Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

It's Britney, Bitches

Before they take this down, I just can't believe it. My jaw dropped when I saw the entire thing, because haters, she's back. And from what I see, she seems to be in fabulous shape (read: nekkid. fully naked). Love the outfits, love the set, love the dancing!

I have to admit, I was a HUMONGOUS fan of hers, back when she was with Justin. And though she took a turn for the trainwreck variety, I still loved her album, Blackout. Her antics (including flashing her privates, flubbing at the VMAs and going nuts with an umbrella) may have gotten her tabloid covers; but I'm hoping this time around, her comeback is for real.

And with this music video, I don't see why not. Directed by Joseph Kahn (the same dude that made "Stronger" and "Toxic" -- two of my FAVORITE Britney videos), she obviously thought this one through. I cannot wait for more of Circus.

Another just in case. You can watch it here on Britney's official Youtube channel. Because, I doubt they'd take it down from there, right?
Tags: music
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