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Pushing Daisies 02x05: Dim Sum, Lose Some

Dumplings!!!Photo courtesy of Pushing Daisies TV
And yet another super fabulous episode of Pushing Daisies this week and this time we get a super fabulous set at the Dim Sum Restaurant below Emerson Cod's office in Chinatown. First off, this show is just a visual treat and this week was no exception!

The 'vibrancy' (celeni's word) of the red of the restaurant and all the neon lights in Chinatown was just a feast for the eyes. Plus the abundance of Asians (not all had the 'Eastern accent' either) on the show was nice to see. I'm seriously hoping ABC realizes just because it's not the 'best rating' show, doesn't mean it doesn't have superb quality!!!

  • I love how the Dim Sum looks. It's so Chinese Restaurant (who knew they all looked alike everywhere in the world! The waitresses looks fabulous -- with their red fans on their heads and the intricate cheongsams.

  • Emerson being asked to solve the murder of his hero/chef Bao (complete with the pipe through his head) is a great mystery cause it takes them away from the Pie Hole. Plus, I love how Simone from Bitches still has Emerson all hot and bothered. The clicker that controls Emerson is fab. I want one!

  • When Ned was questioning Bao with the pipe through his head was hilarious. Every move Bao would make had Ned, Chuck and Emerson ducking. I was afraid Bao was going to get away. Thank goodness for the pipe.

  • I really love how there was a secret gambling club inside the Dim Sum! And the way they gamble -- with the different dim sum is brilliant. Pork, mushroom, chicken and beef stand for the different suits and the Lazy Susan was the way they dealt the 'cards.'

  • Olive and Chuck snooping around Ned's past only to find Ned's TWIN half brothers (which make them a whole) Maurice and Rolston!!! They're so adorable! They have Ned's eyebrows and they do magic!!! I love how Ned was brooding over the fact that his name was Ned and they had 'more creative' names. Oh and Olive and Chuck were so cute when they met them!!! They were so giddy.

  • Perry the insurance investigator had a pretty cool death (complete with the rice coming out of the pipe) -- cause of the sack behind him! I loved how Emerson told his dead body that just because he's dead, it doesn't mean they can't question him.

  • Chuck and Olive disguised as waitresses and Ned and Emerson disguised as cowboys who want to bet was too cute. Emerson not wanting to let go of the buy in money was so typically Emerson. And the herbs that they fed Shrimp Boy's bodyguards that would let them feel an uncomfortable fullness of the bladder was so quirky as usual.

  • Speaking of Shrimp Boy, I love this Chinese gangster! I'm loving how he's a good guy beneath the tough exterior. Robbie is such an evil cousin! After Shrimp Boy got him a fiance and let him join poker games, he's been cheating all along!!! I hate cheaters!!!

  • When Maurice and Rolston hugged Ned, I felt so happy for him. I hope they include his brothers in more episodes! I wanna see Ned interact with family!!!

    Alas, there's no Pushing Daisies for the next 2 weeks!!! What to do!? I hope that the ratings went up for this one though, because this episode was choc-ful of fun and visual gags. I hope ABC really does not cancel this, because it would be a real shame.
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