supposed to tweet that you're in line for the rest rooms when Twitter is down?!?! No worries Twitter addicts, Twiddict makes sure you can still access Twitter by updating through their site -- which will automatically transfer your tweet to Twitter when it's up and running.

Twitter Grader
And because according to Ricky Bobby, "if you're not first, you're last," Twitter Grader ranks your Twitter with the other Twitters in your location. There are a bunch of other criteria for your grade (the clout of the people who you follow, follow you), the number of tweets you have, and the number of @ replies to your name. Not so complicated stuff, but nevertheless fun to follow. Get those grades up!

To settle the question, who gets more tweets, Obama or McCain, just visit Twist as it charts the number of mentions/occurrences (and charts it Excel style) any word/phrase has on Twitter. Believe me, I've tried a bazillion combinations and so far (Britney trumps Christina, Nick is the most popular Jonas Brother and sorry Selena, but Miley is queen).

Twitter is open to all sorts of self expression -- yes, even profanity. Cursebird is a site for those who wish to see just how potty-mouthed Twitter users can get, by live updating all those tweets with the curse words that would get the MTRCB all riled up. On your marks, get set, curse away!!!
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