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living for the end of the day

Once again in Computer class. We just finished converting raster graphics into vector graphics for our soon-to-be Flash site. Wow! It's okay actually, I'm learning more about Flash, but let's just say, I could think of so many other ways to spend my time.

Hani is beside me sleeping, and I feel really bad for her cause she still has to stay for some PPA induction mass and I don't know if she really wants to be there, but she has to. Boy am I glad I didn't have as many responsibilities as she did. Go Hani! You can do it.

I can't wait to be dismissed. According to this computer clock, I have five minutes till I can experience full bliss. Then again, I can't really say full happiness because tomorrow, I have the dreaded Malay-Lipunan thing. It's the start of my wonderful Talaban project. I'm not exactly looking forward to it as I am not really into groupworks, but nevertheless, it's a necessary evil that I have to go through.

I have to go now. Sir's asking us to shut down. Boy, do I need to shut down.
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