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Girl Crush: Britney Spears

I know I'm probably going to regret saying this now, but for some reason, I can't help but have a return engagement on my crush on Britney Spears. Seriously. This girl has gone from girl next door, to trainwreck and now is trying reform herself and reinvent herself with a comeback as well, a popstar that ain't going anywhere and I cannot believe I'm liking her AGAIN.

Yes, I went through an obsessive Britney fan stage -- wherein Nikki and I didn't just want to be like her. We wanted to be her. Then she totally self-destructed and I felt terrible for her, because this girl has so much potential for long term over-all awesome-ness. But now, she's sort of on the path back to the old Britney except it's all brand-new. Oh Britney, please hit me (with the reasons why I loved you before) one more time.

1. She's an underdog
Who doesn't love one? After having her kids taken away from, her old superstar status being thrown into the bin and just everyone thinking she's a whacko, this girl has nothing left to lose. And how can you not love someone who's fighting even when their down and out. Britney is the queen of underdogs because no matter how crazy they get, you can't help but empathize with her. Give this underdog a break, I really think she needs one.

2. She seems like she wants to change
Yes, she got married and divorced twice, shaved her head, refused to wear underwear, went into rehab a gazillion times and the paparrazzi just won't let her go. And yet the media (and fans) seem to want her to succeed. Yes, she's got detractors and critics, but she can only get better and it's the fighter in her that makes me like her more. She's not on top of the world at all and yet she's really trying to change.

She started by winning a bunch of Moonmen at the VMA's this year. And apparently she's gotten in touch with Wade Robson to get her old team back and at times even questions her past decisions. Maybe there is hope for Britney. I'd love to watch her documentary For The Record -- maybe that will set a few things straight about this very very misunderstood girl.

3. She did could date Justin
Speaking of getting the old crew back, who knows, maybe she'll touch base with my favorite ex-boyfriend of hers, Justin Timberlake. Seriously, these two were just meant to be. I was totally devastated when they broke up. But hey, if things get better for Britney, maybe she and Justin could rekindle the flame? I know this is a long shot, but hey a fan can dream right?

4. She still makes great music and kick ass videos
The main reason I got into her again was with her newest comeback. Womanizer is just something else. It feels like old-school Britney, with a new school vibe. Sure, she went crazy in her personal life, but I personally loved Blackout and I know that Pamy did too. So really, this girl's personal life can go to the dogs, but for sure her songs and videos will be fabulous.

5. She got her rocking body back
This girl used to be ripped and then she got pregnant and things just got non-pretty. When I was trying to lose weight for prom, I remember breaking out my Seventeen magazine to follow the "Britney Spears Workout" and I remember being exhausted after each session. Surprisingly, Britney actually got back into shape. And quickly at that.

In May, she wasn't at her best yet, but just take a look at her music video and wow, looks like everything is 'back to normal' with her body. Seriously, this woman's discipline is crazy. I'm really hoping this comeback of hers is for good. I can't expect her to stay on the saintly side for long, but at least for now, I'm totally crushing on her again.
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