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90210 01x08: There's No Place Like Homecoming

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And its back! After three weeks on hiatus (supposedly getting better writers), I was in serious need of my weekly fix of palm trees and more palm trees, and sunny California skies. Of course, it's always all happiness and rainbows in the side of the coast, but that's why we love it so much.

So we left off with Adrianna overdosing, Ethan and Naomi breaking up -- while Naomi could possibly go to juvi for the drugs she didn't use. And Annie's all good with everyone -- but romantically alone. Dixon and Silver though, are lovey dovey-ed up. And there's no more Brenda or Kelly for Teacher Ryan. Everyone's up to speed? Let's get to homecoming then!

  • So Annie can't choose who/what she wants more -- friendship with Naomi or romance with Ethan? With Naomi, she gets sisterly bonding, free use of shoes and make-up and just all around fun! With Ethan, she gets make out sessions, his specialties (driving/dancing) and his corny (but cute) jokes. Hmmm...

    The smart answer would be, go for Naomi, because friendships last forever (or not in Beverly Hills). But hey, give in to your urges if you want the boy and that boy wants you back. So yeah, Ethan. So really. I can't fault Annie for kissing Ethan behind Naomi's back. Plus, this means more drama in the future.

  • I found it convenient/cowardly of Ethan not to bring Annie to the homecoming just so that he wouldn't rock the boat Naomi-wise and yet he gets to dance with her (letting Annie take the fall). Still, Ethan is a cutie, so I guess all is sort of forgiven.

  • Naomi and the detention dude! Who knew Naomi was Honduran and could speak fluent spanish? I know I didn't. Super hot. I'm hoping he's a new love interest for Naomi, because despite his quasi-douche-i-ness, he's actually pretty cute. And though I felt bad for Naomi, having to see Annie/Ethan dance at homecoming, I'm glad she was occupied herself.

  • Navid and Adrianna?!?! WHo freaking knew they had 'all that history' together. I wish they would have established a bit more of a connection in the first 7 episodes, like say a hello or hi here or there even if Adrianna is ignoring him. But hey, a romance is always fun. Plus, how cute/sweet/generous of him to keep visiting her with supplies (shampoo and all) and paying for the entire rehab!!!

  • I'm still pissed at Adrianna for doing that Naomi. Obviously the girl won't talk to you. SHe almost ended up in jail for you. Thank god Adrianna's scot free though. Funny how when it was Naomi, she would have ended up in juvi, but now that it's Adrianna, it's just probation and shiz.

  • Plus Adrianna being so demanding to Navid is just annoying!!! The user (not drugs, but of people) really made me want to claw her eyes out. But Navid obviously knows the 'old her' and is wanting to bring it back. Oh and Naomi and her are friends again? It didn't even last an episode! Oh well.

  • Dixon taking care of Silver and her lost wisdom tooth was cute/sweet. Really. Saccharine sweet. I'm glad Dixon still got to go to the homecoming ball. He really wanted to. They're storyline wasn't much, but I guess the cutesy factor makes up for it.

  • Debbie totally calling Tracy out is interesting, especially since Harry's son's arrival is upon us. Obviously Naomi and Annie are going to be shocked (what with their conversation that Naomi wanted an older brother -- you're gonna get one!) So nice of Tabitha to build up Debbie's confidence.

  • But the best part of this week's episode was Ryan and Kim!!! First the hallway scene. Catching her with the wrong crowd and telling her off and Kim totally just flirting her way. Kim: You jealous? Do you wanna be my friend? So what are you going to wear to the ball? Something sexy Oh yes. SO many lines crossed.

  • I'm glad he knows though. Because now that he knows how old Kim is (25 years old), he can totally date her and he started last night with that kiss!!! I found myself shrieking when it finally happened. Teacher Ryan does deserve some happiness. I'm so happy it's back.
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