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Definitely A Movie To Remember

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How do you know I really really want to watch a movie? Even without companions (no one's available), I'm willing to commute to Trinoma alone and sit in a theater for TWO hours ALL alone (well with the entire cinema filled with kids and high school and even college barkadas and families). I know this isn't much for others, but for me, this is something. All because of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

I loved the first two and their soundtracks, but this one was just fabulous. As Sharpay sings in 'I Want it All,' Bigger is better and better is bigger. This formerly made for TV movie totally made use of the fact that they not only had a bigger budget, but that they were no longer constrained to TV budget or a 4:3 screen. Now they had an entire 16:4 aspect ration cinema screen to fill up and that meant lots and lots of action and lots of fun.

To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. I was smiling giddily the entire time through the cheesiest moments (there were a lot), but I totally and completely enjoyed all the song and dance productions numbers because it was so obvious that Kenny Ortega and company really really thought this one out and made sure to give their captive audiences a real show musical.

Again, I'm no critic. I'm just a fangirl. So I wasn't really paying attention to plot or characterization. I was here for the music and the dancing and the cute boys that came along with it. And in those departments, it did NOT disappoint.
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  • Now or Never ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
    Perfect freaking way to start the movie. Troy walking around instead of shooting the ball was hilarious, but Troy has come a long way from that gangly boy in the first movie. He's a kick ass team captain now and though Chad isn't much in the co-captain department, that boy has fabulous hair.

    Martha is a fabulous cheerleader and everytime they'd cut away to the cheerdancers I swear I wanted to stand up and cheer for the Wild Cats!!! Then Gabriella (super beautiful) stands up amidst the red and white cardboard whatchamacallits and does her bit and for some reason I'm really liking her and Troy together. Plus she's so hot.

    How nice of Troy to assist the last shot to newbie Rocketman instead of taking the glory for himself. So sweet. The red of the Wild Cats was so vibrant, I was feeling the energy of the crowd and again, love those cheerleaders. Boy, those Wild Cats can dance with a basketball.

  • Right Here, Right Now♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
    One of the 'simpler' numbers in the movie, I guess they were banking on the fact that it isn't exactly a super dancey song, but more of a 'lets-watch-Troy-and-Gabriella-make-googly-eyes-at-each-other' kind of song. And that they do. Their chemistry is crazy -- I guess it helps to actually really be in love with your co-actor because Zac and Vanessa sell it for me. Or it could be that I have no Zac in my life.

    But really, the tree house was very The Last Kiss minus the sexual tension between another Zac(h) The Braff one and Rachel Bilson. It was hilarious when the roof of the tree house opened up. Troy's mom threatening to come up would have been fun. It's not like they were doing anything. Troy with the cape is FTW too!!!
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  • I Want It All ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
    I love Ryan and Sharpay and any song these two sing together. Due to the fact that they're supposed to be the theater kids of the bunch (yeah cause the rest can't sing or dance at all *note sarcasm*) so they can go all out crazy with their performances and that they do with the SUPER DUPER KADUPER AMAZING production number that is 'I want it all.'

    These twins really feel like competitive siblings (both vying for Julliard at that) and they made use of the many many sets/cuts to really bring the song to life. It's obvious that Sharpay only wants Ryan by her side cause she needs a spy, but it was nice to see everyone in the cast particpate in the song. Zac as Sharpays' fan/stalker complete with shirt and tattoo was awesome. Vanessa as their maid saying that Oprah wanted them on the show was hot. Gabriella is so pretty!!! Taylor as the flight attendant, the other Wildcats as bodyguards, Kelsey as the taxi driver and Zeke as the cute boy in 'Hawaii' I'm guessing was so cute.

    I love how this performance really made use of the 'musical' theme and put them on sets and stages. Ryan dancing in the black and pink outfits with the girls and Sharpay doing her Chicago-esque dance was fabulous!!! I really really really enjoyed this number.
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  • Can I Have This Dance ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
    Wow. LIstening to the song alone, I was like 'wow cheesefest.' Seeing it on screen was still a cheesefest, but totally cute!!!! The rooftop garden certainly expanded!!! Now we've got an ENTIRE roof and scenery far away to look at too!!! I swear bigger is better!!!

    And they waltz!!! Gabriela and Troy can waltz pretty well. I love the choreography. And on a side note, Vanessa's legs are really skinny. But the way she and Zac danced just made me want to go take ballroom dancing classes -- more like waltz with Zac Efron, but hey I can dream.

    Then it rained!!! How perfect! They get to dance in the rain on top of all of that cheesy goodness!!! If the cheese in this movie were in a pizza, it would be one of those 6+ cheese pizzas. Love those though. So really, no problem on my end.
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  • A Night To Remember ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
    While I was 'recapping/sort of spoiling' Pamy, I totally forgot this song. And not because it wasn't good. In fact, it was really really good, but I guess I was just so giddy/crazy/excited to share how much I loved the movie that I totally forgot! But not anymore. Now that I recall...

    This song was practically prom itself! I loved how the boys and girls would alternate lines and pop up from the floor. Their exchange of lines was perfect and everyone moved so well together! And the 'parents' of each girl in their houses after being picked up and as they boarded their limo! So musical-ish!!! And rightfully so.

    I really liked how each Wild Cat had a different outfit on. Troy pulls off that light blue retro suit pretty well. Then they did the Saturday Night Fever dance moves with the hip thrusting and I was in heaven heaven. Gabriella was super cute with her gypsy-esque headband and when she and Troy were dancing, I swear I wanted to get transported back to my prom -- except no dancing of that sort happened and Zac wasn't there.

  • Just Want To Be With You ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
    I wasn't sure how they were going to go from Ryan and Kelsey singing it to Gabriella and Troy but I like how it transitioned. Ryan is definitely a guy, now we know and asking Kelsey to prom was cute. I'm sure he doesn't have a hidden agenda. Singing at the piano was sweet.

    Rehearsing this song on stage with the wet paint was cute. I love how Ryan was very into the choreography. It looked cheesy at first, but seeing Gabriella and Troy being cute in that balcony -- very much like Gabriella's balcony later on was just too much cuteness.
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  • The Boys Are Back ♪ ♪ ♪
    I usually am not a fan of the boy's performances (Gotta Get Your Head in the Game, Work), but I actually sort of enjoyed this one. Chad and Zac in the junkyard 'imagining' their future (together perhaps? Bromance!!!) was sweet without being too annoying. Dancing all over the yard was very *N Sync's Girlfriend to me, but it's not like I'm complaining. I love that video!

    These boys can move, that's a given. But even the young Troy and Chad were pretty good too!!! Running around a junk yard is not easy to do, so I give them props for making me able to sit through it without cringing too much.

  • Walk Away ♪ ♪ ♪
    Another one of the 'simpler' performances (very much the Gotta Go My Own Way of this installment), but I guess it was needed to bring the story along. Gabriella saying goodbye again was sad, but hey as she said, she's good at it. I thought that chocolate strawberry feeding thing in her room was as daring as they'd get and I was right. This is still a G-rated movie after all.

  • Scream ♪ ♪
    I absolutely could not stand Bet On It so I was worried for this one based on listening to it alone. But this time around, Kenny Ortega probably let the choreographer do the planning for this one (unlike Bet On It where Zac did some of his own stuff -- according to Disney Channel and those very informative pop up boxes that come out during the movie).

    Zac really was Troy Bolton and I could feel his 'frustration' that made him want to scream. I'm thankful for the token half naked scene too. Thanks Troy for taking off your jacket/shirt (even if it was just a back shot) to change into your jersey. The spinning corridor scene was very *N Sync Bye Bye Bye. Why am I referring to so many *N Sync videos suddenly?! But really, this one wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. So good job my Zac!
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  • Senior Year Spring Musical ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
    The 7-minute mash up of the entire movie was pretty good too! It gave a different spin on things. Opening with Ryan and Kelsey was cute. Now Or Never the second time around was still awesome to watch. I love the Wild Cat red!!! I Want It All without Sharpay was surprisingly still good. Ryan can so carry on his own -- I smell Julliard!

    And because Troy was still driving, Rocket Man/Boy had to sub for him without Sharpay's knowledge on Just Wanna Be With You Now I understand the shift in voice and the repeated even if you're miles and miles and miles away. Of course Troy and Gabriella arrive on time to do it again -- of course better.

    And finally Sharpay's PA aka the London Theater School chick Tiara does her version of A Night to Remember with Sharpay stealing the show -- thank god. I feel bad for Sharpay. She never gets anything. She didn't get the boy in the first movie; the award in the second and now she doesn't get Julliard. Boo.

  • We're All In This Together ♪ ♪
    I wasn't fond of this version at all, but luckily it was just a backgrounder to the 'what i wanna be when I grow up' portion of the musical which I found sort of far-fetched, but hey at least they worked in a throwback to this pivotal song from the first movie that totally made them household names. So Troy is going to USC-Berkley so he can be both a basketball and theater dude and be 32.7 miles away from Gabriella. Cheese fest!

  • High School Musical ♪ ♪ ♪
    I was too overwhelmed by joy to really be able to pay attention in this part, but it was nice to see the students all in red (wheee) and white form the letters E-H (East High people!!!) in the field. I wonder why Troy was giving the speech though. He's not the valedictorian, right?

    Then they form a wildcat and wow, visual feast. All the dancing with the red and white togas on the green field is just wonderful to watch. I'm glad they still did the jump in the end. It's so very High School Musical for me. I'm really going to miss this franchise.
    Sign my yearbook y'all!Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
    I was talking to Pio and we were wondering if they would still have a fourth movie. And Pio said there could still be one (not verified -- just an opinion) because they still haven't shown the "summer before college" bit, so yeah that could work. I wonder how they'd top this one though.

    So for all the cheesiness, and the sudden appearance of Vanessa Hudgen's new cleavage, I really really really really really enjoyed and loved this movie!!! If only the lines weren't so long and if there weren't so many kids to tolerate, I would have paid another Php 160 to watch it again.

    Maybe next week when there are less kids and more money -- hopefully a parental subsidized viewing? I'm so getting this one on DVD though. For sure. Go Wild Cats!!!
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