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So Easily Starstrucked

Cool! It's Marcela!
Cool! It's Marcela Megan YoungPhoto taken by Iza Encarnacion
Because I am the easiest person to get starstruck by celebrities, I was practically high as I drifted out of Beauty Bar in Trinoma this afternon. Why? Because eagle eye, Iza, totally spotted Marcela also known as Megan Young (who after research is apparently very young -- she was born 1990). For those who still don't know, I happen to watch I ♥ Betty La Fea every single day and she just happens to be John Lloyd Cruz's fiance on the show.

This girl kisses John Lloyd and gets paid to do it! How exactly do you get so lucky to have that job?! You can only imagine how excited I was to meet her and find out that she's very very un-Marcela after all and she was super duper cool about my and Iza's ka-jologs-an. Here's how it went down.
Iza and Patty are walking inside Beauty Bar in Trinoma inquiring about the "Spoiled Diva" Pedicure set when Iza spots a celebrity in the corner of her eye.
IZA: Patty! It's Marcela!
PATTY: No, it's not. (I only see her back)
IZA: Yes it is!
PATTY: Fine, I'll check. (I walk past her and look Megan Young straight in the eye -- CHECK, it's her!)
Iza prepares the camera
PATTY: Oh my god. Sorry for disturbing you, but I watch Betty La Fea everyday. Oh my god.
IZA: Me too.
MEGAN: (totally cool about everything, smiles) Really? That's so cool. Thanks!
PATTY: I know this is super jologs, NOT YOU, me. But can we have a picture with you?
MEGAN: Sure, no problem. It's cool. Buti na lang, nag-ayos ako today
PATTY: You look fab already!
IZA: *speechless*
I do my kawaii sign and she does too!!!
PATTY: My god. I'm at a loss for words. I'm not usually like this, but I watch your show everyday.
MEGAN: You should watch this week. It gets really good.
PATTY: I know! Armando and the baby and all!!! By the way, I'm Patty
IZA: I'm Iza.
MEGAN: I'm Megan.
PATTY: We know! (super fangirl smile) Okay, well we don't want to bother you. Thanks again. Back to reality for us.
MEGAN: Thanks! Keep watching Betty!
PATTY: We will!
Iza and I float out of Beauty Bar even if we aren't done browsing and don't have the face to walk back in there.
And for a good hour after that, Iza and I couldn't stop raving about how pretty and nice she was. First off, she's really tall. Iza was in heels and she still wasn't as tall as her. And she's got really nice long hair and her skin is pretty good. She had purple eyeliner on and it looks like she was pretty into make up.

Second, she was really low-key too. No entourage, and no alalay! She was in skinny jeans and her cute high-cut sparkly velcro sneakers. I was so used to seeing her in those shiny Marcela-esque dresses that I didn't recognize her without her curls and high heels.

I hope she didn't think we were too stalker-y. Iza and I spoke English and we were in Beauty Bar. Iza is as sosyal as my friends get, so I hope she wasn't too freaked out. Then again, we were both stuttering the entire time, so I guess we were as retarded as they got.

Still, it's good to know that she was as humble as they got. In fairness, she's a pretty good actress cause I want to kill her character whenever she's onscreen, but in real life, Iza and I wanted to be best friends with her already. I hope she succeeds in whatever she wants to do with her career.

If today I met Megan Young, who knows maybe tomorrow, I can finally have my very own John Lloyd moment. A girl can dream be delusional after all.
* * *
Speaking of Betty La Fea -- last night, Armando was tasked with taking care of his 'baby' Junior with Christina Larson. And I couldn't help but get all giddy when Armando picked up that kid. John Lloyd + Baby in his arms = lots of fangirl fantasies.

Because John Lloyd doesn't exactly have a ripped body, seeing him without his top on isn't exactly what's going to sell this show. But showing John Lloyd with babies and in nice suits is where the money is. Thank you, writers for giving me this beautiful image to be embedded in my head.

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