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Pop! Goes Mama's Heart!

mama is a robot
Mama Lily is now a CyborgPhotos taken by me
There are very few things in life that I would skip two days of internet for and one of those things is my family. My grandmother (mom's mom) aka Mama Lily is 82 years old and is one of the strongest women I know. But recently, she's been feeling her age and apparently, so is her heart.

Though she pretends to be strong, her heart was beating once every 2 seconds. Obviously not good. After 48 hours in The Medical City, my lola is now a cyborg complete with a pacemaker installed, making her heart beat at 98 beats per minutes. Fabulosity!

Despite having three doctor relatives (on ONE side alone), my only contact with hospitals are when I wait for my dad to finish work if he picks me up. Thus, I am pretty much clueless to the other side of the hospital (administration). I didn't know that sooooo many things went into making a hospital run like admissions, billing, cashiers and all that paper work.

  • It took us 4 hours to get a room for my grandmother. At 12:30 of Thursday we were seated in the admissions. By 1pm, they entertained us. And at 4:30 pm, they finally said that a room was available. This means that I endured the entire Wowowee and part of Ligaw na Bulaklak. I did not know that Marc Abaya is now an 'actor.'

  • Hospital beds are fun. I want one. I also want to be confined minus the expenses and the needles being inserted. The food is actually really good. My grandma wasn't allowed to eat 6 hours prior to her operation so I was tasked with eating all the food she couldn't eat. Yummy.

  • Speaking of that beautiful mall hospital, The Medical City is one pretty place. As Jeannie so aptly put it, "I didn't know there was a hospital inside this mall!" The place looked like a mall/hotel/airport with the pretty lobby (complete with fountain, round driveway and Starbucks), the crazy food court (that had a gazillion choices including Mrs. Fields and Shawarma!) and the Powerbooks Store in the lobby. Seriously.
    invading forces!!!
    Room 818 was not a sick room Photos taken by me
  • Visitors are fun! My entire family came by at different times and the room was never silent. These were the times it didn't feel like Mama Lily was actually getting an operation. Still, when doctors would randomly walk in, then it felt like one. At 12:30 am, I woke up to find doctors asking my grandma questions.

  • Now that we're in the doctor topic, I would have thought that I'd find a bunch of cute doctors a la McDreamy, right!? Not quite. My Grey's Anatomy fantasy was crushed, after 48 hours. In a hospital full of doctors, I found ONLY ONE doctor cute and he happened to be the only doctor WITHOUT his name stitched onto his white coat. Damn.

  • Despite their superb services, The Medical City has very slow elevators. I found myself walking up and down eight flights of stairs as it would be faster to just walk it than wait for the elevators. Still no weight lost, as I ate a ton of food to make up for the tiring walks. I never win.

  • The Medical City must be a pretty popular hospital because I saw soooo many people I/my mom knew. There was my brother's classmate who's mom gave birth to their 7th child; my batchmate who was confined for appendicitis; my kindergarten teacher who was visiting a friend; and of course the crazy gossip we'd pick up just listening to people talk in waiting rooms (which we did a lot -- waiting that is).

  • My grandma's doctor is a hottie!!! Seriously. I couldn't believe she was my grandma's cardiologist because she was always soooo very MILF-y. That's a compliment. And she was really good in making sure my lola wasn't nervous or scared about the operation. If I'm assured I'd look like her if I become a doctor, then sign me up.

  • ICUs are freaky in a sense that I feel like I'm bringing in a lot of germs. Still, I'm glad my grandma's operation went great and she's now resting with us at home. I can't imagine being back in the hospital again. It was a 'fun' experience, but I don't want it repeated any time soon. I think I've had my share of white coats and hand washing for a lifetime.
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