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Reading 'Twilight' at twilight

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After months of lurking around the mega-fandom that is Twilight, I finally got my hands on the first novel (thanks to searchtheskies's mad convincing skillz and celeni's generous lending).

I have to say I was skeptical when I first started, because I'm not much of a fantasy-reading girl. I'm not so into vampires and Twilight had a HUGE following that really obsessed over it. But there were also those that didn't like the book at all.

I tried going into the book with an objective mind -- or at least as detached as I could be, considering I've been reading my friends list all loving the novel. I wanted to see if it would have the same effect on me.

The short of it is, I wasn't super sold on the writing of the entire novel, but I think the main draw of Twilight for me would be Edward Cullen. It doesn't hurt that Robert Pattinson was on the cover too.

I was hesitant to read the book, but then for three consecutive nights, I'd read 8 chapters each and surprisingly, it was a really easy read. I kept turning the pages without feeling sleepy (this was around 3am). Coincidental how I found myself reading 'Twilight' AT twilight (dawn/dusk). It's interesting, cause I now understand all these fangirl raves on my flist of all the kilig scenes with Edward-Bella. I finally get all this lion-lamb references. I finally understand what the hell is going on. Though it took a little bit of getting used to seeing everything from Bella's perspective, I eventually appreciated this (as it totally ditched the 'fight scene' with Edward and James).

Why did I wanna skip a fight scene? Well, cause I'm here for the romance!!! And yes, this book had its share of that. In fact, I think the reason I got hooked was cause Edward Cullen is waaaaay too romantic for his own good!!! And I love it. This perennially 17-year old human-loving vampire has been so love-starved his whole life that when Bella comes along, he totally gives himself completely to her -- devoting his life to her. Even uttering the famous words, "you are my life now."

Seriously. This guy. Makes girls. Melt. Maybe I'm also love-starved, but wow. Reading anything with Edward in it, can get cheesy, but it can also be extremely romantic!!! I totally understand why Bella wouldn't care that he was a vampire! I don't care!!! Here are other things I loved about it:

  • Charlie -- I love their father-daughter relationship. I love how they interact. I just love them.
  • Alice -- as I am afraid of Rosalie, it's nice to know that everyone else is supportive of Edward-Bella
  • Carlisle/Esmee -- I like Stephenie Meyer's take on creating vampires and how Carlisle is so full of compassion for humans.
  • Edward in ANYTHING -- driving her home from Port Angeles; anytime he ever drives; of course he plays the piano (he's perfect!); Edward always saving her; going to prom!!!
  • Bella being very physically attracted to Edward -- I love how she's the more aggressive one of the two. Can't blame her. She just can't help herself! He's too pretty!!!

    It makes me sad though that the next 3 books don't get as great reviews though. This is why I'm scared to move on to New Moon, as it might just make the series a chore to read and thus making me not enjoy it. I was excited to hear about Midnight Sun (completely EDWARD's perspective!!!) so it made me sad that Stephenie Meyer isn't continuing writing it, cause of the leakage over the internet. Damn.

    I've also read the synopsis of the other books and it's got a love triangle going on apparently with Jacob Black. I know story-wise, Edward-Bella needs a conflict, cause they can't just be happy/lovey all the time. But I say, WHY NOT?!? Why can't they be happy/together all the time!! That's where the romance is! Oh I'm so starved.

    Still, I'm definitely excited for the movie now. I remember before the movie was even in the works and I'd see Twilight fans make their own casting for the movie and how far the fandom has come. I wouldn't call myself a fan of the series just yet, but I'm definitely rooting for Edward Cullen.

    It's funny cause before I was just on the periphery of the fandom and now I'm sort of dipping my toes in the water. I just watched every clip on YouTube on the movie and I've been reading all the news I can about it. LA Times has a nice countdown going on and it's funny cause I feel like there's so much to catch up on. Nikki, see you at the cinemas first thing on November 21.
    Poll #1289872 Twilight Series

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    Which is your favorite book from the series?

    New Moon
    Breaking Dawn

    'Twilight' Countdown [Entertainment News Buzz @ LA Times]
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