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Anne Can Hear the Bells (Again and again and again)

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I'm not so picky when it comes to movies. I'll watch (almost) anything. In fact, it takes very little to entice me to the cinemas or a DVD. Put Jake Gyllenhaal ANYWHERE doing ANYTHING and I'm there.

Still, there are some movies that I don't need any convincing at all. These movies usually include either a favorite actor/actress or a WEDDING. I love wedding movies. It's a bonus when you add singing to the movie -- then I'm in Nirvana. No matter how bad the script, as long as there's a wedding, I'm RSVP-ing for sure.

It's funny how both Pamy and I are addicted to weddings (she to blogs, me to movies), not that this is a sign that we want to get married, because that's not the reason we love weddings, but I digress.

That's why I'm excited to watch not one, not two but THREE wedding-centric movies and they all star my favorite actress: Anne Hathaway!!! Fandoms collide all the time.

It makes me wonder though why Anne is suddenly so into wedding-themed movies? Could it be the recent break up from Rafaello that got her all antsy to walk down the aisle -- at least on film? Rachel Getting Married already showed and apparently, it's pretty good. Critics aren't loving the rom-com that is Bride Wars -- but I'm somewhat really excited for that one. And Anne's set to star in The Fiance next year.

  • Rachel Getting Married: A young woman who has been in and out from rehab for the past 10 years returns home for the weekend for her sister's wedding.
    Apparently, Anne really came into her own in this movie and it's no surprise as it's directed by Jonathan Demme (Manchurian Candidate). This is a serious film and according to review's it's pretty heavy, but hey I'm hoping she gets Oscar buzz for this one. Yes folks, it's that good

  • Bride Wars: Two best friends become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day.
    As much as critics love Rachel. They're loathing this one. I guess if you compare them, of course Bride Wars will seem shallow and (b)anal. But who cares!? I'm not searching for the meaning of life with this one. I'm searching for fun wedding planning and catfights and disaster (oh and cute fiances too!) So obviously, I'm not critical at all, nor am I choosy. But hey, a wedding movie's a wedding movie.

  • The Fiance: [Anne's character] cancels wedding plans and breaks up with her seemingly perfect fiance so she can try to figure out who she really is. Her meddling parents try to patch things up between the pair, making it impossible for her to move on.
    And yet another rom-com about a cancelled wedding in our hands. Why do I feel like she still gets married in the end? I'm hoping, because I always love a movie with a wedding ending. The question is, who's gonna be cast as her love interest/fiance in this one? I know nothing about the character, but it's a rom-com so it can't be that hard. I'm hoping for 'rumored flame' Josh Lucas (I did adore him in Sweet Home Alabama -- wedding again!)

    Which Anne movie are you 'most excited' (relatively speaking) to watch? And who do you guys think should get the fiance role in 'The Fiance'? Share your thoughts below.

    Review: Rachel Getting Married [Cinematical]
    Bride Wars An Insult To Women, Brain Cells [Jezebel]
    Anne Hathaway to star in 'Fiance' [Variety via MTV Movies Blog]
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