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Hoping for Change

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post
Since I can't exactly VOTE for Obama, I might as well just GO to Obama. That's right. Obama, Japan! This fishing village (shares the name of this year's presidential Democratic candidate) not only supports Obama; they're crazy about him! And how do they show their love?
The local 'Obama Girls' specialize in hula dancing to honor his birthplace. The town sells Obama chopsticks and Obama red bean cakes and 'Obamaburgers' made of fish.
And these people can't vote for him either! How cool is that, though? To show his gratitude, Obama wrote the town thanking them for their support.

In the end, it's not about who you vote for, but the fact that you voted. Don't forget to vote tomorrow. And just in case you need a push in the Obama direction, check this awesome picspam by adinfinitum
Poll #1290327 US Elections '08

Who do you WANT to win?

John McCain
Barrack Obama

Who do you THINK will win?

John McCain
Barrack Obama

Obama, Japan Goes Crazy for Obama [Huffington Post]
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