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Jen's Body Must Be a Wonderland

No, really?Photo courtesy of popbytes
  • I guess it's Back To You for Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer. The Star Magazine may reported that Jen set an ultimatum of sorts for Mayer, saying she'd only get back together with him if he agreed to marry her. And ladies, he apparently said yes. I can't wait to hear the songs that will be spawned from this relationship. Your Body is A Wonderland ver. 2.0 perhaps? [popbytes]

  • But wait! Brangelina won't be left behind on all this wedding business. They may not have gone the traditional route of "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby 6 babies in a baby carriage" but it's not like they're shutting the doors on marriage altogether. Apparently, the kids are already asking why Fiona and Shrek are married and they aren't. Screw the wedding, I wanna know who gets to turn into an ogre first! [POPSUGAR]

  • Just when I was going to wear my Team Richie shirt today, I find out that Guy Ritchie supposedly replaced Madonna already. She's 20 years younger than Madonna is pretty. People, say hello to Kelly Reilly. Anyone who doesn't just go by one name can't be in Madonna's league. I mean she actually needs a family name?! Dammit! I wonder if I can get a refund on the shirt exchange it for a Team Madge shirt instead. [The Dish Rag]

  • Well, he did admit to being a sex addict, so I guess David Duchovny wouldn't deny an affair if it was actually true, right? The London Daily Mail is being sued by the recently separated actor for publishing reports that he had an affair with his tennis coach, Edit Pakay (I'm not kidding about the name). I saw Pakay and if this is true, then Guy Rithcie's got waaaaay better taste. Is this revenge though for his ex-wife, Tea Leoni's supposed affair with Billy Bob Thornton? It's getting complicated. [House of Fame]

  • Chace Crawford is so pretty he's supposedly gotten Lindsay Lohan to go straight again! What? Poor Sam Ronson and the $100,000 diamond ring she reportedly gave her. The Mirror says that LiLo was so enamored by Chace at a 'party' that she was very touchy-feely with him and giving him dirty looks. Thus leading to the Gossip cast supposedly 'teasing' him about Lohan. First off, what exactly constitutes a valid dirty look from Lohan because it all looks dirty to me. And second, isn't Chace gay too? The real question is: Is Chace willing to go straight for her. [IDontLikeYouInThatWay]

  • She really is so 'Lucky.' Britney Spears's driver's license trial was dismissed in court after being called a mistrial. Whatever. I just hope her next songs/videos top Womanizer because after that fantastic video, and the Chuck Bass mash-up, I don't know how ANYTHING can ever trump that. Britney, maybe it was better if the trial went on. At least she'd have an excuse for not superseding Womanizer. [Socialite Life]
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