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I Tried To Give You Up, But I'm Addicted

break time?
Break Time?Photos taken by me
While others start their semestral breaks with a trip to the beach or an outing with friends, I start mine with sickness and a hospital visit (they're not connected). Still, in a way, the timing couldn't have been more perfect, as it if all that happened during the semester, things would definitely have gone haywire.

What I love about the semestral break (despite having to do thesis work) is that i don't have to wake up and worry about going to school. It took me forever to figure out what I had been up to this week because honestly, I really just don't remember. Oh the blissful life of not having to remember.

  • I had to go to school on Monday for thesis work (the only work I did this week) with Anna. Unfortunately, the guy we were supposed to interview wasn't affiliated with UP anymore. Oh noes. At least I got to go home early, because I was still feeling sick from that crazy weekend.

  • Tuesday morning I wake up and it's raining outside. My parents are apparently going to bring my grandma to the hospital and I tag along. St. Luke's is one crazy hospital and I refuse to get confined there (if ever one day) because the parking is so horrible, we ended up parking in Burger King! We ended up having lunch at Kozui and I had a really huge order of tempura rice toppings (which I couldn't bring myself to finishing). I was stuffed!

  • When I got home I was able to watch Gossip Girl and Chuck and I'm really loving how the second seasons of these shows are developing. I also figured out a way to send Chuck to derschatzi! I'm so excited to send out holiday cards this year!

  • Iza treated me our barkada to lunch at Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico at the Fort and boy, the food was amazing. We all split a lot of food including fried spring rolls, 3 mango and cheese salad, foie gras oriental salad, tinapa and sun dried tomato pasta, seafood and crab fat pasta, adobo overload, wagyu beef estofado and fried banana flambe for dessert. I'm not much of a food critic, but I haven't tasted food that great and so rich in flavor in a long time. Fine dining is the best.

  • Then we walked around High Street to burn off all those calories we ate, because really that was a lot. I love High Street, even if I don't really buy anything there, just because it's so pretty. I wish they'd put a cinema though. It would be even better if they had one.

  • Thursday and Friday I spend in the hospital (aka my 48 hour internet fast). I thought I would be there till Saturday, but because Mama was in the ICU Friday evening (where she couldn't have a guardian), my mom and I went home to rest. I was so tired when I got home that I only caught the last few minutes of I ♥ Betty La Fea and ended up sleeping through Pamy's office party at the house. Too bad, the food looked fab.

  • We ended up back in the hospital Saturday morning to pick Mama up and this time around it wasn't such a long wait. And because I hadn't touched the computer in (what felt like) forever, I finally got to watch Pushing Daisies (which I absolutely loved) and got to finally touch the laptop again. Oh how I missed you so.

  • Mama Lily will be spending a few days with us. Mama doesn't like sleeping in our house because there is absolutely no order or reason for things that happen, but looks like she doesn't have much of a choice this week because she needs to be looked after, especially with her newly stitched up chest.

    Ack, 11 days left in October and I haven't started all the work I need to accomplish this month. I didn't want to talk about school, but it looks like it's haunting me anyway.

    for the firs time in months i don't see or hear from you the entire week. not a habit i want to start.

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