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Chuck 02x04: Chuck Versus The Cougars

Backstreet's Back, Alright!Photo courtesy of Don't Freak Out.Org
Somehow, I still have my Math skills intact because with all the flashbacks and talk about 1998, I tried figuring out just how old Sarah/Jenny/Katie/Rebecca really is. So if she was 17 in 1998, she must be 27 now! Wow, I can still add.

But really, other than the fact that I loved a look into Sarah's past life and how it was also filled with covers. But what was more awesome than that was the music used on this episode!!! We get MMMBop by Hanson, Backstreet's Back, I Don't Wanna Wait by Paula Cole and my personal favorite, Tubthumping by Chumbawamuba!!!! Hello 90s!!!

  • So Sarah wasn't exactly the coolest chick in high school (understatement) and her dad's in jail. It's okay, honey. Don't be sad. I love how she handled her 'don't-ask-questions-about-my-past' look too. But really, I love how we get to see how Sarah ended up with her knife skills (complete with filleting the fish) at the CIA.

  • And Sarah has some mad fighting skills. While working out in that blue midriff top, I swear I wished I worked out more. And at the reunion, it was hilarious how there always seemed to be a fan following her. Her hair always had that windblown effect.

  • But it was a treat to see Heather (played by Nicole Richie) and Sarah kick some major ass at the reunion. Their fight scene was just awesome. These girls (skilled in karate and all that) had such a never say die attitude. I think this was the first time I saw a lot of blood. And the shower scene? Who knew two girls in a shower would be so hot to me.

  • It was funny to see Chuck get all curious about Sarah/Jenny (who apparently, isn't actually Jenny Burton either). Teasing her at the Orange Orange and during pre-dinner. But really in the end, I loved how he didn't even bother to ask questions anymore after Sarah allowed him to ask one question. He just wants to share a cheeseburger with her.

  • Chuck as Charles "Mad Dog" Carmichael was really awesome. I love how he's always just really at the right place at the right time. He handled Heather's husband really well. It was nice to see Chuck feel 'cool' around a fellow nerd. It was like he was finally the one being looked up to.

  • Casey was also such a sweetheart allowing Chuck to take the credit for his non-participation in the actual take down of bad guys. Who knew Casey had a soft spot for Chuck after all. And Casey as the DJ at the reunion spinning Hanson? Priceless.

  • Despite not having Anna or Awesome or Ellie in this episode, Lester and Morgan make up for it at he Buy More. Lester's 'customer negotiation on the price' scheme was hilarious. I love how everyone was just trying so hard to 'sell' merchandise. The 'kegger' to solve it all was obviously not working either. The Buy More crew are too funny.

    Over-all, this episode was hilarious as usual. Nicole Richie and Ben Savage were amazing in their parts and they really brought Sarah's history to life. The reunion and the songs played were amazing -- trip down memory lane for me! But really, I'm glad that Chuck/Carmichael is finally coming into his own (he's getting great at this spy business), telling Sarah to trust him cause he had her back. So sweet.

    I'm still not over the last scene. It was just so poignant and so touching how Chuck and Sarah can stay friends (or more than that) and just be totally comfortable with each other. Their exchange was so heartfelt without being cheesy -- just how they always are.
    Sarah: Okay fine, I'll answer one question about my past. You deserve that much.
    Chuck: No thanks. I don't need to know more, not about who you were. Cause as much as you don't think so, I know who you are. A girl I'd like to share a cheeseburger with.
    The way Chuck and Sarah look at each other is just priceless. There's obviously something there. I can feel it. More Chuck-Sarahm please!!! Chuck, I'd share a cheeseburger with you anytime.
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