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Gossip Girl 02x06: New Haven Can Wait

Calm before the cat fightPhoto courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of Coloured Skies
And so everyone apparently is headed to Yale. What happened to Dartmouth or USC or Brown? Well, for financial purposes, and scheduling, I guess, it would be easier to shoot and write a series where everyone goes to the same school. Still, I'm not going to complain, because as soon as I heard Gossip Girl's VO in the beginning, I knew I missed this show.

Josh Schwartz, I know you have to stretch your show to make it last, but please don't skip any more weeks. I go crazy without this show. EDIT (5:31pm) Pics are finally up (sorry for the lateness)

The 'My Fair Lady' opening sequence is just too painful to watch. Though I have to say Serena looked fabulosity in her Eliza Dolittle inspired Ralph Lauren outfit. Their homages are amazing though. I still prefer Blair looking for cat though. Maybe it had something to do with a soaking wet Chace Crawford. Maybe.

Dorota + Blair should be my new favorite ship. I swear. These two have a bond that not even a payroll could break. If Blair is looking for love, she shouldn't look any further, Dorota is right there. What more could she ask for? This woman is loyal and is proud of her. Take notes, Eleanor. This is what you're supposed ot be doing.

Hand-written personal invitation to Yale? Of course Serena gets it. Poor Blair. On a totally connected note: is Lily getting hotter or am I just getting more attracted to the older women on this show/!?! Seriously. Lily Van Der Woodsen is looooooooking mighty hot. Looks like she didn't keep Bart Bass's passport after all.

Dan and Rufus getting ready for the big trip up to Yale. I see that for logisitical and plot reasons, Dan is NO LONGER interested in Dartmouth. And wasn't Nate supposed to be going there against his will too? I guess convenience and plot goes before what was already written in before. Rufus is such a supportive dad and Chuck is such a supportive friend. These boys have it easy. They're so loved.

Blair trashing Brown and telling Serena to get her hair dreadlocked. I love how Blair says, "Since we're not friends anymore, I'll be frank." When wasn't she frank?!? I feel bad for them, but I love to see them fight. Oh the drama they get themselves into.

Jenny got Vanessa to back her up on the homeschooling thing? I guess she does have a plan for herself. I actually think it's a pretty good compromise, considering she's still 'caring' a bit for her education. Plus, is it just me or did Vanessa get ONE line this entire episode! Fine, let the other characters shine, but I want my N/V. Now!!!

So that's how the "Skull and Bones" crew kidnap Chuck?! I mean seriously. In broad daylight, on a white background of concrete, these very conspicuous boys dressed in head to toe BLACK (to conceal themselves during the day of course) man-hug Chuckles from the back and put a bag over his head. Smooth boys, very smooth.

Poor little rich boy Nate Archibald is totally on EVERYONE's blacklist at Yale and why? Looks like the Captain wiped out EVERYONE's trust funds! Someone lost his house in the Hamptons!!! So what does the sharpest tool in the shed do? Easy! Pretend to be Dan and in the heat of the moment, totally smooth talk his way out of 'literary' questions. Or at least until DAN actually shows up at the door. Smart.

I love how Serena totally nails the interview and of course Blair can't muster up anything after witnessing that. The way she tells herself, she's never been more prepared as if trying to convince herself. I felt terrible for her when she couldn't say ONE thing about herself that wasn't in the packet.

But really, she kisses the dean of admissions! Was this some sort of knee jerk reaction to make things better? Why didn't she bribe him too? Maybe he likes dog memorabilia? At least it was just a kiss though. Let's just say she does more than that to the interviewer in the books. Then bribing the secretary to get her on the guest list with more cat figurines. Blair is back!!!

Chuckles is pure evil and I love him for it. Telling Serena about George Sand even if she didn't want to hear about it, is totally in character for him. I'm not surprised. Plus the foreign models at the Skull and Bones 'party' (in the dungeon?) is soooo very reminiscent of the Lost Weekend. Old tricks, baby.

I'm not surprised he pulled off the Dan-as-Nate trick though. I guess that's his way of 'getting back at Dan' for using him as material last week two weeks ago. Don't get on Chuck Bass's bad side, people. Damn, those skull and bones dudes don't do any homework. It's called Gossip Girl! Nate has a thousand pictures there. Oh well.

Jenny was such a sweetheart letting her dad's decision rule. She looked really pitiful. But in fairness to her, she did give in. I'm happy her dad gives in to her in the end. She sort of deserves this happiness. If only this will keep her away from stealing drama.

Thank goodness Lily was in the house (literally, looking smoking in Serena's dress). Something tells me even Lily is jealous of her daughter's spotlight. Tsk tsk. And can someone please tell Rufus and Lily to just get together already! You know they're so in love with each other. Even Rufus couldn't manage to say ANYTHING when he saw how hot Lily still is.

And as celeni has so wonderfully reminded me, their lines with each other are just tooo toooooo much. Lily: It's no bother, I'm always happy to see you. Rufus: By the way, no matter what you wear, you look fantastic. Kill me now, please?!?! These two are just tooooooo cute together. ps, they totally mention that Eric has a new friend -- show him please!!!

Blair and Serena one-upping each other during cocktails at the party was hilarious. Blair making fun of Serena's supposed guest of choice -- Let me, guess, Lauren Conrad? Or Serena blaming her knowledge of the popes on watching The Tudors -- I loved The Tudors, Henry Cavill is a total babe (right on). Correcting each other and stealing away whomever they were talking about.

But the clincher was Blair bringing up Serena's I-killed-someone moment and Serena acting all high and moral about it. Thank god for the catfight. That was long overdue. The last one I remember was in Poison Ivy and that was episode 2 in season 1. Catfights FTW!!!

Nate drunk and admitting he was Nate is a very very Nate thing to do. Then totally standing up for himself to the dudes and then RUNNING away is also very very Nate. I actually thought for a second he'd get into a bar brawl, but then I remember I don't think he's ever gotten into one without Chuck. Bravo!!!

And because Nate is an innately nice person happened to pass by Dan, he goes and well, saves Dan. Seriously. Do I smell a new bromance in the making? Oh yes. So last episode is was Dan-Chuck and now it's Dan-Nate. Looks like all angles of this threesome has been covered. I have to say, I'm quite curious to see how the "Ex-Boyfriend's Club" gets along. They actually look like they'd be pretty sane friends -- minus the brooding and whoring.

Friendship over?! Again?! And now they're back again!!! I swear. These two cannot stay angry at each other for long. So they both go to the dean telling him that the other friend deserves this more and well, Yale wants Serena cause she came out on Page Six.

I have totally lost respect for the Ivies (or not -- please take me!) I feel bad for Blair though (fine, and Serena too). I mean it is obvious that Blair has worked hard for everything and Serena just gets it. I loved how Blair really tried her best and Serena just got it naturally.

And so ends another week in the drama filled world of the UES kids. I'm glad it's back and next week should be crazier if the previews are to be judged. Looks like V's going to get more lines this time around.
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