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Gossip Girl 02x07: Chuck In Real Life

It's Time To Chase Chuck BassPhoto courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of You Know You Love Me
And another episode I'm loving even more. I swear these writers know how to tease the fangirls with just enough titillation to keep them hanging on. Blair-Chuck fans should brace themselves because this episode gives us what we want, only to take it away oh so quickly.

On the other hand, why are they making me hate Vanessa? I was liking her already and suddenly this episode deletes all that. Still, the lack of N/V is made up for by the new bromance in town, N/D -- no that's not an END to their romance, because this bromance actually looks like it'll stand some tough times.

I know I probably stand alone in this when I say that I actually like Bart Bass. I know he can be cold and cruel to poor Chuckles and he does put business before anything else, but somehow I feel like he's a nice person. This leads me to question, WHY THE HELL IS SERENA SUCH A BITCH THIS MORNING???

Pamy too was wondering where all this teenage angst is coming from. I mean she did patch things up with Blair last episode right? I don't recall a fight with the parents in the last episode. Or was I not paying enough attention? So sweet how Bart gives Chuck cash straight into one of his offshore account as a form of 'pasalubong.' I so wouldn't mind that either.

I love it! Rules!!! Family Nights (Very 90210), Curfews and all that jazz that the UES kids have never heard of. Very 7th Heaven moment, but hey it's about time the parents started acting like parents. Bart: As tomorrow marks the debut of our family, we've been talking about what that really means. Chuck: Less money for me when you die? Right on, Chuck. Bart: A weekend curfew of 1AM? Chuck: Is that Eastern or Pacific?

Chuckles said BROMANCE too!!! Nate is obviously the woman in the relationship as he's having Chuck chase him, wanting him back. I wonder how long this little lovers brothers quarrel will last. I miss me some Nate-Chuck.

On the other hand, I'm glad we got some Chuck-Blair to start off the show. I swear these two have the best chemistry ever. Blair: Been there; done that; been decontaminated I swear these two should just get it on right there in the middle of the hallway because the sexual tension is killing me!!!

And where the hell did the Vanessa's MEAN streak come from? Honey, don't mess with the big guys. You're definitely swimming with the sharks. I hate how she's using Marcus-Catherine to get her way (even if it's for a Brooklyn landmark to be). That's just sooooo episode 4! Pamy and I were seriously not happy with that. Who is she to mess with Queen B?! To think I was loving her with Nate!!! Why V?! WHY?!?!?!

Serena: Ooh! I forgot to put on underwear!I know you're trying to show that Bart does not have a hold on you, but honey, that's the least of your worries. Getting photographed by the paparazzi Britney style commando may hurt the family's 'reputation' but most of all, it'll just give you gonorrhea. Not fun.

The look on Bart's face is total disgust. He must 'love' Lily a lot to not just put Serena in her place. I'm really thinking he actually cares for this family. Why am I having a strange fascination/affinity to Bart Bass? This is so weird.

Blair is the Queen of Propositions. Unfortunately, I didn't think this was such a great plan. Blair: Dan stole your best friend. Now you can steal his. Seduce and destroy. Seriously!? Seduce and destroy!?! I love Chuck's come back to her comment on his mechanical problems though. Chuck: I'll just imagine she's you. Oh yeah. And that kiss on the cheek? This woman is obviously in love with him. She enjoyed that kiss waaaay too much.

And he's sort of cute at that. Now this is how a sister is supposed to act when her brother introduces his boyfriend to her. I'm probably alone in this, but I sort of secretly wished that all my brothers would turn gay (obviously NOT happening). It's just that I know how mean girls can get and boys are much better. Anyway, I love how they were totally ignoring Jonathan until Eric says the word: BOYFRIEND. Suddenly, hugs all around! Everyone wants to be a fag hag after all.

Dan NOT having guy friends and him totally denying it is hilarious. Yes Lonely Boy, you're a chick magnet in the 'best-guy-friend' sort of way. I love how he's now 'playing soccer' with Nate. Wasn't Nate a lacrosse player? I guess cross training is always handy. Dan's conversation with Nate was just soooo not natural for him, so funny. Looks like Jenny's settling in nicely to homeschooling life.

And so begins the many negotiations of Chuck-Vanessa. First he shows up and tries to prove himself, only to get a slushy (?) thrown on his 'horrible suit' -- which I disagree with as it's one of his better ones actually. Then Vanessa comes crawling to his house/hotel to say that she's eating her words. This time Chuck's in a purple bathrobe. Seriously, only the Bass can pull this off. I love the newly showered damp hair though.

Then Chuck makes friends with the owner -- who also happens to be the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN character in this show Oh wait, Kati/Iz is there, I forget! I love how Chuck actually seems to be genuinely into saving that establishment. They're bonding over Joe Kennedy. Chuck:(something I don't understand), womanizer, millionaire -- he's my kind of guy

And finally, Vanessa just completely does a 180 and says she's wrong about Chuck. For a moment there, Chuck looks like he's actually genuinely interested in helping out. Until he sees Blair's message and remembers that the stakes have been raised -- oh yes. Blair is now offering herself. But more on that next.

Chuck: My my, that girl has gotten under your skin. Blair: The question is Bass, will you? Hello hot scene alert! I swear these two are just too much sexual tension just bubbling up to explode!!! The way he undoes her robe is just so freaking sexy. I was practically writhing on the floor. Blair so wants him to win just so that she wins too. Wow. Stop denying it, B, you know you want him.

So Nate is homeless-ish and Dan is doing the 7th Heaven jig by inviting him to sleep over in their house. But of course, Nate has too much pride and it's just more fun this way, so he gets all huffy puffy and says NO WAY BOYFRIEND!!!

If I didn't actually watch that scene play out and just took a look at the screen caps, I would actually think these boys were in the middle of a lovers spat. Seriously. Also, I realize that Chace Crawford has only two looks: 1) the squint and 2) the big stoned look. All his expressions can be classified under these two. But, can't deny this boy is pretty. Dan is falling in love and he knows it.

Back at the Bass-Van Der Woodsen House Warming, the heat is rising. And no, nothing sexual -- just a bunch of family drama I don't want to deal with. Like Bart telling Chuck that saving that Vanessa venue isn't worth the money. But wait, Chuck seems to be really changing, he's 'standing by' his choice. It's good rep, father! V hears everything and is slowly falling for Chuckles. Is this all part of his plan?!? He's pretty good at hiding things if it were.

And somewhere else in the massive house, Serena's throwing another bitch fit at Lily in front of the In Style editors (I hear the NY Magazine editors wailing). Lily wasn't a good mother blah blah blah because she had her boyfriends Danish Claus and German Klaus or the other way around. Oh Serena, just because you're cool on the Blair front, doesn't mean you have to go picking on the 'family.' Oh well, more drama. Eric is just wishing he were with Jonathan.

I swear there's something with Chuck Bass. You can pair him with V or B and there's just heat emanating from them. I love how he grasped Vanessa's hand asking her not to leave. I wonder what went down there. But Blair obviously looked hurt. In fairness to V, she's getting all the guys. She's the new slutita. I'm sure in time, she'll be pining for Dan again just to make sure she's had a thing with all the boys.

And Blair looks fabulous in the dress Chuck gave her!!! I love it. Who knew Chuck bought pretty dresses for his girlfriend of a few minutes. That dress makes me wish we could see more happy Chuck-Blair moments cause him buying her those hot dresses is just sweet. I love how out of jealous Blair totally drops the plan on Vanessa (very 10 Things I Hate About You) spilling that she was just a bet. Teen drama is recycled but loveable no matter what.

Was it just me who found Chuck so irresistible tonight? He actually went back all the way to Brooklyn (?) just to tell old man that he's not giving up on saving it. And what does old man do? Totally tell off the Bass. He's old enough to know that Vanessa could so be spinning him stories because she's hurt that Chuck hasn't actually fallen for her. Oh V, get over yourself. Seriously.

Do I smell a Dan-Serena reunion in the next few episodes?! I'm not sure, but it's nice to know that these two can have a decent non-dramatic (or not so dramatic) conversation. See, you guys can actually hear each other out. I have a feeling that no matter how many other relationships these guys get into, they'll always crawl back to each other and not because it's true love, but because no one else can stand their sap.

Oh! And see!!! Bart Bass care! He could have just sent the driver, but no, he comes along for the ride too. Or maybe because he just couldn't stand Eric's gayness (even if he's pretending to be supportive). Joke, I love Bart. Period. Please don't kill him! Unless S does the murder. This time, she can really say 'I killed someone.' Kill V instead!

The Van Der Woodsen-Bass's actually eat!!! And it seems to be an entire cake!!! I swear, this dysfunctional clan are so cute. So Lily apologizes for the '17 years she wasnt' around.' Well, I guess that's a good start. But again, I hope this isn't the only 'closure' to this problem. Oh well, it's 38:12 into the show so I guess they need to wrap things up already.

I wish Chuck could have been there though, sitting around the table with them. But that would have been waaaaay too odd. I love how Bart says 'apology accepted' right away and looked like he actually meant it. I've never seen so much 'warmth' from him. Now if only he could be a wee bit nicer to Chuck.

Jenny and Rufus playing Scattergories makes me want to break out our own set. I miss that game!!! And of course, to even up the 7th Heaven nostalgia. The Humphreys take in a stray. The prettiest stray you'll ever find though in the form of Nate Archibald. I distinctly remember Jenny kissing Nate (in the books that is), so let's see how they put that into play. I swear Rufus should be a pastor -- very Rev. Camden.

Blair: What took you so long? Chuck: If you thought that was long, you have no idea what you're in for. Gross much? Or is it just me with the deviously green mind?! Either way, this scene was to much hotness rolled into a 2:20 scene of sheer delight for CHAIR fans out there.

Who knew Chuck was SUCH a romantic!!! Or is he just teasing/playing/exacting 'revenge' on Blair?!? Because I never knew Chuck Bass to say NO to sex. Chuck: Say it Blair: Say what? I'll say anything WOW. Someone wants to do it. Stat.

Chuck: Say those three words you wanted me to say. Blair: Are you kidding? Trust Blair (or her writers) to come up with something witty in the heat of the moment.

Chuck: Not quite. Eight letters. Three syllables. Say them and I'm yours. Blair: But I'm already yours. You're ruining the mood with all this talk. Throwback to Episode 1!!! Oh my god!!! I love it. Chuck is such a cheesy romantic!!!

Chuck: You can't say it. You wanted it from me -- Blair: I'm prepared to settle. Trust Queen B to find a middle ground just to get what she wants. Someone's wants Chuck waaaay too much but doesn't want to admit it.

Chuck: Maybe I'm not. Blair: Chuck Bass, I -- will never say those words to you I love how neither of them are willing to compromise, and yet both of them want each other so bad. Go self control on Chuck's part and well, I guess he's really 'in love' with her.

Chuck: Then you will never have me. Blair: Is this because of Vanessa? It was a game, Chuck. That's it. Who knew Chuck even had standards?! Never say never boy. There are still a lot of episodes to this season. And writers, please don't tease. I want these two together.

Chuck: Maybe I wanna raise the stakes. Be ready to play that game. I chased you for long enough. Now it's time you chased me. Whoa! Blair better not be one of those traditional girls (we know she isn't) because I'm so excited to see some chasing. And as Gossip Girl said, 'let the news games begin.' I cannot wait.
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