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Whoa Obama!

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To say that I'm happy with the US election's results would be an understatement. I was glued to the television watching CNN from November 4 at midnight, onwards. Sure, I didn't vote, but I did vote online just because I could and the results were Obama too.

In fairness to McCain, he gave a pretty good speech after conceding. Mel Tiangco, a local anchorperson on the news described the Philippine situation during elections best. She said, "Sa Pilipinas, 'pag 'di nanalo; nadaya." (In the Philippines, if the candidate doesn't wins, they are cheated.) It's sad how this is the climate over here, maybe that's why I was so excited for the US elections.

Obama gives me so much hope. Not just in the US, but everywhere else. That change can happen. The fact that people voted in the US for the first time, gives me hope that people can change. I wonder when someone in the Philippines can give as much hope as Obama did for the US.

But really, the highlight of last night's speech was Malia and Sasha Obama. These little girls are not only adorable, they seem really grounded. I'm so happy for them and their mom Michelle. They're going to be the first family! They're going to get their menarche at the White House! {TMI, I know, but it's true} I hope they remain as humble and unaffected as they are now.

The media tends to be very critical of the children of the president. Much more now that they are very young. I hope the media lays off them and respects them and their privacy, despite being the first children. I really do find Sasha so adorable. She didn't let her dad kiss her before his speech, but after hearing they'd get a puppy, she totally jumped on her dad after and gave him a kiss.

And since I was watching the entire coverage of CNN, I also caught McCain's speech. Though I was no supporter, I thought he accepted the loss pretty well. Considering it was such a landslide, it was nice of him to get his followers, to go and support Obama and the new administration.

Now that the campaign is over, Obama's already getting his transition team together ready for the eventual moving into the White House. Now, the real hard work begins. Not only in uniting the nation, but in the actual governance. All the promises for change, and all that.

I'm so happy Obama won. There is hope after all. In 75 days, The Obamas will move into the White House. I can't wait to see how things will turn out. But for now, let's enjoy this win. It's been a long campaign. Here's to change!

Apparently, I'm not the only one who believes things can change. A bunch of kids from Harlem wrote to Obama after his victory, and though all of their letters have been sweet and full of support, I totaly back Darnell on this one.
Dear President Obama,

I knew you would win. You easily won by a landslide. Do you think you can lower taxes? Just 20 dollars. My mom wants to move. I do too. The house we want to move to cost twice as much. So, can you please do that? I hope you have a good time being president. I know I would. I also hope you get free time. How did you get to spend time with family and do the election? Also can you really bend the rules? If you can please make children do less homework. Especially on holidays. On holidays they load us with homework. One last request. I promise it's my last one. Can you make Friday a weekend like Saturday and Sunday?


Malia Obama and Sasha Obama: level headed girls facing a big change [Times Online]
Letters to President Obama from Fourth Graders in Harlem [Huffington Post]
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