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Walk This Way

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It's not much, but today, I actually walked a bit. Thanks to celeni for walking with me from her house to my house. It may be across the 'street' (but that street happens to be a highway!). It's a start.

But don't let the short hair fool you. I may look 'sporty,' but I sure ain't. Yeah, I took gymnastics as a toddler and tennis in high school (but that was only because I had a crush on the coach).

So really, the only form of exercise I get is walking from my bed to the laptop (and that's two steps). Shameful, I know. Then my mom reads this article on how to 'reverse my age through exercise.' Wonderful.

Apparently, women in their 20s (I can't believe I'm actually part of this demographic) are actually still fab without exercise. But after 25 (hello Pamy!!!), muscle mass decreases and body fat distribution increases!!!! Not good.

The article recommends that I do strength training at least twice a week and endurance training most days of the week. That means I should be 'exercising' every single day!!! I know this revelation comes a bit too late, but the lazy girl in me just wants to sit on my ass all day. But see, as I sit on this tushy, I see Britney working her butt off (see, there is something good that comes out of the Internet)!

And if Britney can go from flab to fab, then so can I, right?!? Watching her do aerobics and lifting weights to 'Gimme More' makes me want to break out my own Britney tunes and start a walking on that treadmill gathering dust in the corner.

But why slave away, when there are easier ways around it, right? I could totally just paint my abs on No! Britney didn't get her Slave4U bod the easy way. How do you guys stay fit? If you do, that is.

Reverse your age through exercise [Inquirer]
Working out with Britney [BritneySpears.Com]
Abs in a Box Kit [It Cosmetics via The Cut ]
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