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I've always been more of a Coca-Cola kind of girl -- this makes my sister Pamy very happy. But back in the day, when we'd go to my dad's side of the family for reunions, we'd always have Pepsi products for drinks (I think one of my uncles worked there) and it's not like I could say no. Also in restaurants like KFC where they only serve Pepsi, I would gamely drink it.

Apparently, the company is now rebranding their oh so iconic logo, it sort of made me reminisce about the many different Pepsi related things I remember. Other than family reunions, I really remember Pepsi and their Spice Girls commercial. I used to adore the Spice Girls, but it's not like they were able to convert me. I just thought it was cool.

Then Britney got on the bandwagon and did her The Joy of Pepsi and that I loved as it showed Pepsi and Britney through the generations. Britney did a lot of commercials for Pepsi, but they also had other endorsers. Good for them especially since she sort of went haywire.

But now that they're rebranding and Britney's sort of rebranded herself too, don't you think it's time they hooked up again? Maybe an endorsment would help Ms. Spears stay on the right track. I'm liking the new logos, and the new Britney. What do you think of the new logos (and Britney)? Great deal or massive mistake?

The new Pepsi bottles [PopSop]
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