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Stuck in an Elevator (Thankfully NOT with) the Rudest Kids in Town

stuck in an elevator!!!
Really Stuck in an Elevator
So I watched High School Musical and that was super fun and it took away the stress of thinking about the stupid things that happened today.

I know I shouldn't nitpick anymore, but at those moments, I was either really freaked out (or more like scared to death) or really pissed off (aka me on a warpath). Let's start with freak out.

You know how they always have that question, who would you want to get stuck in an elevator with? Mine is obviously John Lloyd Cruz -- oh what I'd do to be stuck with him. (I've done my obligatory mention of John Lloyd, I can move on)

Well today, I had a chance to answer that and I wasn't able to muster up anything, because I was too worried wondering if there was enough oxygen inside the elevator.

I just parked the car (after dropping my grandma off at the entrance) and entered the Medical Arts overcrowded elevator. I've never been in one so packed. At the 9th floor, it suddenly stops. And there are like 15 of us inside. The doctor was really calm like he was used to it, but hey, I wasn't!!! First timer!!!

First thing i think of, is I better take a picture. I don't want this to happen again, so since it already did, might as well document it. But after that, the lady beside me said really nonchalantly, "I wonder how long the oxygen in this elevator will last for all of us."

Normally, I wouldn't mind being stuck in an elevator, if I had the right company (a la Dan and Serena or John Lloyd), but this time, there was no cute boy and it was tooo freaking jampacked. I really did fear that the oxygen would run out.

Lucky for us, the doctor was calm enough and got that fixed. But I was sort of traumatized with the elevator. Medical City may be pretty, but their elevators are slow and apparently stop too. Never again though.

Gotcha Backs!
I'm a patient person and I don't mind lines. I study in UP, so I'm used to it. What I'm not used to are line-cutters!!! I lined up in behind three people (before HSM3) two of which were students at SMC QC (it said so on their PE uniforms -- whatever that is).

I thought, okay, two kids, not bad. Then another friend came over and another friend. And suddenly there were six people milling in front of me.

I'm like wait, why are they cutting the line. Then I thought, maybe they were there before me and they sat down for a bit then stood up again to line up. So I kept quiet. I'm not one to cause a scene after all.

Then I saw more people come before me, and now there were like 10 people. I tried rationalizing, maybe they're all in ONE receipt anyway. It wouldn't matter if their entire school was there.

But no, when the waiter was getting our orders, they all had separate receipts. I don't mind saving spots in line, but then I saw that the others had just arrived and totally just disregarded the fact that there were others behind them.

I switch lines instead of dealing with their royal rudeness, but tell the manager to fix their lines because everyone there is a paying customer and shouldn't have to deal with really rude kids. I swear, it's so embarrassing, to think these kids are schooled!!!

What about those without an education?! And they're giving a bad name to their school. I finally understand why Poveda hated it if we went to Galleria in our uniforms. But really, I feel disgusted that these kids were so nonchalant in their line cutting. Argh. Totally ruined my lunch (cheeseburger deluxe meal).

Anyway, thankfully the line for HSM 3 outside Cinema 3 of Trinoma was orderly and free of line cutters. Despite being long, it was a breeze because people were all well behaved. Eat that line-cutters.
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