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90210 01x09: Secrets and Lies

I'm not drunk, daddyPhoto courtesy of 90210 Media
So just like the episode's title says, everyone on this show has got some secrets and a lot of lies. And well, I guess that's what fabulous dramas are made of.

We start off with the 'shocking' revelation that Dixon and Silver and Naomi have a half brother thanks to their parents business back in high school. This obviously doesn't sit well with the kids. And that my friends, is only the beginning of the erruption of secrets and lies.

  • So Ethan and Annie want to be "you and me" together except remember how Naomi said she couldn't stand them together? Well, they're letting that control their non-relationship.

    I find Ethan really cute trying to copy Naomi and just being all around adorable. But curious enough, why did Ethan totally leave Annie when she was all passed out on the floor after the 'slumber party'? Could he not have taken her home at least -- leaving her to be discovered by her father?

    And Annie! I thought you were drunk! Why are you still sober enough to not let it slip out that you and Ethan are together-ish. I kept waiting for it to happen, it slipping out of her drunken mouth. But it never did.

  • Speaking of Naomi, I'm really liking Ozzie and Naomi together. Sure he doesn't play games and apparently, Naomi doesn't want to either. But I feel like this relationship is going to have a really rough start.

    I was so frustrated that when Naomi was about to call Ozzie, she discovers Annie and Ethan kissing in the classroom. My brother Pio noticed something funny. He goes, "Why did Naomi walk straight into the door anyway?" I guess she was too distracted.

  • I guess things are pretty good between Dixon and Silver, because there doesn't seem to be any secrets or lies between the two of them. Silver immediately found out about Dixon's half-ish brother and things are peachy keen.

    What I was excited about was the fact that Silver said that Kelly was coming back this weekend. Does that mean we have Kelly next week already?! Yay!!! But what happens with Kelly and Ryan if Ryan is off doing things with Kimberly?!

  • And thanks to George's sneaking around, (I just realized that George is Emmett!) Ryan and Kimberly are now being separated by Harry!!! But whyyyy?! Is the drug taking that bad on campus that Ryan has to be sent away?!

    I feel terrible for Ryan because he finally found someone and now this happens. Are they setting this up for the eventual return of Kelly?! I hope so, just so that Ryan can find some happiness.

  • Which leads me to the cuteness that was Adrianna and Navid. Sure, Adrianna wasn't sure why Navid was being so nice to her, that she offers herself up to him, thinking he wanted sex in return. When really, Navid is just a sweetheart.

    I'm not used to this new pairing just yet, but I'm liking the way things are going for Navid and Adrianna. I'm also excited for Ozzie and Naomi. I hope things become happier for them. I wonder when they'll show Annie, Dixon and Naomi's half brother too. Now that should add even more drama.
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