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Gossip Girl 02x09: There Will Be Blood

The One I LovePhoto courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of coloured_skies
Blair the babysitter? Chuck to the rescue of course. This may have been yet another Jenny-centric-ish episode, but Blair and Chuck take the cake for me. Because of the quasi truce they called last week, at least we get to see them in the same frame without either of them brooding too much. Just like the good old days.

And in the periphery, we have Serena actually struggling to get Aaron's full attention (this is a first). Dan trying to defend Jenny's honor, even if she isn't asking for help and Jenny being her bad self. Just another week in the UES.

I thought it was really sweet of Serena to bring Blair to the Yale alum's house. Of course, Mrs. Borden is fawning over Serena at Karl Lagarfeld's party, but hey, at least Serena was trying to make an effort to push Blair into the spotlight. And what's a better way than to get her to than to volunteer to babysit her Harry Potter-reading, ice-cream-eating daughter, Emma. I smell trouble (oh and Emma looks like a young Cheri Oteri)

But really, Aaron WTF? First you tell Serena that she's a face you don't forget and I'm here on your side, rooting for you and bam! A new girl apologizing for her lateness. What's Serena supposed to think? You know she's not the brightest bulb and so she won't let you explain this!!!

Blair as a babysitter? I never thought I would be so honored to see this sacred event. Of course, she's unaware that her little virginal ward doesn't plan on staying that way. When Blair says, "Oh sweet heaven!" I was laughing. Emma, we know your body is open for business, but somehow I really do feel for Blair when she says, "Oh my god, stop you're mouth from moving."

Why do the words guerilla fashion show sound like a BIG DiSASTER? Jenny needs to get over herself. I don't know how she's going to pull this one off, but I have a feeling she'll be breaking Rufus's heart in the process. And we all know how much I love Rufus. I wonder when Jenny's going to hit her head on the wall.

And so much for Nate having a little smarts!!! You're the senior, doufus! Don't let the sophomore control you! Jenny:You care about me? Prove it. Come with me. Really Nate! You really think Jenny is THIS worth it?! I don't think so. So much for getting on Rufus's good side, Nate. You're out!

Emma: You're like the devil. Chuck: Finally some truth in advertising. Best line ever!!! I swear, Chuck Bass is one handsome devil and I sort of don't blame this little girl for throwing herself at him. I probably would be hyperventilating in his presence. Emma: How about you take me for a ride instead? Chuck: Looks like you've just hooked yourself a bass.

I'm so happy that Chuck feels that she assaulted him and didn't give in to Emma's demands that he deflower her. What's even better is that Chuck is with Blair and Serena trying to solve this mess. Oh and was that Scott Sartiano (ex of everyone in Hollywood) ready with a table for Serena at 1oak!!

In fairness to Little J, she's quick on her feet. Erica Van Der Woodsen? That's smart. Mrs. Bass or was it Humphrey? It's Lily Van Der Woodsen in the house!!! I can't believe she hates being the center of attention though. She is Serena's mother. The apple can't fall too far from the tree. Can I just say how beautiful she is!!! Lily is still the hottest. And really, what the hell did Jenny feed Nate?! Nate: Jenny whatever you decide, I'm with you! Nate, you're sweet. But you're fighting the wrong battle!!!

The taxi full of Nate lovers (Vanessa)/haters (Dan)/neutrals (Rufus) was crazy. I'm impressed that Dan didn't rat Nate's kissing Jenny out to Rufus right away. We don't need parents meddling there. I love how Rufus gave the cabbie a dollar to speed up cause they're letting a Mr. Softy trucks pass them. Oh and special mention to BART BASS!!!!! I still heart you, Sir. Lily: WHAT? I didn't invite him. And don't worry you're wife really didn't invite him -- doesn't mean she isn't fantasizing about him though.

Blair and Serena fighting in the bar is of course a staple. These two can't finish one episode without arguing at the least. Old married couples. Chuck coming in between them is priceless. Chuck: Kittens please... in that low growl in just heaven. Of course leave it to B to use her mobile phone's camera for the greater good. Mrs. Borden is macking it out not with Mr. Borden (thankfully).

See Dorota! Blair prays to God!!! Of course Serena, the eternal conscience has to sucker Blair out of using her golden ticket and her sign from God!!! Why does S have to be so 'nice?' Blair chanting, bulldog, bulldog ra ra ra!!! is just so typical. I'm glad that Chuck came to her rescue yet again though. And she took the crook of his arm. Is this the beginning of something (re)new(ed)?

Wow, it's a Dan flashback from episode 1, defending Jenny's honor. In fairness to this guy. I know he's just looking out for Jenny, but dude, you set up this whole living condition. You can't blame the guy. Jenny's the only one he hasn't hooked up with. And he's a whore, and you know it. So you can't blame him for doing what he does best. Dan: No you're the guy who traded sex for money Nate: You have no right to judge me. In fairness to Nate, he has a point too. If Nate-Jenny is going to get in the way of my bromance with Dan-Nate then Jenny can go to hell.

And we though Serena was difficult to read. Looks like she's found her match in Aaron. That was one long voicemail message -- I don't think that's even possible. And just when Serena's drawn in to his cuteness, yet another female answers the phone. What can I say? Everyone wants an artist, S. Just cause you're an IT girl, doesn't mean you can't share.

J Humphrey Designs? I was expecting something more creative really. And was I the only one who found it painfully long? Her designs were very her. Very Jenny. But for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to rooting for her. I'm happy she's doing what she loves, but I feel like there's too much collateral damage on this one.

But wait, look! Everyone's enjoying it! The Philanthropic Society isn't as uptight as we thought. Lily is getting jiggy with it and well, Agnes is being her crazy ass self. But there's more! Vanessa spots Jenny planting one on Nate. I feel for Vanessa. First she spots Dan and Serena in the Handmaiden's Tale and now Jenny and Nate? Girl needs a love angle completely her own. Gossip girl is right though. Bros (Vanessa) over Hoes (Nate) for Little J. Because we all know that only Nate can pimp himself out and still be loved.

Chuck: For you, anytime. Seriously. Blair and Chuck are just dying to get together. But I guess we need to float through more storyline, before these two realize that they can go to the movies and hold hands!!! You guys may be devious, scheming and scary, but you still need some loving! Only Chuck Bass will help you, Blair. Cause he loves you!!!

And she loves him back. I love how Ate Blair is so sweet to Emma after all this. Telling her not to lose her virginity to the lacrosstitute -- the words they come up with. Emma: WAS YOUR FIRST TIME WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVED? (No, Emma wasn't shouting this, the emphasis was mine, but I just couldn't help it. When she uttered those words to Blair, I was so happy. And the fact that Blair answered yes just gave all Blair/Chuck fans out there more hope. Emma: But you're perfect Blair: True Bitch knows it. And so do we. You are, Blair!!!

Somehow, this scene with Dan/Serena wasn't as annoying as it could have been. I guess these two really do sort of still have feelings for each other and in the end. When this entire Aaron storyline has been dried out, I feel like these I-dont-care-about-this-night-I-care-about-you folks will end up together.

And to add to Blair's already golden girl status, she doesn't use the pictures as blackmail against Mrs. Borden. Nothing like her own mother-daughter drama to draw inspiration from. See! Blair cares!!! And for a scheming little bitch at that. Emma, be freaking grateful.

Rufus: Those people are not your father and speaking for him, I have never been more disappointed. Ouch. Jenny. If you love your dad at all, just be nice, even a little. Only Rufus will send his kid to jail. That's tough love. I love it. But guys, did you all catch a glimpse into our future here!!! I'm talking about the eventual Rufus/Lily together future where Rufus is the hard-lined discipline dad and Lily is the supportive go-reach-your-dreams mom. Oh wow. I can see it already!!!

Nate should get a hammer and bang it on his head, because he needs to wake up to reality. Now that he's been de-adopted by the Humphrey's, where does he think he's going? Only Chuckles will save you now and yet you spit on his gratitude? Chuck, I don't think Natey is worth it.

And Serena believes in hell! I'm sure the devil wants this IT Girl in his territory too. But trying to cheer Blair up with the possibility of purgatory if she doesn't get into Yale, isn't really helping. Yes, that will really get her out of the bed. I know that Chuck Bass bringing her breakfast might do the trick! I just want more Blair/Chuck!!!

Serena, it's called a ROBE. I know you're trying to hook Aaron, but greeting the guest in a purple, boob-spilling nightie doesn't exactly scream girl-you-want-to-take-home-to-mom. Its says DESPERATE. But then again, I guess she's trying to show what those harem of girls he has don't have. Yes, Serena, go peddle that milkshake and let Aaron come to your yard. Oh and I actually want to hear Aaron's explanation for the girls. But I guess we'll have to wait another episode for that.

See, kindness pays off. and Dean Barburry calls Blair up personally on her cellphone to tell her that they need more Blair's in Yale. Oh Emma, you're such a sweetheart. Then again, Blair Waldorf is also my answer to the any person living or dead I'd want to have dinner with. Or Rufus. All it takes is sucking up to the dean's favorite goddaughter/niece-type? Go Blair.

Why is everyone not following Rufus? Who knew the Humphrey's would be the rebellious bunch? I'm seeing some character development on Dan's side? Also known as his thirst for popularity. Who knew he'd be jealous of his little sister getting all the attention after all?!?! Oh Dan, listen to your father.

Rufus: People praising you, it goes away. I have to worry about you now? I swear Dan, if you hurt Chuck Bass, I will personally kill you. Not only are you hurting Chuck, you're hurting your dad too. Damn these Humphrey kids. Don't stress Rufus, he's already stressed as it is!

Blair and Serena going through the Yale catalog of courses together was cute. I'm glad they're both in. Dean better not take back his word or Blair will be crushed. Nate leaving for the Hamptons? How will they work that into the script!? And what's in the letter for Jenny?

Dan going to the dark side is not good news. I know he can't be the moral compass for long, but come on, hands off the Bass. Rufus seeing Jenny's empty room was heartbreaking. I hope he doesn't blame himself. Jenny's a bitch. But really Jenny the hobo is priceless. Things can only get worse, little J. Regret comes in the end. Xoxo.
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