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Chuck 02x05: Chuck Versus The Tom Sawyer

Look it's Buster Bluth!Photo courtesy of Dont Freak Out
Chuck's spy life is getting in the way of his real life and it's starting to show with Chuck slipping up on work at the Buy More and with his being stagnant to Ellie and Awesome. Still, this doesn't mean the bad guys will stop coming and this time, they're after Jeff.

I know, hard to believe. But Jeff is apparently somehow entangled in bad guy work and it's up to Chuck to save the Buy More and California from a bomb that's about to go off. How? Well, through a video game of course. In Chuck land, all things can be solved by winning a video game.

This wasn't my favorite episode, just because there wasn't a lot of Chuck-Sarah love (not as blatant as before, but still a bit of hinting here and there), but it was funny as usual, especially with guest star, Tony Hale and the fact that Jeff is sort of a integral part of the episode. Nevertheless, here are a few things I noticed/made me laugh:

  • Who knew Jeff was a Missile Command? The retro Jeff and his many tasty options was a sight to behold. The 80s has never looked so funny.

  • Chuck's been falling behind in his real life/Buy More life thanks to secret agent stuff and it shows when he's late for work with his Francois nametag and beard.

  • Buster Bluth is here!!! And he's in the Buy More as Emmett the efficiency expert! As he interviews the crew: Jeff says he fills the quota cause his dad is an Indian -- the cool kind; Lester totally bribes Emmet for no reason (ass kisser); Morgan can't seem to answer Emmett's questions (untrainable); and well Anna shares that she speaks binary (Emmett writes her off as a prostitute).

  • Jeff's montage of Anna pictures to Air Supply's All Out Of Love is just priceless. And Emmet catching them using the home theater room with 'lewd use of music montage' was just crazy. The fact that Jeff made that entire video is hilarious. Chuck not wanting leave Jeff even if Casey calls him dead weight is sweet though. Chuck really is such a good guy.

  • Sarah likening Chuck to a duck was cute. How apt, it rhymes! Ellie being the older sister, was really very nurturing asking Sarah what's up with Chuck, especially since he's got only 12 credits short of graduation. That's me! I'm 12 units short of graduation!

  • Jeff's My name is Jeff and I'm lost card is priceless. I want one myself. I love how its super dilapidated though. Obviously, Jeff's pulled that out a lot.

  • Casey as a nerd herder is just too cute! Who knew he'd look good in that short sleeved shirt and tie combo. But Sarah as the hot nerd herder is the best. Of course it'd take a hot chick to confuse the geeks at the Atari headquarters.

  • Jeff's requests if he is to play Missile Command again are very Un-Mariah, but funny nevertheless: M&Ms with no browns, Anna in a hula skirt fanning him with palm fan, and his old fans (who though Casey thought would have better things to do, obviously have nothing better to do).

  • I Love how Chuck tried getting Morgan to not be jealous of Jeff by mentioning Morgan's many great traits: Was jeff the president of his high school AV club? Was he a roadie for Mamma Mia for four straight summers? Does he own a smoke machine? Obviously Morgan is much much cooler.

  • So that's what Chuck's whole name is: Charles Irving Bartowski! Of course Chuck's good at Missile Command! I'm not sure why they had to play "Rush" though, but I guess Mr. Morimoto thought it would get them in the mood. And wheee for Chuck disengaging the bomb! No more World War III!!!

  • Emmett is the new asistant manager! This just means more Buster Bluth!!!! Looks like he'll be on Chuck's case though. Oh well, he's like Harry Tang 2.0 except much more awesome cause he's Buster!!!

  • And the most poignant part! Chuck graduates!!!! How? Through online courses, of course. Thanks to his exceptional field service = 12 credits = diploma! The CIA sure can pull some strings. But this time, it isn't a faked diploma. Chuck's hard work actually paid off. Too bad, I wanted to see him back in Stanford. I guess they didn't need that extra plotline.

  • The way Chuck looks at Sarah after he makes his wish just makes me think that Sarah was his wish. Sarah: Make a wish, its yours. Kill me!!!

    Next week we finally see Chuck's ex-girlfriend, Jill!!! Now that I can't wait for. Obviously, there will be some Chuck-Sarah jealousy going on and hey, a new/old girl for Chuck is always welcome. More romance for Chuck!!!
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