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Chuck 02x03: Chuck Versus the Break-Up

The Dance of LovePhoto courtesy of Don't Freak Out
Is it even possible for me to love this show more than I did last week? OH YES. What could possibly trump Julie Cooper and Roan Montgomery? Two words, baby. BRYCE LARKIN. Yes, Sarah's ex-super-spy who sent Chuck the Intersect has come back and for some reason, I'm not hating him at all. In fact, I love him so!!!

Sure, I want Chuck-Sarah to happen, but it's not like Bryce is a terrible guy. In fact, he's a total sweetie. And it doesn't hurt that Matthew Bomer is totally hot too. And yet another fabulous episode for the season. God I hope the ratings pick up. This show is soooo underrated.

So Chuck is feeling very insecure now that Bryce is back in town and working with them on a mission to intercept a chip that contains information on all their operatives which the Fulcrum is about to have. And because Bryce still has feelings for Sarah (in a non-freaky/possessive way though -- if you don't consider the excessive flowers he gives her crazy), he's always up in Chuck's grill.

But not that it isn't warranted, Sarah holds back or goes all the way when Chuck is the one at stake and it could cost her her life. So it's not like Bryce is totally off base. As Bryce said to a very stunned Chuck, "She has feelings for you, Chuck. Feelings that will get her killed." Still, this episode had so many cute moments that I loved. This show is just brimming with Awesome-ness, if I might say.

  • The bullies at the Buy More headed by Mit are a great match for Morgan and Lester. The Buy More boys obviously don't stand a chance to the Mighty Jocks (Might Ducks anyone?) -- leaving Morgan left to bribe them with PSPs (which cost two weeks advanced pay! Poor Morgan).

  • Lucky for Morgan and EVERYONE else at the Buy More, Anna Woo is apparently skilled in some sort of Martial Arts that she totally beats down Mit in yet another cage fight with nothing but her hands and the use of a TRIPOD! I love how they use stuff inside the Buy More. Anna's so good, she even catches the eye of Casey who might be recruiting her as a field agent. I can't wait to see that happen!

  • Ellie and Awesome being protective of Chuck in their own ways are soooo cute. Ellie, on her way to ask Sarah to be her bridesmaid catches Bryce's back and Sarah holding hands at the Orange Orange. I have to say in Bryce's defense, he wasn't really doing anything bad and Sarah wasn't technically cheating, but I love how Ellie totally went straight to her brother and told him. It's all about communication. I'm glad Chuck took it relatively well too.

  • Awesome on the other hand, is soooo awesome. When he saw Bryce at the hospital, he took it upon himself to tell Bryce that Sarah and Chuck were 'very much in love.' And who was Bryce to not believe a cardio-thoracic surgeon. This guy's specialty is hearts!!! Plus points for him intercepting the flowers that Bryce brought AGAIN. Because that's what bros do. Chuck is so lucky to have them.

  • I love how while Chuck, Bryce and Sarah were getting ready for Bonn's party, Sarah asks the boys how she looks and Chuck says, "Good, real good. Red isn't really my color. [pause] or salmon, or whatever." Bryce obviously saw the look on Sarah's face and how she was so bothered that Chuck didn't fall over himself when he saw her (the way he always does).

  • The lambada/casing the ballroom scene is super funny. I'm not sure how great a dancer Bryce really is, but he's pretty good at faking it. Sarah and Bryce are such great partners, it's sad to see them broken up. But it's not like she didn't mourn for him. Lucky for Bryce though he got to have a real relationship with her. Something Chuck won't be able to have.

  • Chuck bargaining with Bonn in his Lambhorgini was hilarious. Bonn is hilarious in general. This guy is no bad guy. He shrieks at the sight of a gun and will totally run for his life. I love their 'exchange' at the train station (Bonn: No, it's too much pressure. You count to three. On three or after three? -- such experts I tell ya). And Chuck giving thugs $4.5M is so very Chuck. So Robin Hood. Of course, Casey has to fix everything -- get the money back and shoot the Fulcrum agent when Sarah couldn't bring herself too. I swear Casey is love.

  • The last scene with Bryce and Chuck, telling Chuck that he'll do the right thing and that he was always looking out for Chuck anyway really got me all teary. I swear these two were a bromance waiting to happen if only things turned out differently. The shades with the Intersect update was really cute too. I want Bryce to come back. I can't believe I just said that.

  • But really what takes the cake this week is Chuck's and Sarah's talk monologue to Sarah outside his house where he just lays it all on the line, only to have to pretend to be a couple again for his sister and Awesome. Oh Chuck. Don't fret. Things will work out. This is your show.
    Chuck: Look we both know how I feel about you. So I'll just shoot straight. Sarah, you are the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. You're beautiful. You're smart. You laugh at all my stupid jokes. And you have this horrible habit of constantly saving my life.

    The truth is, you're everything that I thought I ever wanted and more. The last few days, all I could think about was our future together. About how it's gonna be like when I finally get the Intersect out of my head. When we can finally be together for real. No fake relationships. No covers. No lies.

    But the more I think about it, the more I realize that you and I can never have a future together. I fooled myself into thinking I could. But the truth is, we can't. Because even if we had a real relationship, we would never really be real. I'd still never know anything about you. Your real name, your home town, your first love. Anything.

    And I want more than that. I wanna be able to call you at the end of a bad day and tell you about some funny thing that Morgan did and not find out that I can't, because you're off somewhere in Paraguay quelling a revolution with a fork.

    I'm a normal guy who wants a normal life. And as amazing as you are, Sarah Walker, we both know that you will never be normal.

    Sarah: you know, someday when the Intersect is out of your head, and you have the life you've always wanted... you'll forget all about me.

    Chuck: I seriously doubt that.
    Kill me now. I just transcribed a few minutes worth or heart aching conversation and Chuck-Sarah kill me. I know this is the end of the spy-asset love (for now hopefully), but I can't wait to see them back together again FOR REAL. These two, they're love is just epic real. Can't wait for more Chuck next week. Can 7 days go by now?
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