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Turn You Off

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Poor Grey's Anatomy. EW readers think it's so bad that THREE of it's characters (Izzie, Meredith and McDreamy!) ended up on a list of 24 of the most annoying TV characters ever!!!

That's 1/8 of the entire list. Does this say something about Shonda Rhimes and how she creates characters? I used to watch this on it's first season, and marathon-ed it for it's second, but now I haven't gotten around to watching it.

It's still my 'favorite' medical drama (I mean come on, this is the nearest I'll be to becoming a doctor -- sorry Daddy) after all.

Not to worry though, House (House & Cuddy) and Bones (Bones & Angela) come in 2nd place with TWO characters on the list each. Plus 9 of the characters on the list are actually the leads of their shows!

I'm not familiar with all the characters (as I don't watch all these shows) but it's not like I agree with everyone. I like a bunch of them. I guess it really is just a matter of preferrence. I do agree with this one. I don't understand what the appeal is!!!

Someone from Gossip Girl made it too. I think it's easy to guess who. The rest of the list can be viewed here. Do you have any television characters that you can't stand that AREN'T on the list?

24 TV Characters Who Just Turn You Off [EW via Jezebel]
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