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Pushing Daisies 02x03: Bad Habits

The Flying NunPhoto courtesy of Pushing Daisies TV
Bad habits sure die hard and this seems to be the case with my love for Pushing Daisies, although it isn't a bad habit at all. Despite the bad ratings the show has been getting, I'm loving it more and more this second season.

Sure, I watched it a day or two late (hospital story later on), but still loved it as much. The gang ends up at the nunnery this time around because Sister Olive's co-nun died/was killed at the bell tower. Did I ever mention how cute Ned was as a priest? What is it with my fascination with men of the cloth?!

  • First off, Olive is really one of my favorite if not my favorite character on this show. Other than the fact that I can totally relate to her on the 'unrequited love' for the Pie Maker level, she's just too damn adorable. I loved the flashback to her childhood and how she dug her way to get her Arabian Stallion.

  • Mo Collins (Mad TV) as Sister Larue was hilarious. The characters on this show are just so absurd, it's funny to watch them (die and all). Her backstory as a scientist who used the Swiss chef to smuggle goods in exchange for truffles was equally crazy, but really nice to watch. Too bad Pigby accidentally (or by nature) killed her in the end (or the beginning).

  • Sister Larue is one foul mouthed nun and it was nice to see a corpse run away for the first time. I'm sure they wouldn't have gotten her to run off because that would mean someone would die too. Her secret tunnel to the Swiss chef was hilarious and it wasn't a surprise that Mother Superior and Fr. Ed

  • The confession between Fr. Ed and Ned was crazy too. It would have been fun to see Ned try to give a proper confession, but it's obvious that he isn't exactly the holiest in the bunch. Also, Ned going crazy over the Italian white truffles was cute. I wish I could see more of Ned eating, he does after all cook/bake.

  • Ned apologizing to Olive was really sweet too. I found myself going aww when Ned said that he was Olive's friend after all. Olive throwing herself on top of the cross-shaped dining table was really cute too. I'm glad that Olive was able to unburden herself to Ned (of all people) even if it was a funny charade they did trying to figure out that Aunt Lily was indeed Chuck's mom.

  • I'm glad that Chuck finally knows that Aunt Lily is her mom. Sure, Ned spilled the secret that Olive had been keeping, but at least we get some closure on that front. Although we don't know how Aunt Lily will eventually react to this, but really she can't, cause she thinks Chuck Charlotte is dead anyway. So I guess everyone wins.

  • Emerson agreeing to investigate Sister Larue's case for Olive without pay and instead prayer was really sweet of him. I can't wait till they bring around the time when his daughter comes back, because there's enough set-up as it is.

  • Olive and Chuck helping each other at the bell tower. It was heart warming to know that they both considered each other as the closest thing they both had to a sister. When Olive almost fell to her death, it was also so nice to know she was at peace with dying and even wished everyone well (that Ned and Chuck would be happy together and that Emerson would be rich). Still, it was funny to see her a la Baby Jesus, in the manger when she got caught by the stack of hay.

  • And yay! Olive's coming back home!!! I liked her as a nun, but I still love her at the Pie Hole (and this way, she doesn't need to get a pie named after her). And I guess we won't be seeing any of the new waitresses either (Brandy or Candy -- or somebody named after booze or food). How crazy will next week be?
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