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Pushing Daisies 02x04: Frescorts

Eme and his MommaPhoto courtesy of Pushing Daisies TV
It's such a shame this show is THISCLOSE to being cancelled. I can't understand how a show this brilliantly witty and visually awesome could be hanging on the edge of cancellation. It's just beyond me. Thus, I am going to enjoy every single episode like it's the last, because if ABC doesn't act soon, we're getting 13 episodes and that's it. Nooooooooo!!!

Still, let's be hopeful. Especially after this week's episode which was 'stuffed' (no pun intended) with the quirkiest and most eccentric characters ever. According to Ausiello, guest star David Arquette will be reprising his role later on in this season. Fabulous. He was awesome tonight and I can't wait to see how they make that work.

So Emerson's mom is in town and she also happened to be a PI back then. Chuck and Olive are 'fake-bonding/fighting/making up over their unspoken issues. Ned is moping cause he feels like Chuck's moving further away.

And on the murder mystery front, a Frescort was murdered and the gang gets together only to find out that the oh so friendly owner (wasn't always that way) killed the Frescort in question because he was getting jealous of the Frescort's relationship with another Frescort (which isn't allowed by the way) and thus causing the guy to quit. Or not, cause he's dead now.

Whew. Seriously. Convoluted. But entertaining. The murder mystery once again mirrored Ned's feelings (who I realized doesn't have a family name known) about Chuck. And how he feels alone. Oh well. More of my very scattered thoughts:

  • Ned is such a sweetheart wanting to bond with Chuck or just wanting a best friend in general. Though others may find his clinginess annoying, I find it endearing. He just wants to be with the girl he loves. So sue him!

  • Chuck and Olive on the other hand are hilarious as they try to be friends/roomies. I love how they thought they were perfect for each other from the get-go though. Chuck: You should know I'm a morning showerer, heavy sleeper and dish dryer. Olive: And you should know I'm a late night bath taker, snorer and a dish scrubber. Welcome home! Only to find out later on that they actually don't agree on so many things like Olive's pining for Ned, Chuck's self-centeredness and even who gets the bed by the window or Chuck's shampoo. Oh dear.

  • It was nice to see Emerson and his mom question the two best friends of the frescort though. Their actions were so perfectly timed, I wonder how long it took to rehearse that. It was just so pretty to watch onscreen. Kudos to them being so in sync.

  • But let's pause a moment and ponder the actual meaning of the FRESCORT. It's a Friend + Escort that is hired by those who feel the need for a buddy. I find it hilarious, but at the same time sort of sad cause it's actually possible to be real. I don't want to get all dramatic, but it would indeed be nice to be able to hire someone to be your friend.

  • And where do these frescorts come from? Why from My Best Friend Inc. of course. I swear whoever works on the production design of this show should win an award for this. (I was hoping it did but it lost at the Emmy's to Mad Men). The interiors of the office were superb! Oh so colorful and just so happy -- totally unlike how the frescorts were feeling. I really wanted to become a frescort so I could work in that rainbow of an office.

  • And how awesome was it that Chuck and Olive had the cutest covers: Kitty Pimms and Patty Boots respectively! Olive (my favorite) chose my name as her cover!!! It's but fate! I have nothing else to say actually. I just couldn't believe Olive is Patty

  • And how fitting is David Arquette in his role as the taxidermy loving Randy Mann -- roomie and frescort client of the deceased. He was just perfect in his role of the weird guy that Ned just really could relate to. Ned was so cute ranting to Randy about Chuck moving in with Olive even if he just met the guy! Bromance!!!

  • And those 'free cooking lesson coupon' to lure Randy to the Pie Hole was just like last episodes 'free pie' coupon! I wonder what sort of coupon will be up for redemption next week. While Randy was at the Pie Hole, Emerson snooped into Randy's secret freaky taxidermy room!!! But Ned has no need to be jealous cause Randy brought a stuffed golden retriever 'Butterscotch' to keep Ned company. Sweet, but creepy.

  • I didn't quite catch the fact that Joe said that he had a girlfriend whom he referred to as Downy (not the fabric softener) so I didn't get it right away that Barb who only answered the DOWN part of the crossword puzzles was indeed Downy.

  • But apparently Kitty and Patty solved that one quickly, so they end up getting squeezed into a locker by Barb as she meets her death from the happy hug machine. This leaves Olive and Chuck thrashing inside the locker about all their differences. It's good to get it out in the open. Honesty is good. But what's even better is seeing Barb get pumped with oxygen cause her lungs were pierced. Visual gags are love.

  • Because of the whole frescort plotline, I wasn't quite as invested in the Emerson and Calista Cod story, but it's good to see that the momma Cod knows about his kid and is even helping him re-write his book to make sure his little gum shoe finds him (if this series lasts that long!)

  • The Spartan in the glass case coming back to life and doing charrades with the gang was hilarious, but it sort of disturbed me that Buddy Amicus (the owner/murderer) actually kept that damn thing in his office for so long. Then again, Aries (the stuffed guy) was so cute anyway,so I guess I wouldn't mind -- what am I saying?! It's gross!!!

  • I love how Ned tried making friends with Randy only to get rejected too. Sad, but realistic. I guess Randy didn't like the way Ned treated him earlier on. But what I loved more was the exchange that Randy and Ned had outside the apartment. It really struck a chord with me.

  • Ned: What makes me unique has brought every person i love into my life. it could be the same for you. Which was then followed by Randy dishing out some wisdom from Joe. Randy: There's nothing wrong with being alone you know. Joe taught me that. [He] Called that the first step. You're no good with somebody else unless you're good with being just you. For the first time, I really liked these sappy serious parts.

  • I was so happy to hear that Chuck was moving back in with Ned and that Ned finally admitted it to Chuck's face that he missed her only to be 'rejected' by Ned cause he too needed to get used to being alone and being okay with that. Whew. I liked Chuck's line though. Chuck: You're my king sized duvet of goose down goodness Yes Ned, that's what you are to me too!!!

  • Olive and Chuck patching things up with their pie and their wonderfully inconsistent secret handshake was sweet. Does this mean more of Kitty and PATTY?!?! I sure hope so. It's good to see that Olive is getting involved in the mysteries too. I like her in action. I like her period.

  • Seeing Ned eating pizza alone (with Digby) bachelor style was hot. He looked really hot. But what was hotter was Chuck coming in for a quasi booty call!!! Complete with king sized duvet of goose down goodness wrapped around her very naked body. Well hello! I wonder how that worked out for them (reminder: they can't touch). Oh yeah.
    ned eating pizza alone. OMG. she's naked.! how do they do it?!?!
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