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Gossip Girl 02x08: Pret-A-Poor Jenny

Jenny, wash your face!Photo courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of You Know You Love Me
Is it just me, or is Jenny looking very dirty?! I know her new haircut is meant to enhance the rebel in her, but all I see is a dirty dirty girl with unkempt hair and very scary raccoon eyes!!! Where is the clean, wholesome Jenny that I was loving these past few episodes?

And because I didn't really get to follow The O.C. when Will Holland (Caitlin) came around, so I'm not really super excited for her guest appearance. But hey, bring in R-Bils any day or even Ryan and I'll get excited! Still, this episode was yet another crazy one that put a lot of the show's wheels in motion. New drama up ahead!

Blair fantasizing about Chuck in her dreams sans the Audrey Hepburn metaphor was funny. I doubt Ms. Hepburn would do that in any of her movies, so I'll have to settle for a Blair fantasy. That fantasy though. Hello Chuck-Blair! The writers know what the fans want! I wish they'd get together stat though. This feels like Serena-Dan not breaking up.

But really, Dorota walking in on her and waking her up then saying: "God always watching Ms. Blair" is hilarious. Who knew Dorota had a 'holy' side? In the end, Dorota really is the only one who sort of loves Blair unconditionally.

Good morning Upper East Siders indeed! When did Nate get so hot and non-annoying?!?! Seriously. I'm loving the new living conditions, especially if this means we get to see naked Nate every morning. The look on Jenny's face is priceless. Obviously she's trying to keep it cool. But then Nate notices her hair and damn! Rufus should be worried. Things are going to get very naughty in the Humphrey household.

But wait! There's more! Nate actually comes to the atelier to drop off her sketchbook that she couldn't find that morning. Hello young lovers! Nate really is the whore of the bunch. He's been paired up TO EVERY SINGLE GIRL. Seriously. Well, that just means his chemistry is fab with everyone! My turn, Nate! My turn!!!

First off, am I the only one who finds it weird that Blair is asking advice from Dan? I don't care if Serena is trying to make good with everyone (especially since the first leg of the serena let's be friends tour didn't work out), but really? Then again, Blair must be desperate.

And Chuck Bass smells desperation reeking from her too. Although I must say, Blair trying to seduce Chuck with her new scent and spilling the drink on his pants and wiping it up is so very Blair. Chuck saying that Blair ruined his pants though got me laughing on the floor. Only Chuck Bass cares more about his pants (Oh wait! They're from Savile Row -- I'd be worried too).

In the book, Aaron Rose is Blair Waldorf's rastafarian step brother thanks to Eleanor's marrying the very tacky Cyrus Rose. I guess that's not the case in the series (just as Georgina Sparks was supposed to be Nate's housemate in the rehab center). But what I'm not complaining about is how cute Aaron actually is.

When I first saw him, I was a little meh about it, but then now seeing him with Serena -- it could actually work. He's like an even more artsy/brooding version of Dan -- except he's rich! And revelation of the century! Serena can spell!!! That's great!

I find that Agnes is Georgina 2.0/Caitlin from The O.C. 2.0, except this time she's here to torment/bad influence Jenny. And dude, this Max guy just looks like trouble. From the looks of him, he looks dirty (in the metaphorical and literal sense of the word)

Dan and Serena trying to be friends seems like a mature decision. But the highlight of this entire conversation is when Serena asks Dan how things have been going with Nate and Dan says, "It's been good, it's been really good." Bromance forever!!! I swear I'm all for N/D!!! This ship is going to sail into the sunset!

So this is Blair's way of 'intercepting' Chuck, I see. Using her nape as kryptonite to Super Chuck! In fairness, if Blair didn't keep texting Serena, Serena wouldn't text back and Blair's little plan would have gone as planned. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Chuck giving into Blair would have been fun, but I guess they need more foil to stretch this story through the season. I wonder how long into the season they'll figure out that the fans are getting impatient. It's 8 episodes already!!! It's 1/3 of the season, I want to see an actual Chuck-Blair relationship!

What a cute montage of party shots! They could really be part of an editorial of sorts for Nylon. In fairness to Max, he has 'some talent' after all. These remind me of the How I met Your Mother opening. Really cute!

Obviously Agnes running away with Jenny's dress was mean, but we all know little Jenny can't help but forgive Agnes for this, because it's in Jenny's nature to side with the 'bad guys' in her life. Oh Jenny. Sure, Agnes's friends think Jenny has talent, but at least Jenny realized that even she was 'too young' to own her own line. Oh yeah and too broke too.

Blair and Dan bonding is just wrong. Then again, who knows, maybe in the grand carousel of relationships, these two will eventually have something going on. I mean, everyone's hooked up with everyone, right? But really, seeing them bond over their love for Chuck (for Blair) and Serena (for Dan) just didn't sit well with me.

And Dan was bordering on funny and psychotic. When he said: "Do you love him? Wow someone loves Chuck Bass," I was laughing my ass off. But then when he waxed poetic about hearing Serena say she loved him was the best moment in his life, I swear I thought I was going to barf. Oh young love. NOT.

Eleanor and Jenny need to part ways stat. I know that Eleanor gave Jenny a 'wonderful' opportunity, but it does seem like she's using little Miss Humphrey. And although Jenny can be bratty around Eleanor, I guess she does deserve a bone to be thrown her way. Plus, I'm sick of the atelier drama, so I don't mind that this is over.

Eleanor: You are lucky i dont fire you. Jenny: You are lucky i don't just quit. Oh wow. Not good. I need new Jenny drama and not in the form of employment or stealing Queen B's throne! I want love issues!!!!

Hello to the new Mr. Lonely Boy. I swear Aaron Rose has something about him that makes me want to like him, but I can't pinpoint what. That weird little riddle at the end was a little cryptic too and a little overconfident on his part telling Serena, "When you figure it out, I'm all yours." Didn't Serena just say she wasn't dating just yet. But hey, new romances are always good.

But what really made me laugh was when Serena tells Blair, "Don't jump, B! You don't want your obit to say you died in Brooklyn!" Wow, a slap made at Brooklyn by Serena! And Serena, don't bitch at Dan. It's not his fault, you brought him into this anyway. Oh and Chuck-Blair make me want to pull my hair out, because goodness, they really can't resolve their differences, huh? Dan, I suggest you don't get into this ever again.

Someone's so gonna end up in some porno website and that someone is Jenny Humphrey. I know she knows her limits, but wow, this girl gives into peer pressure pretty quickly. I was thinking that the song felt very Charmed meets Tatu and true enough it's Tatu's version of the Charmed theme!

And Agnes's line, 'He doesn't care, he's a photographer!' bit was just plain stupid. Meaning Jenny is even stupider for falling for it. Papa Humphrey is going to be very very angry. But wait! Nate has arrived!!!!! Jenny's knight in shining Armani tells her he'll wait if she won't leave. Oh Nate! When did you grow a pair? I'm loving it!!!

Dan: I like aaron. He's a good guy. You have my blessing. Oh Dan. You're too nice to Serena. And here goes Serena going on an Aaron-love-fest right in front of Dan. Sure you guys are friends or trying to be, but don't you see that this isn't exactly flying well with him, no matter what he says. Dan: He's the ex-husband. I'm just the ex-boyfriend. Ouchies alert!!!

But wait! Aaron isn't just any guy, he's her childhood sweetheart from summer camp in Europe! Oh the connection! Too late though, Aaron is already leaving on his motorcycle in the arms of another woman. Don't jump to conclusions though, S. I'm sure there's a perfectly rational explanation for this.

I feel bad that these two are already throwing in the towel. They're so young and so many things can happen and yet they're so serious about everything. I would actually like to see Chuck and Blair holding hands at the movies. Sure, it'd be weird, but why not make it normal.

I hope they both get over their fears of getting hurt and just dive into it head first. These two deserve a shot at happiness and if it's with each other, then why not, right? But I guess for now, it's probably a good thing -- plot-wise to lay off this.

This feels like such a throwback to Dan and Serena's macking in the meatpacking!. And heller!!! Jenny + Nate is actually working for me!!! I mean really working for me. Nate being very protective of Jenny was sweet, but when he pulled her back for the kiss, I just died.

And Jenny! How lucky can you get?!?! She "might" get her own fashion line; she's not going to school; she's bagged the prettiest boy on earth!!! But wait, Blair might not like this. And didn't Vanessa date Nate too?! Looks like Jenny's got a lot of enemies already and it hasn't even begun yet. Good luck, Little J.
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